Edgar Mojica

Edgar Mojica! Yes, Edgar Mojica of 4life international is a Top MLM Earner and relationship marketing game changer! Though this is my opinion, it rhymes with various descriptions in the 4life research Company.

According to the 4 life research and thousands of people in Edgar’s upline and downline, Edgar Mojica is born a dreamer, a passionate giver, action driven Network marketer, a guitarist, a motorcycle enthusiasts, 4life mlm top earner, leadership and development coach, motivational speaker and a die-hard international sales and marketing consultant! If my memory serves me right, there are hundreds of other titles used to describe this visionary network marketing guru worldwide.

All I can however promise you is more and more interesting facts and sweet revelations about Edgar Mojica, starting from the next paragraph! Are you ready!?

Mr. Mojica is popularly known as a perennial 4 life multi-millionaire, with over 28 years of experience in the multilevel marketing industry. He believes that success duplicable and can be predicted, which is in fact true!

Edgar Mojica is however not only saying this, but has got proof and results to show for it in form of millions of dollars. My friend, if you love cash and I bet everybody does, then congratulate yourself because you are right at home!

Above all, Edgar Mojica also believes that success produces success and that is in fact why we are here to change your life today by inspiring you today, and if you don’t mind, using our instant out of poverty simple business idea.

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Back to our story, Edgar Mojica firmly believes that dreams do come true, but not unless you TAKE ACTION in pursuing the right business opportunity!

According to 4life research, Edgar Mojica is currently the most valuable producer of millionaires and top notch product distributers in Forlife MLM. I cannot however fail to insist that he has achieved this by taking an immediate positive ACTION in his life and by persistently working towards achieving his dream.

Edgar discovered his consultation prowess via multi level marketing industry and he is currently a very celebrated multi- millionaire. His exceptional consultation skills has enabled thousands of people make their first million in 4life Company, other than leading the philanthropic path in the world today.  I will definitely tell you more on this later!

So, what has Edgar Mojica achieved so far?

Edgar is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, business coach and motivational speaker, but that is nothing when compared with his achievements, ladies and gentlemen!

Edgar Mojica is currently a 4 life multi level marketing icon and self made relationship marketing business celebrity. 4life Company alone pays him around $150,000 per month, which represents almost a quarter of his total monthly incomes from his various companies.

Without wasting your time, have you ever heard how Edgar Mojica managed to change his life? If yes, then I will love to hear from your sources, but if not welcome to heaven! All I can tell you is; enjoy, be inspired and most importantly take action, because that is why we are here! Seriously touching lives, hehee!

The Journey of Edgar Mojica in 4Life International Company

Edgar Mojica is well-known as an entrepreneur with the eyes of a hawk in spotting the right business opportunity and chasing his ‘prey’ (dream). That is an exceptional talent that Edgar has fully utilized to turn his life around, but that does not mean that you cannot be successful if you do not have it! Trust me, we are definitely here to give you the right direction, just watch Brad Campell’s Video on our site and join the next online millionaire club!

So, Edgar Mojica had a dream of being successful since childhood, but he instead followed it through education.

You know what? Edgar eventually graduated with a degree in Surgery from New York State University, satisfied the dream of his parents but never forgot his dream of becoming the number one entrepreneur in the world.

To cut the long story short, he spotted the 4life business opportunity and its compensation plan and immediately descended on it like a crushing aircraft!

Please note that Eddy chose the forlife business idea, analyzed it, made it his heart and soul and swore never to quit no matter what happens. That is one solid millionaires’ mentality right there and better you start learning it if you aspire to be one!

So, behind his success dream was hard work, commitment and the building of his business. Edgar Mojica of 4life eventually became the ‘go to’ guy in both network marketing business and entrepreneurship.

When asked what Forlife business is to him, Edgar Mojica says that 4life represents good health, time and financial freedom aka ‘his dream’! Edgar never fears to let people know where he has come from and has made thousands of them see thousands of unclaimed millions ahead of their lives, through entrepreneurship.

Although it has gone unmentioned for several years, let it be known from today that Mr. Mojica is partly responsible for the thousands of Millions different multi level marketing companies have made up to this date!

It is not that Edgar Mojica has worked in all these companies as a distributor or executive! No! What I am trying to bring to your attention I the fact that Mr. Edgar has inspired thousands into joining these mlm companies through his humbling story and through his game changing trainings, coaching and mentorship programs.

Edgar Mojica actually sat down for over two decades researching how worldwide millionaires create a passive income both in multi level marketing business and in the whole of entrepreneurship world. He then created the epic Keys To Success seminar trainings, which has helped thousands of people in business, as part of his Success Builders International trainings (SBIN) since January 1999.

Edgar from Orlando Florida is currently the most Valuable producer of millionaires in his 4life team and he is the Founder and president of Millionaires Club in 4life Global. Edgar Mojica also started the Edgar Mojica and Associates Inc. in 1992 other than being a member of several organizations in the United States of America.

Let us not forget that Edgar is a qualified and licensed surgeon who has so far worked in the US Army’s Walter Reeds Medical Center, St. Luke’s hospital for 15 years and in Fargo Clinic, before joining 4 life mlm company as an independent 4life product distributor.

Edgar Mojica jokingly say that he is a Doctor of Philosophy in everything and anything; starting from motivational speaking to entrepreneurship training. As a matter of fact, he has not graduated from his “School of Hard Knocks.” And he believes he is a student 4 life!

Edgar Mojica’s Hobbies

Edgar Mojica is not only a multi-millionaire, but a family man. If you do not find him in his official business attire; a suit, you will most definitely find him casually dressed with his family playing soccer, riding motorcycles; which he is in fact addicted to, singing a love song with his guitar or in the beach riding boats. But all these activities depend on the season.

During winters, you will most definitely find Edgar Mojica skiing or in his dream house meditating on anything and everything!

Edgar Mojica is the father of Philanthropy…

4life top earner; Edgar Mojica is a blessing to the poor and underprivileged in the world. Mr. Edgar is a staunch Christian and a firm believer in helping the needy.

He has already taken part in numerous donation and philanthropic activities involving the poor and victims of disasters in various parts of the world, and still enjoys doing so. For your information, Mr. Edgar Mojica is currently a regular donor in various charity foundations and organizations.

Some of these non-governmental organizations that have benefitted and are still benefiting from Edgar Mojica are: The Salvation Army, Feed The Children Foundation, Orlando Union Rescue Mission, Foundation 4life, Good Will Industries, The Covenant house of Florida and The American Cancer society among many others.

Awards and Accolades

Edgar Mojica is a winner in 4life relationship marketing business. As it is our tradition, and the culture of network marketing business to recognize, celebrate and award winners, Edgar Mojica has found himself in the center of those cultures; but in the positive sense.

Edgar Mojica is one of the top mlm earners, not only in 4life direct selling business, but also in the whole of mlm rankings. He has been the main contributor in John Maxwell’s team and a member of MLMIA and other Network marketing Associations.

In 4 life International, he has won several platinum awards, silver, Gold, and president membership awards. Mr. Mojica is a much disciplined multi level marketer who deserves almost all the awards in the company; in my opinion.

Edgar has also won various bonuses in Forlife international that has enabled him travel to various parts of the world. Some of the popular 4life mlm get away tours Edgar has won include the platinum and Gold getaway tours, and the much anticipated great escape tour.

In short, Edgar Mojica is among the exceptionally rich 4life MLM Top Earners who is currently living his dream life in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America. Do you feel fired up? Let us help you take that life changing action today by contacting us! Be blessed and see you soon!