Enrique Javier Varela Mier

Enrique Javier Varela Mier – Herbalife Top Earner


I always say when I haven’t heard of a MLM company, but I sure have heard of Herbalife; I’m sure you have too. It has been around for a long time, over 35 years to be exact. But before I get to Herbalife, let me tell you about Herbalife top earner, Enrique Javier Varela Mier. He is right up there with many other top MLM earners from Herbalife, like Ronald & Bea Bos.


Enrique Javier Varela Mier has been with the Herbalife business since 1989. He built his life and home-based business in Mexico on hard work and dedication. His incredible effort has allowed him dreams to come true in fashion. Besides his monthly residual income being $95,000.00, Enrique is the fourth member of the Founder’s Circle.


He worked in the Mexican government, but Enrique didn’t like it. Next, he ran his own corporation, and it wasn’t financially successful. This was when he decided to get into network marketing. Enrique was quite successful, and he got his family involved in his direct selling business. As a result, Enrique is living the life he has always envisioned for himself, his wife, and his children.


Everything Enrique has gotten from Herbalife feels like a tremendous honor for him. He says that everything he has done has been for his family; they are his inspiration. Enrique and his wife Graciela are thankful for everyone who has contributed to the growth of his business.




Herbalife started in 1980 in Los Angeles, CA by Mark Hughes. Herbalife multilevel marketing business employs over 7,000 individuals and annual sales are estimated to be over $3 million. This direct sales business develops, markets, and sells nutritional supplements, personal care, sports nutrition products. Herbalife is marketed in over 90 countries worldwide, and there are more than 3 million independent distributors who work for Herbalife.


To give back to the community, Herbalife supports Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs. These initiatives help to bring nutrition to children in need. Additionally, this relationship marketing company sponsors more than 175 athletes, teams, and events around the world, including soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and soccer team LA Galaxy.




Whether you are targeting to improve a certain part of your body, such as your bones & joints or your heart, Herbalife sells supplements that can help strengthen and help your body feel great again. Moreover, there are products for weight management, energy, and children. But Herbalife just doesn’t concern itself with the inside of your body. If you want to get the outside of your body looking young and vibrant, there is a whole line of skin care items (body wash, scrubs, and sunscreen).


Herbalife product reviews aren’t that great. There are customers who purchased items, and when they tried to get a refund, as Herbalife states, their phone calls were ignored. One customer said she purchased the meal shake replacement, and it wasn’t a great experience. When she called her Herbalife distributor to get her money back, she can’t get a response.


One woman said that she wanted a refund, and at first she never got an answer back from her Herbalife seller. When she finally did, the customer was told she waited too late. Wow!




No surprise, Herbalife compensation plan works just like all the other MLM companies out there. Distributors can earn commissions, royalties, and bonuses on retail sales. If one of your customers decides to become an associate, you earn retail profits those purchases as well. To get started with Herbalife, you do have to purchase a starter kit.




To be honest, Herbalife doesn’t have a good reputation. There are so many Herbalife complaints with BBB and on the consumer affairs website, it not good at all. Users aren’t only dissatisfied with the customer service, but also the side effects. I read a number of product reviews in which users said they got diarrhea from some of the products.


Recently, a NY state senator has accused Herbalife of running an illegal pyramid scheme. He has a report that outlines the fraud that this multilevel marketing company promotes, and he says that he will be introducing new legislation that is going to rein in Herbalife and other network marketing companies in the state of NY. His accusations centers on the fact that nutritional clubs are being used by Herbalife associates to recruit new distributors; this is a direct violation of company policy.


Earlier this year, a judge dismissed a case against Herbalife in which the company was accused of misrepresenting itself about its weight loss products.