Fabricio Nobre

Fabricio Nobre of Melaleuca Inc is our MLM Top Earners inspirational cover story for today.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are here looking for a story that you can easily identify with and inspire you to starting your own business empire, then you are right at home!

I really do not know where to start this interesting story from, but I feel I should start by giving you a tip or call it a fact about Fabricio Nobre!

So, if anybody asks you to describe Fabricio Nobre today, just tell him that he is simply a no quitter!

The most interesting fact about Fabricio, however, is that you will find him walking towards the south, when the entire crowd is heading to the North.

And trust me, that is what has made him an mlms multi-millionaire he is today, and possibly the reason why we currently have a countable number of millionaires in the world!!

Fabricio is a really determined, patient and persevering Brazilian and American citizen. He has not paid me to praise him this much, but his success and failures in both traditional and multilevel marketing businesses are worth every positive word!

Okay, before you start pointing fingers and maybe brand me ‘the second Fabricio Nobre’, let me ask you my first and last maybe last questions in this article!

Have you ever owned a business? Have you ever invested a lot of money in business and loose them all? Okay, how did you feel at the end of it? If you have, then you will definitely join me in pitying Mr. Fabricio Nobre of Melaleuca, and I am definitely going to tell you why!

Fabricio Nobre is not an ordinary being, if he was, then he would not have featured here, simply because this is no place for quitters in the first place!

That however is not the only reason why we are here in the first place. I am, however, here to let you know how and why Fabricio Nobre invested in more than 10 multilevel marketing businesses, failed in all of them, but moved on more motivated and determined than ever!

As far as I am concerned, the only business that materialized was his printing business, which unfortunately failed after a very short period of time. Fabricio Nobre’s printing business was however not enough to enable him pay his debt of $100,000, which was really tearing him apart.

All in All, the good news is that Fabricio Nobre; who is a very talented listener has finally turned his life around courtesy of the Melaleuca business opportunity.

One of the reasons to smile is that Fabricio has evolved from a poor and ignorant immigrant pizza boy 15 years ago, to one of the most respected leader in the multilevel marketing industry.

He is currently one of the MLM Top income earners in Melaleuca Inc. and a motivational speaker you can help to admire and listen to.

Fabricio Nobre is currently at the top of the network marketing game and a true believer in doing things differently.

He makes a monthly passive income of over $142, 000, just from $ 0 a month! Can you believe me if I tell you that all that money is just from his Melaleuca business! Better believe me from this point, because his story and journey in MLMs businesses will leave you breathless!

The Biography of Fabricio Nobre

As I have hinted earlier, Fabricio Nobre is originally from Brazil. Although that is a fact, note that he just lived there for only 13 years, before relocating to Los Angeles in the United States of America. And I surely do not know how he managed to do that!

Fabricio found himself alone in Los Angeles. As naïve and clueless as many children are, he never knew what to do next! After sending cold nights in the streets, he discovered that he needed money as fast as possible, and the only way to do that was by securing a job, which I will cover in details in the next section.

For now, Fabricio is a husband and a father to two beautiful daughters; Luana and Kyle. Fabricio is not only extremely wealthy, but has a lot of time to be with his family, friends and books!

If you do not find Fabricio Nobre is his home office, making and receiving calls from clients, you will find him playing a guitar and singing to his two lovely daughters or with his family and friends Sky diving, Surfing, Paddle boarding, kiting or better still travelling.

Fabricio Nobre’s Journey in Business and Melaleuca Inc

Fabricio Nobre before Melaleuca…

Fabricio Nobre came to Los Angeles looking as confused as any immature youth can be. The fact that he could only understand Spanish and Portuguese made the situation worse. But that was 14 years ago!

Fabricio Nobre, however, had to start from somewhere, and was fortunate enough to secure a job in Los Angeles as a Papa John pizza boy. This Pizza delivery job was an eye opener job for him to say the least!

The biggest challenge to Fabricio was however maneuvering his way through the streets of LA and asking for direction. Mr. Fabricio was however very frustrated at first and managed to deliver at most 4 Pizzas when his colleagues did over 20 orders in a day. To add salt into the wound, he delivered his pizzas late and when almost cold. He in fact nearly lost his job at this point, but thank goodness he didn’t!

Fabricio is however a super creative individual, he in fact decided to take shortcuts and use different direction in delivering Pizzas. He would gaze his way through the streets, got late sometimes but eventually delivered a lot of pizzas in time. And this is how Fabricio learnt a way to succeed in business!

