Dong Keun Chung – Never Too Late

Dong Keun Chung – Herbalife – Never too late!

If this is what the mlm top earner Dong Keun Chung went through in life, then it is our decision to be poor or wealthy.

dong-keun-chung-young-hyang-park herbalife

Look at how beautiful these two look! Must be the Herbalife products!

How can a man rise from almost killing himself to becoming one of the most respected and highly admired make money with Herbalife genius?!

If you are surprised like me, then my friend, this is your must read story today!

Oh, wait!

Have I told you that Dong Keun Chung, who almost committed suicide, is currently surprisingly rich?

Yes, I know where he currently prays that God give him an everlasting life, which is a contradiction on his early wish on life.

Do you want to know why Mr. Chung wants to live forever?

If yes, then the reason is simple; money! Money! Money!

Dong Keun Chung makes millions of dollars a year passively, and recurrently.

My friends, this man, who was supposed to be dead a long time ago, makes a whole $225,000 per month, which translates to over $2,700,000 a year.

He is among the very few people in the world of mlm business who never goes to a bank to check on their balances!

That is financial freedom there!

Let us see why our super successful multi-millionaire wanted to commit suicide in the first place.

Background of Dong Keun Chung

Dong Keun Chung is a Korean citizen married to Young Hyung Park.

Mr. Chung is the last born in a family of five. Their family was extremely broke and destitute although he regrets not knowing this when he was growing up.

He went to school a local in Korea, got married and lived the whole of his childhood and part of his adult life in Korea. All his brothers and sisters, none of who were successful and had to do everything possible to make sure that he meets all his ends in his family.

Dong Keun Chung, therefore, did a lot of businesses but failed in almost all of them apart from the Herbalife.

Dong Keun Chung’s Journey to Herbalife Millionaire

Dong Keun Chung comes from a humble family, although he never knew that they were poor when he was a child. So when Dong Keun grew up and realized how poor they were, he decided not to live in poverty again.

How many of us truly realize the state of our families finances when we are young?

I fear though, that children, especially in America, see poverty more than they ever did before.

In a bid to live a fulfilling lifestyle, Dong Keun Cheung dreamt big and unimaginably!

He started several traditional businesses but failed in each and every one, terribly!

Dong Keun Cheung fell flat in 16 companies and still sojourned on in his quest for wealth.

henry_ford_wisdom_failuresHow many of us would give up after failing a few times?

Other famous ‘failures’ include Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln.

It is in the failures that we learn and that we are able to move forward using those mistakes and failures to catapult us into success…if we allow it to do just that!

This mlm top earner in Herbalife then registered himself in some direct marketing businesses, but all of them increased his frustrations; even after when he had tried so much and so hard!

If it were you, would you fail in more than 16 business ventures and still continue with your struggle to invest in the same enterprises?

I guess not, but this money making Herbalife superstar never gave up, at all.


That is ridiculously unimaginable!

I fail 1, 2 3…to 16 businesses using actual money and time and then continue investing there?

Okay, let us see what this mlm top earner did.

As expected, when one fails in business, life became hard on Dong Keun Chung that he contemplated suicide at one time in life. As serious on the suicide attempt as he was, he never attempted it.

Reason being?

He knew his family will suffer more if he took his life.

Yes, that was an excellent thought in my opinion. Putting others first!

What about you?

Dong Keun Chung decided to fight on and welcome all the challenges as motivations; just like all successful mlm millionaires.

Dong Keun Chung later was introduced to Herbalife mlm business by the Herbalife Chairman Club members; Tae Ho Kim and Hyun Mo Koo.

This was after ignoring their invitations to Herbalife more than four times, but surprisingly they insisted.

Just imagine two multi-millionaires always persuading an indigent man and business failure to join their team!

Is God not a miracle worker!?

When God says yes, my friends, nobody can say no to you!

So, Dong Keun Chung finally joined Herbalife multi-level marketing business, and he is now grateful to his sponsors that never gave up on him.

Dong Keun Chung was born a victor! And that is exactly what he did in his many businesses and when he entered Herbalife. Chung saw Herbalife mlm business to be different and decided to give it a try as a result.

When did Dong Keun Chung Start His Herbalife business?

Mlm top Earner; Dong Keun Chung started to work in his Herbalife business on 1st April 1998 after he had qualified as a supervisor in Herbalife International.

He had put all past failures aside now, but he had a lot of debts he was supposed to pay. The debts and the little success he had achieved in Herbalife sky-rocketed his desire and dedication to achieve financial freedom.

It would seem that, in my opinion, he used all of his energy at this point!

Dong Keun Chung had this to say when he was asked how come he succeeded in this Herbalife business while he failed in others. “I think I was faithful to the Herbalife Basics, which was the best strategy anyway,” He says. “Above all, I never missed a single training or meeting. And that led to the best results.”

Dong Keun Chung just took a year from the time he was promoted to a Herbalife Supervisor to becoming a President’s Team!herbalife presidents team pin

This was an exceptionally rare achievement that even its founders have never witnessed.

Honestly, I am also surprised how he achieved this so fast in mlm.

Are you?

The beauty of his performance is that he was able to make money with Herbalife and cleared all his debts in the process.

Now mind you! That was just an introduction in Mr. Chung’s journey in mlm industry!

Yes, it is a drop of water in the ocean.

Dong Keun Chung’s business started to skyrocket. This attracted the admiration of his wife; Young Hyung Park, who joined him in mlm business in 2004. The best decision that Young Hyung Park has ever made in her life!

Dong Keun Chung’s visit to one Nutrition Club in Mexico changed the game of making money with Herbalife International. He admired the nutrition clubs business model in Mexico and decided to try it back at home in Korea.

Mr. Chung, however, kept silent with the idea for a half a year for fear of it failing due to the different lifestyle of the Mexican and Korean people.

Business is all about trying, so Chung decided to give the nutritional club a try in Korea.

herbalife nutrition clubHe opened his first nutrition club in Busan, Korea and expanded his business from there.

It was on the 1st of August 2007 that mlm top earner Dong Keun Chung made a commitment to stop having any leisure time and use the time he creates to achieve the chairman’s club membership in herbalife.

It hurt him to leave golf, that is his favorite game, but sacrifices are sacrifices, and they are a must in life if anybody wants to be successful.

Dong Keun Chung’s sacrifice was not a waste of time. He finally achieved the Herbalife Chairman’s Club membership with the help of his wife.

Bottom Line

Dong Keun Chung and Young Hyang Park have accomplished their dreams of making money with Herbalife and in the mlm industry.

The couple currently feels that Herbalife is the best mlm company in the universe.

Mr. Chung talks nicely of the company’s incredible compensation plan and quality products.

Anyway, who will ever talk well of a hand that not only feeds you but that has brought you complete financial freedom?

This is Dong Keun Chung’s unique story ladies and gentlemen, and I know you have yours in mlm and we will be more than happy if you share it with us.

What is your story?

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