Harald Maier

Harald Maier – Vemma Top Earner


Like fellow Vemma top earner Brad Alkazin, Harald Maier knows what it takes to becoming successful. A former Austrian professional racing cyclist, Harald Maier rode in three editions of Tour de France, once in the Giro d’Italia, and twice in the Vuelta a Espana. And good for him, he brought that drive and passion to his MLM career.


With Vemma Europe, network marketing business, Harald Maier has earned a spot at the top of the ranks. His residual income has hit $100,000.00 a month. Moreover, he has taken a place as a Vemma Europe top earner. He is a Vemma Rock Star, well Royal Ambassador. Harald says, and it is quite apparent, that he enjoys anything that pushes him past his boundaries and his comfort zone. Besides cycling (of course), he goes skydiving, parachuting, and high-speed motorcycling. Talk about a thrill-seeker…LOL!


In 20 years, Harald Maier has won more than 200 races, so as you can see, he likes to win. What is even more important is that he knows what it takes to win, and it is much more than just wanting. It takes strategy. First, he became a master network marketing distributor, and then he applied his people skills to building his team. And he says something I have heard many other multilevel top earners say, “When I look for people to be part of my downline, I look for quality over quantity.”


After cycling, Harald tried to find a job that suited him and that he could commit to 100%. Unfortunately, he made some wrong decisions, and he ended up in bankruptcy. However, in eight years he has been with Vemma, he has been able to earn a stable and great income.


What motivates Harald is that when he has a task, a goal that he wants to reach and is realistic, it doesn’t have to be easy, but it has to be a realistic challenge. Also, he likes the feeling of helping people. His work now allows him live and creates the life that he wants. Harald manages his own time (time freedom, anyone?), so he determines when he wants to work and when he wants to take a break.


This gives him the freedom that he desires and time with his family, which is very important to him. Harald see the parallel in his network marketing business and his cycling career, as he travels all the time; he enjoys it. He loves being on the move in different countries, and his direct sales career gives this to him.


Harald believes if you take your relationship marketing business seriously and earnestly, you can be successful financially. He goes on to say that it is only a matter of time for you to come across people who share the same desire for prosperity as you do; people who take the business seriously and have goals to achieve.


He says that the most important thing to know in order to be successful in the MLM business is to identify with the products. You use it yourself and can testify as to what it can do. Once you feel the excitement of using products that work, you can share the excitement with others. What a winning attitude!


He went on to say he wants people around him who have a vision, a drive, and realize that Vemma can give them the life they have always dreamed of.  According to Harald, believing in the products and the business opportunity is imperative to success. Harald’s wife, Angelika, has her own team, and she has earned the rank of Ambassador with Vemma.


One thing that has made Harald so successful is that he has constantly focused on customer service. His success, according to him, has come from the happiness of his team members. There must be something to this. He has 20 markets, and his strongest markets are in African region.


Harald came to Vemma, because he was looking for the right supplement for his body. He says there are good products on the market, but they don’t cover all parts of the body. With Vemma, he found everything that he needed. Harald said that he was also impressed with the fact that Vemma is quite affordable.


Harald actually was a big part of the European market for Vemma. He did everything from fill orders to packaging. Although it might seem like work beneath him, he says he is grateful for the learning experience, because it helped him to understand the network marketing business better.


Vemma products are available now in 50 countries worldwide. With the development of social media, independent distributors can now make a friend, a connection, anywhere in the world, which is a big plus to relationship marketing businesses like Vemma. Harald says that before he even thinks about mentioning the Vemma products to someone he meets, he works extensively in forming a relationship with that individual.




I have written about Vemma before, but I have no problem supplying info on this health and wellness multilevel marketing company. Vemma was founded in 2004 in Tempe, AZ by Benson K. Boreyko, Karen Boreyko, and Lauren Boreyko. This privately-owned, MLM company does very well. As a matter of fact, in 2013, Vemma earnings grossed over $200 million.


Vemma nutrition includes energy drinks, nutritional beverages, and weight management products that combine Eastern wellness philosophies with scientific principles from the West. Vemma products are said to prove you with optimal health. This is done with the use of 12 essential vitamins, minerals, mangosteen, organic aloe vera, and organic green tea. The “Verve’ line of drinks by Vemma is the official drink of the Phoenix Suns, which also is one of the company’s distributors.


Vemma drinks are said to be full of antioxidants, which inhibits unstable molecules. They contain outstanding antioxidant protection of over 4,800 ORAC units per serving. Vemma sells its products online and through independent distributors like Harald Maier.




One of the main reasons many people, from consumers to the media, consider Vemma a scam is that the company heavily goes after recruiting college-aged individuals as distributors with the enticement of lots of cash and expensive cars. In August of 2015, the FTC filed a lawsuit against Vemma, accusing it of operating a pyramid scam.


It also said that Vemma misrepresents itself when discussing distributors’ earning potential. Even more, the Boreyko family has been accused of using the same staff, facilities, and commingled funding.


Presently, the company is doing business under an injunction with a court-appointed monitor to make sure that it is in compliance with certain restrictions. Those restrictions are: Vemma cannot recruit any new members, pay commissions, or offer rewards for purchase.


The news for Vemma Italia isn’t any better. In  2014, the AGCM fined Vemma Italia for running what it referred to as an illegal pyramid scheme. AGCM is the Italian consumer protection agency. Vemma did respond to the allegations, stating that it believed it did nothing wrong.


Vemma Italia did make some changes to its compensation plan. However, there are those who say that it still resembles Vemma Italia’s old compensation plan. Vemma is also facing pyramid scheme charges in Austria and Switzerland.