As time went by, Fabricio Nobre became the best Pizza boy in Los Angeles, became friends with English books and started to make some good money out of his pizza job.

Mr. Fabricio Nobre of Melaleuca multi level marketing however heed the old advice of not being  successful in life if you operated in a comfort zone, so he decided to move on.

The fact that Fabricio now knew how to read, write and speak in English, although not eloquently, was a plus for him.

Fabricio Nobre joined the Car selling business, and sold Volkswagen cars for the next 6 months. Fabricio Nobre says that he never enjoyed this business, but he had no option because he needed some money.

The car selling business, coupled with working as a travel agent at Nobretur in 1997, marked the end of his employment career. Fabricio Nobre wanted to try his luck in entrepreneurship and he surely did!

Fabricio Nobre in Business…

Mr. Fabricio Nobre of Melaleuca Brazil had succeeded in taking different routes in delivering pizzas and was ready to use the same trick in businesses.

To cut the long story short, Fabricio Nobre invested in 10 different businesses within 8 years using the savings he had made, but failed terrible.

Fabricio recruited almost all of his friends and family members in his businesses he invested in. Unfortunately, his friends lost a lot of money and time.

Fabricio Nobre eventually became very unpopular among his friends, and he received all the blame for all the money they had lost in the process of involving themselves in the mlms business.

The only business that seemed to earn Fabricio some revenue was his print business, but he had accumulated a total debt of $100,000, which he was not able to pay using his printing business.

Fabricio Nobre of Melaleuca became very stressed out, but never lost hope to give the mlm business a second try.

It was then that one of his friends called him and introduced him to the Melaleuca business opportunity. The Melaleuca business appealed to him because it never required a lot of capital to start and he never got many Melaleuca pyramid scheme advises from his friends.

In short, Fabricio Nobre worked extremely hard in Melaleuca and managed to earn $1200 within the first 3 months,$3500 within his forth month and made a $ 1.2 million after being in the Melaleuca business for just 4 years. Fabricio Nobre however made his first million dollars from Melaleuca, while 30 years old.

Fabricio was now very excited; he in fact introduced the business idea to his elder brother Charles Nobre and Paul; who has been his friend for 12 years.

Charles Nobre managed to earn $300,000 within two years, while his friend Paul made $250,000 within two and half years with Melaleuca network marketing business.

The two Melaleuca success examples above boosted Fabricio Nobre’s confidence. He now knew how important it is to change the lives of people and he has since then done it to thousands of people in style.

Fabricio Nobre has for instance built one of the largest Melaleuca downline in Melaleuca brazil under his BBG Group Inc..

Fabricio nevertheless says that the Melaleuca business opportunity has completely changed the lives of his family and friends, and he has a bigger dream of touching everybody directly or indirectly through Melaleuca network marketing.

Fabricio Nobre’s Awards and Accolades

Fabricio Nobre has been through a lot both in employment, traditional businesses and in the network marketing businesses.

Fabricio Nobre, however, became the best Pizza boy in Los Angeles during his time and was promoted to a Driver in PAPA JOHNS PIZZA Company. He became very excited then, but that achievement currently makes him shed tears!

Fabricio Nobre then became a sales agent at car selling company, before quitting to go on his own. This was however followed by a lot of failures in business, but not anymore, thanks to Melaleuca business.

Fabricio Nobre is now a Melaleuca Multi level marketing money-man and one of the top mlm earners in the mlm industry. He is in the MLM hall of Fame and he is currently a Melaleuca President Club member. This has made him one of the 10 Melaleuca products distributors who have managed to receive this award, out of the thousands of Melaleuca product distributors in all parts of the world.

Other than learning from the Network marketing industry for more than 11 years, Fabricio Nobre has also won bonus trips, vacations and attended various empowerment seminars in many parts of the world.

Some of the seminars he has attended include the Millionaire mind seminar, Tony Robbins seminar, NLP practitioner certification Training and Art Johak’s Master Mind seminar among many many many others.

Fabricio Nobre is currently the Chief Executive Officer of BBG Group Inc. and the National Director of Melaleuca Brazil. Fabricio of Melaleuca multilevel marketing company is also a dedicated philanthropist, who donates and volunteers at the American Planned Giving Foundation.

Bottom Line

If you are wondering on what is Melaleuca, or better still looking to live more than just life, live a healthier life or better still be wealthy with a lot of freedom, then this is the place for you!

I hope Fabricio Nobre’s story has touched you!