Geri Cvitanovich

Geri Cvitanovich is a humble but wealthy Herbalife superstar who has dominated several internet discussions for many years now. Geri is a professional college teacher-turned mlm business lady. She also happens to be one of the original Herbalife product distributors and an mlm hall of fame celebrity.

Mrs. Cvitanovich has a touching Herbalife International journey, but her controversial marriage and personal life has unfortunately neutralized the better part of it. It is however quite sad that a hard working lady, who has achieved whatever she ever dreamt of in life was and still is the center of media debates and discussion, for her ex-husband’s murder, which she is not even connected with; in my opinion.

With all that said and done, welcome to Geri’s one stop shop, for all the information concerning Geri Cvitanovich, starting from her career as a college tutor, her financial struggles in her 9 to 5 teaching job, her controversial marriages, her journey in Herbalife, and her multi-millionaire status with Herbalife international. Until then, please consider anything you have heard about Geri Cvitanovich as a pure lie!

To kick-start our analysis of Geri Cvitanovich, let me start by separating lies from the truth by letting you know that Geri Cvitanovich was and still is very wealthy. She is in fact still in the mlm top earners list of fame and still receives her passive income from Herbalife international. Geri’s current monthly passive salary is approximately $150,000 per month and it has no signs of slowing down. She is rich, smart and financially independent, amidst all the controversies we will talk about later!

The Journey of Geri Cvitanovich in Herbalife International

As I have mentioned earlier, Geri was a dedicated college teacher who also happened to work part-time as a grocery checker to supplement her full time teaching job. Although she had those two jobs, she still struggled to pay her bills.

Geri Cvitanovich was seriously looking for an opportunity that will put all her financial woes to an end, when she saw a Herbalife ad in one of the local publications.

Geri got so excited about the Herbalife business opportunity and went around seeking more information about it. It was however unfortunate that very few people even knew about Herbalife then. The few who were lucky to have heard about it were so negative; claiming that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme, according to the various Herbalife scam advises they heard.

Mrs. Geri was however confident that the Herbalife business opportunity was the best available entrepreneurship program that will give her all the financial freedom she desired. That led her to continue pushing on.

It was while researching about Herbalife that Geri Cvitanovich came across one Herbalife product distributor, who finally satisfied all her queries and answered almost all her questions about the Herbalife business. Geri Cvitanovich in fact smileswhen she recalls how that gentleman used to come to her college every week with a check of $400 dollars from Herbalife jut to confirm that he really makes money out of herbalife.

Geri Cvitanovich eventually responded to the Herbalife ad in 1980, to become one of the very first Herbalife product distributors in the Company. Geri had the privilege to meet and talk with Mark Hughes, who finally became her sponsor.

Mark Hughes was quoted saying that they were very privileged to have Geri Cvitanovich on board. She was considered by the Herbalife network marketing company as an asset that will push the Herbalife mlm into new heights in success.

It was however not that easy for Geri in her first months in Herbalife. In fact it took her a whole three years of hard work before the dollars begun dripping in from Herbalife multi level marketing company.

By 2012, Geri Cvitanovich had experienced massive success that she was living a semi-retirement life, as she watched her passive income triple.

Geri Cvitanovich is currently referred to as the Queen of Herbalife and living a life that she badly admired. She is currently considered as one of the Founders of Herbalife network marketing company and one of the most successful Herbalife product distributors of all times.

Geri’s Herbalife recurring commissions has enabled her purchase a magnificent million dollars property in Kaneohe in Hawaii, where she currently lives.

The Herbalife business opportunity has also enabled Mrs. Geri help her family and friends who needed help. She however says that all that would have been a ‘pipe dream’ with her Grocery checker and teaching jobs.

Geri Cvitanovich’s Controversies and Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Geri Cvitanovich was a single Herbalife multi-millionaire lady until 1996, when she unknowingly  got married to a Conman, womanizer, imposter and professional thief; Daniel Dubie, also known as George Patrick Dubie at the beach in Hawaii.

Daniel Dubie was one hell of a man, although he was shot dead in 2006. According to Geri Cvitanovich, she had truly fallen in love with him and given him almost half of her property, hoping that he was the love of her life; but that was not the case. Daniel Dubie was a perennial womanizer and conman who was married to several other women in various parts of the world.

Daniel Dubie’s story put the arguably humble Geri Cvitanovich into the media spotlight over those love triangles. George Patrick Dubie however claimed publicly that he married Geri because of money. In fact, he was quoted that it was Geri who pursued him for marriage and he was never in love.

The media also had a twist to the whole story by claiming that Geri Cvitanovich was pushed by Herbalife to marry as quickly as possible, because it is the company’s policy for all of its mlm top earners to be a couple. Geri therefore decided to marry Daniel because he had looks of a Hollywood star, therefore suitable for her new Herbalife multi-millionaire image!

Geri Cvitanovich later divorced Daniel Dubie when she came to discover that he was married to several women. Geri Cvitanovich thought that their divorce will bring an end to all those controversies, but that is when all hell broke loose in media networks!

Geri eventually filed a case in court to get all her wealth back, claiming that her marriage with Daniel was a fraud, but never succeeded.

It was also rumored that Daniel had a cultic spirit that made Geri succeed in recruiting more people in Herbalife pyramid scheme. I however found that to be stupid speculations and lies because Geri Cvitanovich was long wealthy before she even married him. Daniel however claimed that he was a Hollywood actor, a priest, even saying that he was a prophet sent by God.

He therefore conned a lot of people millons of dollars, using different identities such as George Patrick Dubie, Daniel Dubie, Sean Dubie, Keoki Dubie, David Hart, Frances LaRue and Christin Hart among many othe titles.

The online community made this their daily business, claiming that Geri Cvitanovich is involved in Herbalife pyramid scheme and this has come to haunt him even more in life.

The truth however is that Daniel was an opportunist and an abusive husband to several women.  For instance, He was married to a one Canadian woman by the name Margaret Crane, also known as Juana Hart who he had sired five children with.

Margaret was however abused by Daniel and lived to see her children get harassed almost every time George Patrick was at home.

To cut the whole story short, Daniel Dubie met his death in Chaing Mia, Thailand where he was shot from a 38 revolver by her wife Margret, who he had called there for  an ‘important discussion’.

Various reports and online publications also claim that it is Geri Cvitanovich who engineered her ex-husband’s death. Critics say that it is Geri who paid for Margret’s air ticket to Thailand and even gave her cash to buy the revolver that shot her ex-husband. I however disagree with these rumors because they are baseless in my opinion.

Geri Cvitanovich’s Awards and Accolades

Geri is one of the very first and original Herbalife products distributors. She is the queen of Herbalife, a multi-millionaire and an MLM hall of fame celebrity.

Mrs. Cvitanovich was one of the people who introduced the Herbalife Chairman’s club members in 1993 and the Founders Round Table independent distributors’ qualifications. She became the First Founder’s Circle Member in US in 1997, together with Tartol in U.K.  Geri Cvitanovich is a very successful woman and has inspired many in both Herbalife and the whole of direct selling business.