Gabi Steiner

Gabi Steiner – Lifeplus Top Earner


It seems like a new MLM business is popping up every day. Especially, when it comes to multilevel marketing businesses in the health and business sector. I guess in people’s quest to look and feel young, they will try something new if it will give them their desired results.


I also have to get out of my head that network marketing is an “American thing.” I have no idea why I keep thinking this, since the direct selling industry expands from every corner of the globe. With that being said, I am going to introduce to you Gabi Steiner.


She is one of the top MLM earners for Lifeplus, as well as being a top Lifeplus earner. This network marketing millionaire earns $100,000.00 per month in residual income. Not bad for someone whose financial situation looked really bleak before joining Lifeplus.


Gabi Steiner was born in 1955, and like a lot of women, she became a single mother to a son. To provide for her and her child, Gabi worked long hours for a wholesaler of technical equipment. Therefore, she rarely saw her son, and she knew she couldn’t go one like this.


When she first heard about direct sales marketing, Gabi knew that this was the opportunity she was looking for. She realized the potential for time and financial freedom, as well as a way to financially secure her future. Gabi believed that she could be successful as a multilevel marketer, and she set out to prove it.


Apparently, she was right. After just six months, Gabi quit her job with the technical equipment company. The reason she was able to prosper so quickly is because she enjoyed what she did. She believed in the products, and she liked relating to her customers on personal level. These are common traits you will find with all top MLM earners.


Nonetheless, it didn’t come with sacrifices. Gabi became a product speaker, and she attended weekend events. So, she didn’t have a lot of time to spend with her son while she was building her home-based business. Looking back, she said this is one area she would have done things differently. Now, she makes sure she balances her business and her family life.


In 1996, Gabi met the love of her life, Manfred Wissmann. But the problem was that she worked weekends, and he worked during the week; there was no time to spend together. If she wanted to spend time with Wissi (her nickname for him), she would have to sacrifice part of her income. As a woman with a child to take care of, that wasn’t an option.


Even more heartbreaking was that Wissi had book a three-week trip to Africa, and Gabi knew she couldn’t take off this much time from work. Of course, she knew she couldn’t go, but the thought of not spending her first Christmas with her love made her sad. \




In 1999, Gabi met Don Failla, a world-famous network marketer. When she saw a picture of him in a family-business that dated back to 1936, she knew that she could create her own successful home-based direct selling business. Gabi also knew she didn’t want to work a 9-5 job until the age of 65 and only have a few years to enjoy life with her son and Wissi. Her objective was to be financially free to do the things she wanted to do, with the people she loved.


Gabi Steiner is an author too. Where does she find the time? Her book, “From Person to Person” tells her life story, and it is available in five languages. She is quick to tell folks about how she came to MLM, so they can make the necessary changes in their lives to get the freedom she has.


Don Failla ask Gabi when they first met, if she would like to earn 5,000 deutsche marks (approx. $2,900USD a month), regardless if she got out of bed or not. She told him yes, as she knew this would give her and Wissi the life they were dreaming of.


Gabi could stop working; she definitely has the money. She could spend her days relaxing at her villa overlooking the Mediterranean on the island of Majorca, or taking it easy in her Lake of Constance penthouse But, she likes to challenge herself. And one of those challenges came in 2010.


At a tennis club, Gabi met a woman who was going through a divorce, and she needed a job. The problem was the single mother was in Majorca, and she knew very little Spanish. Gabi didn’t let this stop her from helping her new friend. Now, she not only has a team in England, her English has improved, and she has friends all around the globe.




Gabi says that in relationship marketing, the main focus is on what the customer wants, and how you help him/her get it. Your job is to assist your customers in achieving their goals. Relationship marketing is about emotions, and Gabi says everything she needs to say in one of her story. She loves to spoil her team by treating them to home-cooked meals (Wow, I wouldn’t mind being on her team…LOL).


Being an independent distributor is all about improving your quality of life and your lifestyle. Gabi realized that with Lifeplus and her network marketing business, she is truly responsible for the outcome. Simply put, how much work you put in is what you will get in return.


