Gerry Seebacher

Gerry Seebacher of Lyoness is a man who has defied all the controversies and Lyoness pyramid scheme allegations to earn not only a living through Lyoness network marketing Corporation, but also to be an mlm top earner and a relationship marketing multi-millionaire. Many people are surprised how Gerry Seebacher achieved all these success amidst all Lyoness scam allegations, but I am surely here to shed some light on his success story!

Gerry Seebacher’s slogan of ‘Go hard or go home’ has really inspired many in his downline to make thousands of dollars each month, through the Lyoness business opportunity. We are covering his story today because Mr. Gerry is not only an mlm top income earner, but also a world leader. He is really responsible for the success Lyoness has experienced today, and that is probably why he is the Lyoness top income earner of all times. Gerry has featured in numerous Lyoness or Lyconet meeting all over the world and he is in fact the reason as to why Lyoness still active in Belgium.

I will be dead wrong if I fail to mention that Gerry Seebacher is filth rich courtesy of Lyoness mlm. I am not a member of Lyoness and I am not affiliated to Gerry Seebacher in anyway, but we should try as much as possible not to call a spade a big spoon! Yes, Mr. Seebacher is incredibly rich and out of the much criticized Lyoness business. Gerry in fact currently earns a whole $160,000 per month and $ 1,920,000 per year, all the way from his home in Australia.

Biography of Gerry Seebacher of Lyoness

Gerry Seebacher of Lyoness is a very rich relationship marketing superstar from Australia. Gerry is of course very rich but he is very secretive. Gerry loves sticking strictly to his Lyconet business and lives an ordinary life, not willing to tell the world about his family like many other mlms multi-millionaires.

As a result, very little is known about his personal life, hobbies and attitude. What many people however know for sure is the fact that Gerry is a no nonsense man, who is always focused in his goals. He has been quoted at the Lyoness website saying that only serious individuals should contact him for the Lyoness business opportunity and nothing less. He however has an admirable attitude on life, entrepreneurship and its outcomes.

I am however convinced that Gerry Seebacher has a family because I have heard him attribute his relationship marketing success to it, mostly when receiving achievement awards from Lyconet business.

Gerry Seebacher’s Journey in Lyoness

Gerry Seebacher was first introduced to Lyoness by a friend who was also a member. The presentation he received from his friend was so fascinating that he saw an unexploited business opportunity that he could venture in. He therefore hopped in and he has never looked back.

Mr. Seebacher initially developed his business in Austria for several years, before he decided to expand it to other countries that were partners with Lyoness. Some of the countries he moved into first in his Lyoness network marketing career include Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Qatar, Dubai, South Africa among others.

Gerry Seebacher says that he has experienced tremendous success in Canada, in The United States of America and South Africa. These are some of the few countries Mr. Gerry has the largest number of members in his team.

Gerry Seebacher has managed to proof many Lyoness critics wrong by building the largest Lyoness downline in the world. Mr. Seebacher’s business has more than 500,000 downline and still growing. He says that he is among the few Lyoness business entrepreneurs who have managed to have a team that has members from almost all the countries Lyoness operates in. Gerry Seebacher currently has a team that s in more than 45 countries, in the various continents of the world.

Gerry Seebacher is a very confident Lyoness business member and partner. He says that the Lyoness business opportunity has not only changed his life, but the lives of thousands of people in the world. Gerry does not take any negative criticisms seriously, and that is his secret in becoming the best member Lyoness has ever had.

Gerry Seebacher says that Lyoness is the best business opportunity anybody can invest in. He loves the fact that the business is all about getting back 100% of all the money you spend on product purchases, and he cannot understand why many see it as an illegal pyramid scheme. He says that the Lyconet business opportunity is viable because everybody needs electricity, food, mobile telephony, refueling and others. So, what will prevent you from a business opportunity that will enable you get rich by just shopping?

Gerry Seebacher Awards and Accolades

Gerry Seebacher is one of the most successful relationship marketing professional with Lyoness business. He is an mlm top earner with Lyoness and he is in the top 100 list of all time top earners in the world of network marketing.

