Giselle Sexsmith

Giselle SexSmith and John SexSmith are one of the many semi-illiterate couples that rake in millions of dollars through Nu Skin network marketing. Many people who have not read their story in NuSkin mistakenly think that the life they live today is out of shy luck! The truth however is that they are real creative and dedicated work-holics , who have had it rough in traditional businesses, before reaching the millionaires heights in Nu Skin Direct sales business.

The humble journey of John and Giselle SexSmith is a true revelation of how the couple managed to figure it out in Nu Skin business, and achieve a feat that is only heard in movies and fairy tales. What I can confirm for sure is the fact that they are very hard working, persistent and dedicated multilevel marketing entrepreneurs!

John and Giselle SexSmith are real big time NuSkin Top earners and multi-millionaires. They do not fear to let the world know that they are rich and successful in their YouTube videos. Their bank accounts are flooded and they don’t care. Their main aim however is to make you and me achieve the most sought after financial freedom, and they work towards it daily! The couple makes approximately $175,000 per month and a residue income of $2,100,000 per year. That is how rich they are friend!

Background of Giselle SexSmith and John SexSmith

John and Giselle SexSmith is a multi-millionaire couple from Florida, United States of America. They entered the NuSkin business as a family in 1985 and have since then achieved tremendous success.

John and Giselle SexSmith are popularly known as the SexSmiths. They are a family of seven, with five children and 2 grandchildren. They have all they ever wanted in life and have no fear to show it in their extravagant millionaires’ lifestyle.

Although little is known about this couple, one fact that cannot be changed is that they are living a life that millions of people only dream of. Their journey in Nu Skin enterprises will tell you more about Giselle and John SexSmith.

Journey of Giselle SexSmith and John SexSmith in Network Marketing

John and Giselle SexSmith have been in network marketing for over three decades now. John and Giselle SexSmith have met a variety of great people in the world since they joined the Nu Skin network marketing in 1985. They adopted many of them not only into their Nu Skin network but most importantly into their family circle. According to Giselle SexSmith, a Nu Skin enterprise is a family, which can expand into unbelievable numbers.

How did John and Giselle SexSmith Start the Nu Skin Business?

It is john who first got involved in Nu Skin business back in 1985; he had a twelve grade education, but had had success in various traditional businesses such as retail stores, real estate and manufacturing businesses. John says that everything positive they have ever achieved in their lives has been through team work and that is why they had had massive success in NuSkin.

Giselle says that they were a very busy family, trying to raise a family in 1985. They had a six month year old toddler, a four years old girl, a five and fifteen years old sons. They used to be very busy and lived in a small town of about 25,000 people, they were very busy, were in debt and were so squeezed with time that they hardly had time to add one more business into their lives.

John used to hear that you can get anything you want, and help other people achieve their dreams, but used to apply it in the wrong way. John SexSmith used to do it in a long and hard way.

Giselle and John SexSmith are deeply committed people. They never had any special contact or trainings, but they have created a dream life that exceeds even the tallest of the fairy story tales.

John and Giselle SexSmith have a team elite status in Nu Skin enterprises. The couple joined NuSkin in 1985, but it was until 1990 that they earned the prestigious Team elite status which they have never let go ever since. John SexSmith and his wife Giselle SexSmith formed a very strong team in Nu Skin called the Global Partners Network (GPN), which they have earned more than $20,000,000 USD since 1985.

John and Giselle SexSmith owned several retail stores, and were busy pursuing their normal life full of stress and daily headaches, before they joined Nu Skin international. During that time they were very stressed out, broke and frustrated as they raised their young family consisting of four children.

Giselle and john SexSmith however began their NuSkin investments with a lot of challenges. They had that normal excuse of having a busy business life with no enough money and no time in direct sales business. The now Nu Skin multi-millionaires received $50 USD as their first earning from Nu Skin relationship marketing, but never lost hope.

The family instead took the earnings as a complement to work hard and explore what seemed impossible back then, and the whole secret of make money with NuSkin Enterprises. The family was nevertheless able to grow their Nu Skin business geometrically, although they never had any previous contacts, education or NuSkin background information. Very inspiring!

Giselle and John SexSmith started their NuSkin careers with everybody and everything they had! Their life schedule was share! Share! Share! And Share! The family started with their family members, moved to friends, former business colleagues, casual acquaintances and literally anybody they came across. John SexSmith and his wife Giselle SexSmith soon found themselves sponsoring a variety of new distributors, customers and welcoming new teams into their GPN team. The family then started working seriously with their team as quickly as possible. Giselle and John SexSmith identified and build new leaders in their team before finally developing one of the largest teams Nu Skin has ever had in its multi-level marketing history.

Giselle SexSmith and her husband John SexSmith’s GPN team is found in more than 35 countries in the world.  The team is made up of tens of thousands of NuSkin independent distributors. The team is now a trademark that has enables Giselle and John SexSmith earns a seven figure residue income every year. The couple is currently one of the top earners in NuSkin, and one of the most inspiring networks marketing entrepreneurs in Nu Skin.

Giselle and John SexSmith have been acclaimed in all parts of the world as one of the most successful couple in the history of mlm businesses. They are however popular in Nu Skin as one of the most dedicated and visionary multilevel marketing entrepreneurs, with a true heart to make others achieve their ultimate time and financial freedom.

John and Giselle SexSmith have as a result of their success and extensive knowledge in network marketing authored a book called: Networking The Natural Extension of You, which they have self-published on the Amazon kindle and other digital publication platforms.

The SexSmiths have now turned into their no money and no time lifestyle into a totally new chapter that is full of personal and financial freedom, choice of lifestyle and time independence. They have a priceless methodology and a unique and insightful training that they give.  Giselle and John SexSmith have used their unique approach to NuSkin business and their productive actions have inspired many to their journey to time and financial freedom. The family’s business sensitivity and unpredictable sense of humor have inspired many to stretch their efforts beyond their initially perceived limits. They are true NU Skin celebrities and heroes and surely live to bring the desired freedom into the world of network marketing businesses.

Giselle and John SexSmith Awards and Accolades

Giselle and john SexSmith are incredible successful in NuSkin network marketing businesses. They are now the voice of many in Nu Skin international and have been a symbol of real commitment and a true entrepreneurial spirit.

The family has achieved a number of awards and accolades in various parts of the world. In Nu Skin enterprises, the SexSmiths are NTC Ambassadors, 20 million dollar circle members and Team Elite club members with over 25 years in the team.

They are a very sweet couple to watch and listen to and share with. Lucky are the few that had had a chance to meet them!