As I wrote before, Gabi loves helping people. When her friend and fellow relationship marketer Dirk Jacob wanted to form a charitable organization with her, she immediately jumped at the chance. The Networker for Humanity (NfH) is a non-profit organization based in Germany. It takes on various projects worldwide, such as feeding hungry children in Brazil and India. It also works with the elderly.


Equal Opportunity


I like how Gabi views network marketing vs. corporate America. She says that a lot of people miss out on the great opportunities that MLM provides, because they are not willing to give it a try. If 50 people applied for a corporate job, most likely only two will have the education and skills the company is looking for. The other 48 will be deemed too old, too overweight, too plain-looking, or over-qualified.


Now, in MLM, if 50 people enrolled with the Lifeplus MLM company, all 50 start out on equal footing, with the potential for personal and financial growth. In network marketing, only YOU can rule yourself out with your own hang-ups. Gabi has learned to never blame circumstances on her decision to act or not.


She doesn’t blame the economy, her partner, or the weather for deciding whether or not to make a move. And as I have written over and over again, your attitude is a key factor in your personal success. Gabi Steiner states that this is so true in the MLM business.




Lifeplus doesn’t consider itself a multilevel marketing company; it feels it is more like a community of multilevel marketers who possess the common aim of helping people look good and feel healthy. When others are just interested in the same old life day in and day out, Lifeplus is here to help those who want to move forward in a positive way, either by taking advantage of its wonderful business opportunity or using its healthy products.


Lifeplus was founded in 1992 by Bob Lemon, and it has been in the MLM industry for more than 20 years. In addition, Lifeplus can be found in over 50 countries. Lifeplus products give your body the balanced nutrition it needs, using 73 plant-derived minerals.


Whether you need an all-around nutritional supplement, or you need a supplement for a specific part of your body, Lifeplus offers what you need. And if you want to supplement your income the same way you supplement your body, this referral marketing business is the way to go! Lifeplus products include:


  • BioBasics Shape Plus (Weight Management)
  • Basic Everyday Pack (Fluoride Toothpaste, Body Formulas, and Shampoo)
  • Bodysmart Solutions (Nutritional Shakes)
  • Proanthenols (Antioxidants)
  • Lifeplus Yummies (Children Multivitamins)


So, as you can see, there is something for everyone. Whatever you need to become healthier, you will find it at Lifeplus. Lifeplus product reviews are pretty good. The key ingredients in Lifeplus products are:


  • Alfalfa Juice
  • Pure Telluride Water
  • Organic Calcium
  • Riboflavin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Pyridoxine
  • Garlic
  • Biotin
  • Natural Flavor
  • Proprietary Blend
  • Glycerin


When these ingredients are combined, they are effective micronutrients that improve your overall health. Customers have said that Lifeplus products perform exactly like they are supposed to. Customers also liked the fact that there were numerous products across the board, meaning Lifeplus provides everything from a toothbrush to an anti-stress supplement. This diversity is probably what draws so many customers to the products.


Lifeplus Compensation Plan


To earn money with Lifeplus, you have two ways. You can make money on your sales to your loyal customers. Or, when one of your customers decides to become a Lifeplus consultant, you earn commission on all of those sales as well. Even more, you earn money on the sales of any of your recruit’s team members. The compensation plan works similar to other MLM  businesses. And just like any other network marketing business, you have the option of working part-time or building a full-time, home-based business.


Bad Stuff


Lifeplus complaints include not having any information on the internet about the company’s background, specifically on the company’s website. This is true, because I had to go to hunt around the internet to find out the year it was established and by whom. There are also questions about why Lifeplus offers so many different supplements, when a multivitamin will do the trick. However, this seems to be a personal preference issue. While some people believe in taking a multivitamin, others don’t.


I tried to look up any information on Lifeplus pyramid scam or Lifeplus pyramid scheme, and surprisingly, I didn’t find any concrete information. I did find those that didn’t recommend the company based solely on the fact that it is a network marketing business. However, I didn’t see any lawsuits against it or anything of that nature.


I also read that Lifeplus uses recruitment-driven and top-weighted pay plans, but again, this is true for most, if not all, direct selling companies. If you want to give network marketing a try, you might want to consider Lifeplus.