Grace Pilapil

Grace Pilapil – Royale Business Club Top Earner


Grace Pilapil is a millionaire in the Philippines. With Royale Business Club, she earned $100,000.00 a month in residual income.  I am not mad at her for doing well in MLM. It just goes to show a good work ethic and commitment does pay off. She is one of those leaders and top Royale Business Club earners that Ricardo Castaneda speaks of. Way to go, Grace Pilapil!


Royale Business Club


I am telling the truth, I have never seen so many health and beauty direct sales businesses in my life! Wow, and they are all around the globe! Here is one that is new to me: Royale Business Club.


For some background on this network marketing business: Royale Business Club was founded by Ricardo S. Castaneda. He started the direct sales company out of his aspirations and dreams. Established in 2006, this MLM business is 100% Filipino-owned with headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines. Royale Business Club is definitely on the rise. It has expanded to other cities in area, as well as branched out to Dubai, Singapore, Taipei, and Abu Dhabi.


Like other MLM businesses I have written about, Ricardo Castaneda said that he created his business in order for the Filipino citizens to earn a good living and make a quality life for themselves and their families. He also doesn’t just want to stop there. Mr. Castaneda says what a lot of people at the top of multilevel marketing business say all along.


His goal is to get his distributors to live in the realm of purpose through their words, thoughts, actions, and attitudes. He wants the people who join Royale Business Club to realize that their job is to inspire, grow, and encourage people.


Mr. Castaneda promises to continue to bring new and innovative products and more incentives to Royale Business Club to promote continuous personal and professional growth for all his distributors. He is making sure of this by expanding his consistently expanding his market to every corner of the globe.


Royale Business Club products are FDA-approved and cover a wide range of health, beauty, and health. Royale (as the company is typically referred to) states that their products are supreme due to their success in the local and international markets. Moreover, Royale’s business model is used for other MLM businesses in the Filipino community who want to expand around the globe.


What this business plan teaches is that it takes more than just hard work to make it in relationship marketing. It takes a commitment to excellence and an understanding of large-scale, multi-national operations. Royale wants to create a group of dedicated, driven independent distributors who want to become successful entrepreneurs. If you want a home-based business that uses an innovative system of product distribution and marketing, you might want to consider Royale Business Club.


I couldn’t get a specific number on how many customers are with Royale, but I did read that the number is in the thousands. Moreover, about 90% have become independent distributors with this network marketing business.


Royale Business Club Products


A smart move by this multilevel marketing business, Royale offers products that cover the gamut when it comes to health and beauty products. As a customer, you can purchase such items as:


  • Richarge Herbal Sugar-Free Drink
  • Diabetwatch Diabetes Dietary Supplement
  • Royale Coffee Mix
  • Royale Roasted Corn Powder Drink Mix
  • L’OPULENT Jeune BB Cream
  • Royale Beauty Papaya Soap


The nutritional health products and soaps are made based on glutathione (an important antioxidant in plants, animals, and fungi). In addition, Royale uses cranberry, mangosteen, barley grass, goji berry, and psyllium as a natural fiber. The beauty product line consists of glutathione-based lotions, soaps, toners, and lipsticks. Although Royale says that all of its products are developed locally in the Philippines, it does develop some of its beauty products in France and Korea.


Royale Business Club product reviews are mixed. Some customers say that the BB cream and soaps are outstanding. However, like some of the other multilevel marketing companies in the industry, the products are deemed overpriced. Since the products are excellent, Royale doesn’t have to depend on recruiting; it can rely on selling it products.


Other Royale Business Club complaints are that some people accuse this MLM company of unscrupulous recruitment practices. But this is nothing new you or I have heard about network marketing businesses. The problem is that some say that multilevel marketing businesses rely more on recruiting new independent distributors than selling products.  


I also read that Royale Business Club MLM business was accused of tax evasion from 2011 to 2013. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) states that Royale undeclared its annual income during these years. The charges are worth $8 million.


There is also the question about the direct sales strategy of Royale, since the sales force is compensated for the sales people they recruit on top of generating sales. This is not illegal, and Royale is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines. While this is how many MLMs operate, there are those that state this seems like a Royale Business Club pyramid scheme. On the other hand, there is no evidence that Royale Business Club is operating a pyramid scam.


Royal Business Club Compensation Plan


One of the most positive aspects of Royale is that this relationship marketing company established its business in its homeland (the Philippines). While most MLM businesses set up shop in the Philippines, Royale was actually born and bred there, which seems to be a big plus for the citizens. This might be why it is able to generate millions in sales. Furthermore, Royale is exporting its products internationally.


Like other multilevel marketing companies, as an independent distributor, you earn money on product sales and compensation for building a team of recruits who do the same thing (generate product sales).


One thing I noticed is that the Royale Business Club website doesn’t have a section for its compensation plan. I have to look at another website for this. I did read that there are travel incentives and other bonuses with people who do well.