Edwin Haynes

Edwin Haynes – MLM Top Earner at OrganoGold

Next to the word perseverance in the dictionary is the picture of Edwin Haynes. After hitting rock bottom, this author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur have become a multi-millionaire and one of MLM top earners. Even when he was at his worst, facing bankruptcy, repossession, and foreclosure, Haynes wouldn’t be defeated.

Bigger Purpose

Haynes always knew he was destined for greatness, because he possessed the tools to become a success. His road to victory has been filled with obstacles, but he wouldn’t let them deter him. He started his career as an entertainment executive, and for 13 years, he was on top. Suddenly, he hit a shattering stumbling block.

Now, the average person would have given up, but not Edwin Haynes. He used this setback as an opportunity of change, as stated in his book, You Have Permission to Succeed.


Haynes has two daughters who now enjoy a life that is very different from their lives before. It was bad, but now like most children, they take pleasure in many more perks, such as driving a BMW, traveling, and shopping. Now, the Haynes family is blessed to spend more time with each other, and most importantly, they can afford to do it! A hot wheel kid, he now plays with real Bentleys, Range Rovers, and Porches.


Organo Gold


Haynes is currently the CEO and President of Haynes Global Services, as well as an MLM for Organo Gold. OrganoGold business is quite prosperous, and Haynes is one of Organo Gold Top Earners and is an Organo Gold Million Dollar Ring Earner. Through network marketing and selling Organo Gold products, Haynes is living the life he always dreamed of, financially-free, meaning he doesn’t have to check his bank account every time he wants to buy something for himself or his family. Who doesn’t want that?


With his easy-going style, Haynes is a force to be reckoned with in multi-level marketing. Before his success at Organo Gold, he and his wife Andrea was living just an “average life,” going to work, Edwin in the music industry and Andrea in customer service at the post office.  Every time he drove home from work, Haynes would drive by the big, luxurious home and wonder how those folks got to those big homes and fancy cars.


His first course on the road to being successful was to change his thinking. He started reading the right books and networking with the right people. He realized that the people who were living the kind of life he wanted were taking actions to make the vision a reality. He even changed his way of thinking. He began believing that he could have more in life.


The Organo Gold Compensation Plan is simple. You inspire and endorse the sale of Organo Gold products on a continuing basis. Each phase of the compensation plan stimulates and enhances the growth of the activities in the next phase. Simply put, there is a domino effect that profits the company, the team, and the distributor. Everyone that drinks coffee can participate. How cool is that? Even more exciting, there are eight ways for you to earn income, from retail sales to becoming a part of the prestigious OG Benz Club.


As Haynes found out, this compensation plan makes everything you have financially dreamed about possible. Flying first class, driving Bentleys, and living in a huge home. It can be yours if you want it bad enough.


See, Haynes had vision. He saw himself rolling into the driveway of his mansion in his Bentley. He saw himself sitting down to a meal, courtesy of his personal chef, drinking from crystal goblets and eating off of fine china. He saw himself and his family jetsetting around the world, visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Thames, and Buckingham Palace.


Another important factor is that his family, especially his wife was on board with his plan. She was supportive, and his family input was a huge part of his decision making. Now, they reap the fruits of their labors. And, he isn’t selfish. Haynes travels around the world, teaching his recipe for success. He wants others to experience the blessings and greatness he has experienced. Because of his dedication to his profession, he is a dominate force in his industry.


Who knew that coffee could get you a lavishing lifestyle? As the second largest commodity traded in the world, there is big money to be made. Organo Gold is a leader in the coffee industry, because it offers something that other coffee distributors don’t. That is a rule in the business industry.


You have to come with something that is not like the others. A little background on Organo Gold: Organo Gold’s coffee is not acidic, and it is infused with Ganoderma, a major herb in Asia. Unlike caffeine, this ingredient won’t give you the jitters. It gives drinkers a natural burst of energy.


The OG Success


The success of the Organo Gold didn’t come overnight. Haynes will be the first to tell you that the business methods of Organo Gold are tried and true. But one of the most significant factors in this lesson is that you can earn while you learn. The Organo Gold system has been repeated, and it has yielded outstanding results, making Haynes a coffee millionaire.


With a system that produces clear results, and encouragement and mentoring from those who have achieved success, making money at Organo Gold is a reality for you. Organo Gold has the most-effective leaders who realize that there are individuals out there like you who want a piece of the pie. The leaders at Organo Gold know how to draw people in and share their knowledge and skills, so they too can be prosperous at Organo Gold.


Haynes is quick to point out that learning the finer points of Organo Gold and how it works is just as important as making money. If anyone knows about making money, it is Edwin Haynes. He offers his personal checklist for being a top earner at Organo Gold. It is as follows:


  • Gather knowledge and the right information
  • Posture and confidence
  • Proper counsel
  • Having the correct work ethic
  • Making the commitment to win


Re-Group Yourself


Haynes believes that when you are starting your career at Organo Gold, you need to continuously check yourself. Simply put, you want to make sure that you are constantly asking yourself, “What can I do better” “Do I have the right individuals working for me?” Since Organo Gold is constantly finding ways to improve itself as a company, you must do the same as well. Raise the bar on your workmanship.


The core of Organo Gold is its people, which is why it is so important that you realize in order to be a success story like Haynes, you should be willing to learn and earn at the same time. The idea of learning and improvement begins with everyone at Organo Gold. As part of the company, it starts with you!


Haynes is the first to tell you that the learning part of the process, the highs and lows of your way to the top, is just as, if not more important, as making a lot of money. Additionally, Haynes and the other leaders at Organo Gold always share their stories of how they got started, the ups and downs, and how they are in a different place, financially and career-wise, then when they first started.


You would do well to listen to Haynes. He has been through many progresses before reaching his status. This just goes to show you that even though you are at the top, there is always room for improvement.


Professional Networker


Haynes, who by now you know is a true success story at Organo Gold, has some great advice on how to not only be a winner at Organo Gold, but in professional networking. He lives by seven key points on how to get your career in MLM off to a solid start. They are:


  • Always have a positive outlook
  • Always follow the SYSTEM (Saving YourSelf Time Energy and Money)
  • Possess the “DO IT NOW” Attitude….no procrastinating
  • Always look for your successor (who are you bringing along on your journey?)
  • Always have a hunger to grow
  • Always work on your people skills
  • Always, always play to win


OG Event


Organo Gold hosts numerous events throughout the year. It might be tempting to not attend, but according to Haynes, networking with other Organo Gold professionals is an intricate part of your success. An Organo Gold event is not just for helping your colleagues and assist in their businesses, but you must have a wish to “win” your event, meaning you have the necessary factors in place in order for your Organo Gold event to be a success.


When you attend, your goal should be to profit, gain knowledge, and to make more connections. Haynes believes that you have to attend any Organo Gold event with the right mentality, which is a working mentality. He guarantees this will give you a much-needed encouragement in becoming a natural-born leader of this most-respected company.


Most importantly, and a rarity in the business industry, Organo Gold Business Leaders are eager to share how they accomplished so much is a short period of time, and they have no problem showing you how you can too. Such unselfishness is quite a breath of fresh air in the world today. If learning the remarkable story of Edwin Haynes hasn’t taught you anything else, it should teach you that your dream of financial freedom is possible.