Mr. Seebacher is a proud member of the millionaires’ club and mlm hall of fame celebrity. In Lyoness, Mr. Gerry has earned numerous awards including the prestigious president’s team member award.  He is currently the Lyoness international sales manager and has achieved president 8 award with Lyconet.

Gerry is a very talented motivational speaker and business mentor. He is admired by many prospect multilevel marketing individuals and has changed the lives of thousands of others in attaining financial stability. I guess this is the reason as to why he has the most successful downline in Lyoness International,to becoming the leader of Lyoness Europe AG, which is the backbone of Lyoness worldwide!


If you have been asking yourself what is Lyoness? Is Lyoness an illegal pyramid scheme? Are Lyoness scam advices true or where and how Lyoness operates and the Lyoness compensation plan, then it is all here for you! In short, I am going to give you a detailed analysis of the Lyoness business and give a detailed Lyoness review, so as to determine whether it is a legit business opportunity or another mlm scam as many online and offline publications claim!

So, what is Lyoness?

Lyoness is a registered trademark name for several corporate structures in several parts of the world. Most of these corporations are limited liability companies, which are privately owned. Lyoness has its headquarters in Australia, where it first started its operations.

Lyoness has approximately 9 corporations registered in Austria, 7 in Switzerland and 42 other national and regional corporations distributed in all parts of the world. The term Lyoness was derived from a Celtic mythological Kingdom that was called ‘Lyonesse’. The trademark has however changed its name from ‘Lyoness’ to ‘Lyconet’ to represent all these group of companies.

The first main corporation, then known as ‘Lyoness Holding Europe AG’, was founded and registered in 2003 by its founders; Max Meienberg, Iwan Ackermann and Uwe Proch. The corporation then hired Hubert Freidl, who was initially the CEO of Lyoness to be their new director.

As by 2012, the Lyoness group of companies was estimated to have annual turnover of over 1.2 billion Euros, with over 4 million members as of July 2014. The Lyoness Company is currently active in 6 continents of the world, and is spread in more than 40 countries.

Lyoness has been very successful in business, although it has been highly suspected to be an illegal pyramid scheme in the various countries it operates in. For instance, in Austria alone; which is its headquarters, Lyoness has been declared a pyramid scheme by four independent and different civil courts.

Various criminal investigations done on Lyoness by the ‘Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’ in Australia have also concluded that Lyoness most definitely operates an out-lawed pyramid scheme. Lyoness is however hopeful that all charges filed against them will be cleared after some time.

The Lyoness Trademark has been also found to operate a pyramid scheme in Norway within 2012-2013. The Lyconet group of corporations was also investigated and prosecuted by ACCC in Australia, and its judgments reserved. Various government and private institutions have also concluded that Lyoness is a pyramid scheme and reported the company to Stockholm police.

Lyoness stopped its operations, but an appeal by one Gaming Board lifted the ban and paved way for further investigations by the Stockholm Police. Lyoness is also in fire investigations in France, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and other countries. The Lyoness directors in Austria have however been accused of Fraud in the country, but Lyoness Company has strongly refuted all the claims.

The Lyoness Business Model

Lyoness’s business model is divided into four sections. The first one is the shopping community, friendship bonuses, accounting units and premium memberships.

Shopping Community

Lyoness operates and controls an international shopping community is all the various sectors of the economy. It is through these businesses that merchants and members benefit through customer loyalty and cash back discounts respectively. Lyoness however announced that all its multilevel marketing activities will be done using its new “Lyconet” brand.

The Lyoness shopping community as of July 2014 had more than 4 million active members, receiving discounts as they shop at 29,000 Lyoness partner corporations, and having more than 150,000 acceptable points.

Lyoness has a discount system where its members receive discounts ranging from 1 to 5 %. The discounts are popularly known as cash backs for every purchase its members make at any Lyoness partner corporation. Lyconet has a withdrawal limit of 5 Euros or higher; depending on the country their members shopped at.

Lyoness Friendship Points

On top of the discounts that Lyoness members receive for every purchase they make, the members also make a commission of 0.5% for each product the members they enrolled into the system purchase. The Lyoness members also make another 0.5% for each product the members they recruited have also recruited into the system. The Corporation came up with the term friendship bonus to represent this type of benefit.

