Greg Tedrow

Greg Tedrow – Morinda Top Earner


Greg Tedrow said he has always known that the Morinda MLM business would give him the life he desired. Along with his friend, JR Wadsworth, he established a multilevel marketing home-based business that would let him be an entrepreneur. Moreover, Greg and JR decided to take their business to Japan, even though they knew no one there. They spent four months talking to folks on the subway, restaurants, and on the streets.


After a while, they finally had a small group that they could give a presentation to. In the beginning, Greg said that he would ride his bike to meetings; there were no fancy cars or designer suits. He and his partner took a very different approach to the network marketing industry. Greg said being low-key felt very natural to him.


There was an appeal that surprised Greg and that appeal was in the story about the science and history of Morinda. For years, he would go all around Japan telling the background and teaching others to do the same.


Starting off low-key paid off. Greg isn’t even 40 years old, and he has lived NYC, Los Angeles, Japan, and Germany. Currently, he lives in his stylish home in Alpine, Utah. He considers himself blessed by the Morinda Life. Moreover, what makes it even more special is that every dollar he has represents the number of other folks he has led to becoming successful direct sales distributors.


If you ask Greg how he was able to prosper in network marketing, he will quickly tell you the Morinda compensation plan. Greg believes that the compensation plan set him on his path to financial freedom. He also focused on the bonus pools, and his business is the Infinity Pool; he focuses all his attention on increasing the Infinity Bonus.


When Morinda announced the area developer program, Greg and JR knew they wanted to be a part. That was until the executive developer program was announced and how those who qualified would receive double share of the bonus pool. It was a no-brainer for these two. They worked to get to EAD level 4, since that is where the bonus pools came to play.


Not surprisingly, Greg Tedrow reached his goal of executive area developer, and his commission check wasn’t anything to sneeze at; it was over $90,000.00. Greg said that by qualifying for EAD, he was able to earn money in bonus pools bypassing standard qualifications. His check included $11,000.00 from the TruProformance Bonus Pool and he didn’t have to increase by 35%.


Greg Tedrow says that what kept him going when he was standing in the Japan subways was the dream of living the life he has today.  He said, “Thanks to Morinda, the life I enjoy far exceeds anything I could imagine.”


Greg Tedrow has definitely made a name for himself in MLM. He is a network marketing millionaire due to earning $95,000.00 a month in residual income. He earned the rank of Triple Diamond/Black Pearl Club. Previously, Greg worked part-time with NuSkin while he was in college working on his economics degree. I have noticed that numerous top MLM earners have worked with two or three well-known multilevel marketing businesses within the industry.




Here I go again. I will admit I had never heard of Morinda until I was writing this profile on Greg Tedrow. There are so many multi level marketing companies, I can’t keep up.


Before the name Morinda, this relationship marketing business was called Tahitian Noni and Morinda Bioactives. This company has been around since 1996 and it started in Provo, Utah. This is no surprise, as most of the health and wellness MLM businesses are started in Utah. Morinda offers various products made from the noni plant, which is supposed to help with everything from colds to reducing tumors. I don’t know how true this is, but….


Morinda has over 600 independent distributors around the globe. There is a report that the company’s sales are over $500 million, however there are no documentation to support this. Manufacturing plants for Morinda are in Japan, China, Germany, Tahiti, and US.


Morinda’s objective is to help people live longer and feel younger. I think that is what every health and wellness network marketing company says…LOL. The company says that it is on a quest to find the most natural ingredients and develop them into products that will give people optimal health.


According to Morinda, its future lies in the importance of AGE awareness and the impact AGE has on health. Morinda went on to say that while it is always coming up with innovative health solutions, it will also create opportunities for financial and personal growth. Morinda wants to impact the lives of everyone, everywhere.




The main Morinda product is the noni juice which sells for around $55. In addition, you can buy personal care, dietary supplements, noni drinks that are mixed with fruit juices, and noni fruit chews. Something that I saw on the Morinda website that was a first for me was a device called the TruAge scanner, which measures the age levels in your skin. I don’t know if I really want to know that information.


One thing I did notice is that while Morinda spends quite a lot of money on research (it said over $125 million), it has published over 18 clinical trials. I know that for some critics of MLM health and wellness businesses, this was their biggest gripe, especially for those businesses that claim to use natural/holistic ingredients.


If you go on Morinda’s website, there is a daily deal, and you can find out which products are the most popular. Like some of the other MLM in the health and wellness sector, these products mostly are geared towards helping your body and skin with anti-aging. Morinda also sells accessories, such as TruAge bracelets, necklaces, sports caps, and bags.


Morinda product reviews are mixed. I just recently read where Morinda had to bring it down a notch about its products being cure-all because the FDA came after the company. Furthermore, some researchers and physicians, including the ones that work the WebMD website, say that there is no clear indications that the noni plants does any of the things it is supposed to.


However, customers seem to like these high-quality products, especially the noni juice. They drink it both morning and evening, as well as add it to their food and drinks. I even read where one customer gives noni juice to her cats and dogs…Okay…




In 1998, the attorney general offices in four states (Arizona, California, New Jersey, and Texas) made a settlement with Morinda, charging the company with unsubstantial claims in consumer testimonies and other promotional materials relating to its Tahitian noni juice. Morinda was claiming that its product could cure or treat a number of illnesses, such as arthritis, diabetes, and clinical depression.


If this was true, it would be a drug and would need state approval, in which the product didn’t have. Moreover, Morinda had to refund all customers who wanted their money back. Plus, it has to pay $100,000 in investigative costs. Ouch!


In 2007, a man in Spain died after drinking Tahitian noni juice. The bottles were believed to be mislabeled, as cocaine was found in the bottles and the body of the deceased. When an investigation was done by the Spanish Institute of Toxicology, the Tahitian noni juice was found to have been contaminated with cocaine. The bottles were discovered to have come from Mexico, and the expiration dates were illegible.