Fatih Yazici

Fatih Yazici – MegaHoldings Top Earner

what is megaholdingsIn my earlier blog posts, I have written about Mega Holdings consultant Enes Olgun being a MLM top earner. Well, I am going to introduce you to another Mega Star with Mega Holdings, Fatih Yazici.

This millionaire entrepreneur, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, earns $100,000.00 a month in residual income.

Oh, I’m sorry, but did I mention he is in his early 20s?

In the four years he has been with the Mega Holdings business, Fatih has built a team that consists of over 25,000 Mega Holdings consultants.

Before joining the Mega Holdings network marketing business, Fatih wanted out of the boring life he led. He also worried about how he would be able to earn a living in the bad economy.

With MegaHoldings multi-level marketing business, Fatih realized he had an opportunity to not only change his life for the better, but the lives of those around him.

This sounds just every other top MLM earner I have written about in this blog.

I guess the desire for time and financial freedom is universal!

is megaholdings a scam


Let me introduce you quickly to another ‘young’ guy that is tearing the internet up.

This is Brad. Who is as wealthy as he is young.

What does he have to say about this….check it out!



Mega Holdings MLM Business

Mega Holdings MLM business doesn’t have enough information on its company, but as before, I will try to piece together the information that is available to make it a little easier on you my dear reader.

Mega Holdings was founded by businessman Michael Cheung, who possesses extensive knowledge in the multi-level marketing industry.

He started his entrepreneurship, in 1999 in Hong Kong, with an online, e-commerce business that sold websites and web hosting services.

This was such a risk when you consider that e-commerce was still a new industry.

Soon though, he knew he had made the right move. Mega Holdings grew to include over 100 countries, and thousands of individuals enrolled to become a Mega Holdings consultant.

MegaHoldings operations spans through Turkey, the Gulf States, Germany, Asia, the Middle East, and over 25 other European countries. As an independent distributor for Mega Holdings, you can work your home-based business on a part-time or full-time basis.


Mega Holdings Products

Customers purchase a package that allows them to setup their own personal website, even if they have no IT experience. If you know how to drag and drop, you can create a website that can go live immediately. You choose your category and theme, fill in your content, and publish. Mega Holdings makes it simple to get your personalized website.what does mega holdings sell

If you decide on becoming an independent business partner (IBP) with Mega Holdings, well, that’s even better.

Moreover, you don’t need to know how to write code, or anything like that. The applications needed to keep your website going are provided for you. Regardless of where you live on this earth, there is a Mega Holdings consultant that can speak your language.

If you want to add resources to your website from such places as YouTube, Dropbox, or PayPal, you can add these features to your website.

Wow, this direct sales company has thought of everything!

Mega Holdings claim that this is a unique product in the multi-level marketing industry, and I believe this is correct. Moreover, the prices are reasonable, so as an independent distributor, you aren’t paying for an overpriced product.

This is probably why individuals such as Enes Olgun and Fatih Yazici are so successful with Mega Holdings.

Who isn’t online these days in every corner of the earth?

Moreover, this business plan gives anyone and everyone who wants to operate a home-based business to do so. And if he or she possess a serious work ethic and some serious dedication, they can make some serious money.

And seriously – who doesn’t want that?


Mega Holdings Compensation Plan

You earn money like this: you purchase the software, introduce it to a friend, and earn income when they purchase the product under your name. It seems it is similar to other multi-level businesses where you introduce a product or service to someone, and then make money when they make a purchase.


I was so hoping I wouldn’t find anything negative about Mega Holdings, but unfortunately I did.

In 2014, Mega Holdings in Turkey was accused of running a Ponzi scheme. Just like with other multi-level marketing businesses, it (Mega Holdings) was accused of making money off of adding new customers, not just from purchasing web products.

Mega Holdings denied the claims.

You know what you won’t ever hear?

You won’t hear aome pyramid scam being blasted out about JK.

Why, you may ask?

Because, even though we make up a group of more than 1,000 individuals, no one is under anyone, you do not answer to anyone, there is no up line, down line, cross line, or sponsors.

And while we work for ourselves, we are never, ever alone. Brad and Dan have made it to where you get all the help you can possibly ever want.

Hey, if a mama of 3 and a Nana of 2 can do it…..what the heck is YOUR excuse?


PS – We are not desperate to add people to our little ‘family’. So make sure that you want to change your life when you schedule a call with us. No schmucks allowed here! We want to help the ones that really, REALLY want the help. So if that is you, pound on that button right above and schedule yourself a call with these millionaires.

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