Lyoness Accounting Units

On top of the 1.5% cash back Lyoness members are awarded with, a certain percentage of the total expenditure of a member is transferred back to what the corporations call the “Lyoness Position system”. This is a system where all the leftover discounts add up to accounting units or positions. When a member accumulates enough accounting points in the Lyoness System unit chain, the member wins some cash is a concept they refer to as loyalty commissions or system commissions.

A Lyoness member can accumulate these points by making down payments on the gift card the company gives you or through shopping.

Lyoness Premium Membership

In most of Lyoness corporations worldwide, one needs to load his Lyoness card with at least 2000 Euros for them to qualify as premium members on future discounts. Few Lyoness corporate members can however qualify to premium membership by carrying out heavy shopping in their partner corporation, within a period of one year. This is called down-payments and Lyoness can easily allow you to combine both methods. It has however been reported that the only way to become a premium member in Lyoness is through the down-payments and not through the residual discounts you save as you shop at various Loyalty merchants, and Lyoness has therefore been accused severally over these claims.

The Lyoness Corporate Structure

International Structure

The Lyconet and Lyoness trademark titles represent a number of corporate structures.  The main corporation is called ‘Lyoness International AG’. This main corporation is supported by a number of administrative departments; sometimes referred to as registered corporate structures. These administrative structures include Lyoness Dataservice GmbH, Lyoness eBiz GmbH, Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation, Lyoness Lyco Soft GmbH and finally Lyoness Child and Family Foundation.

Country and Continental Structure

The Lyoness continental organizations are stock corporations of Lyoness International brand. Some of these continental organizations or structures are Lyoness North America Ltd, Lyoness Asia Ltd founded in 2011, Lyoness South America, Lyoness Europe AG, founded in 2003 and Lyoness IMEA South America founded in 2009.

Lyoness also has country offices that are registered as limited liability companies and are stock corporations of the continental subsidiaries. These corporations are however privately owned just like their regional and continental offices.

Charity and Social Involvement

According to the Lyoness website, the company is geared towards developing the society. For instance, Lyoness argues that for every purchase its member makes, a certain percentage is sent to support the community, through its Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation and the Lyoness Child and Family Foundations.

Lyoness and Lyconet is also the main sponsor and partner sponsor of various sports activities in the world. For instance, Lyoness is the main sponsor of the popular Australian open, which is a golf Tournament in Australia and the European Junior League; a football competition for the youth. Lyconet have also been long term sponsors of the Rapid Wien in Australia.

Lyoness Pyramid Scheme Allegations and Controversy

Lyoness is the mother of all controversies and mlm pyramid scheme allegations, since its inception in 2003. Lyoness, currently referred to as Lyconet has surprisingly hit the headlines in several countries where it operates, with various government bodies branding it a Lyoness Scam. Is it because of its unique business model? It is surely had to tell!

It all started in 2004, few months after Lyoness was launched. The Australian Criminal police started it all by publishing an article that warned the Australian citizens of the emergence and recent growth of Illegal pyramid schemes or Ponzi Schemes as they love calling them. In fact, Lyoness was the main point of reference in that long and exciting article.

The issue was later taken to the Australian parliament for discussion, after Lyoness contested the publication, resulting to the government filing various lawsuits against all the mlm companies suspected to operate illegal pyramid schemes, and Lyoness was part of it. That was back in 2005 and one year after Lyoness was launched.

In 2008, the Australian chamber of commerce warned Lyoness from violating its privacy policies, distributing deceptive information to the public and airing misleading advertisements about the Lyoness business opportunity. The authority also raised a red flag to anyone willing to do business with the corporation.

The controversy is so long and complex, but to shed some more light on this matter, Lyoness hired Peter Lewisch; who is a law expert and a professor to analyze whether Lyoness is a pyramid scheme. According to his findings, Lyoness is not a pyramid scheme as argued by the four different courts in Australia. The Lyoness controversy is however still on and I don’t think it will end anytime soon. But all the best to Lyoness if it is a legit business!