Eddy & Grace Chai

Eddy & Grace Chai – FLP Top Earners


As I have said many times before, I will be the first to admit when I don’t know a lot about a certain MLM business. Such is the case with Forever Living Products (FLP).  Based in Scottsdale, AZ, this network marketing business focuses on offering customer health, beauty, and wellness products. Since being established in 1978 by Rex Maughan, FLP has acquired over nine FLP product distributors from around the globe.


FLP Products


At first, FLP only offered aloe-vera based lotions, gels, and juice to customers in the western part of the US. Today, FLP products include:


  • Nutritional Drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Bee Products
  • Essential Oils
  • Weight Management


The difference between FLP products and other products that claim to be aloe vera is that FLP creates its products using 100% aloe vera gel first, and then adds ingredients to make its shampoo, cosmetics, etc. Other companies do the polar opposite: they start with the shampoo and a few drops of aloe vera to it.


Not only does Forever Living Products make sure that their products are all natural, but it also does its part in keeping the environment clean. FLP has over 40 million aloe plants growing in its Dominican Republic and Texas plantations.  And since each aloe vera plant can convert the same amount of CO2 into oxygen as a tree, this relationship marketing business is doing its part in cleansing the earth of carbon dioxide. I didn’t know this. I guess it is true; you learn something new every day.


To have control over the manufacturing and marketing of its items, FLP owns the plantations the aloe vera is grown on (Forever Aloe Plantations), and it owns the manufacturing processes (Aloe Vera of America). The key to the purchasing success of its nutritional and beauty products is the patented maintenance process. In 2011, FLP took the number one spot for the best nutritional products produced by a privately-owned MLM business.


FLP Compensation Plan


If you are looking to get into the network marketing business with a MLM company that pays really well for retail sales, you need to look at FLP. For your retail sales, you are rewarded 35% – 43% commission. You don’t have a lot of money to pay for a start-up kit? No problem with FLP. Registration is FREE! I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite words in the English language…LOL.


If you buy the products directly from FLP, you receive a discount. Commission is paid on the total volume of products bought and sold by your entire team. Like other direct selling businesses, it doesn’t matter how many folks you have in your downline, you are only paid on product sales. Man, these multilevel companies are making sure they don’t cross the line into becoming a pyramid scheme.


To get the six-figure monthly income like top earners Eddy & Grace Chai ($100,000.00 per month), you need to meet certain sales quota. However, there is definitely money to be made with FLP. Ergo, if you are serious about having a home-based business with FLP, it would behoove you to work on your product marketing and customer service skills.


About Eddy & Grace


Eddy Chai has one of the largest multilevel marketing distributorships in Taiwan, and he brings over 25 years of MLM experience to the table. With this level of leadership, it is no surprise that Eddy & Grace Chai’s team consists of over one million FLP relationship marketers worldwide.


Before starting in relationship marketing, Eddy worked as an inspector of the Malaysian Police Force. Afterwards, he moved his family to Vancouver, Canada, where he owned numerous restaurants and cafes. In 1980, one of his regular customers introduced him to relationship marketing. Talk about taking a risk, this is what he did next: Eddy moved his family to Taiwan to start his home-based business. He had never been to Taiwan, knew no one there, and he didn’t speak the language.


Eddy Chai has earned a couple of accolades, such as 2002 Time Elite Award of Taiwan. In FLP, he has risen in the ranks from manager to double diamond manager. Apparently, he is the face of MLM, because he has been featured in several magazines and in the media for his MLM skills, expertise, and achievements. Eddy & Grace have three children.


Eddy Chai is well-respected in the MLM community. I have read nothing but positive feedback about his years with FLP. He was known for not focusing on making himself a multi-millionaire. His focus was on making HIS TEAM multi-millionaires. He was so good that other top MLM distributors would ask him for direction in leading their teams. A true testimony to his character, he would readily oblige, even though he wouldn’t gain anything from helping.


Eddy’s seminars became well-known, and FLP International network marketers made sure to attend anytime he was in their vicinity. He never used Teleprompters or other aids. Instead, he used his sense of humor, passion, and expertise to get his point across when teaching about the business aspect of multilevel marketing.


While most MLM top earners give speeches about their lives before and after MLM, Eddy’s speeches actually gave real learning substance, something you could take home and apply to your own network marketing team. Eddy & Grace Chai left FLP, and they started their own direct selling business, Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC) in 2008.