Herb & Patty Capeda – Top Earner in Isagenix

Isagenix #1 Top Earners – Herb & Patty Cepeda

Herb and Patty CepedaHerb and Patty Cepeda are internationally renowned and sought after motivational speakers, business coaches, mentors and trainers; just to name a few!

This is, however, an addition when we analyze the life of this couple on grounds of mlm business ventures.

In fact, they are a super-rich couple, MLM professionals and mlm top earners with Isagenix Corporation.

It is however, their fired up attitude in Isagenix MLM business that has pushed me to sharing their strong-willed journey to massive success in the mlm entrepreneurship business.

Are you ready for the inspiration?

Then note this!

Herb and Patty Cepeda currently make over $280,000 a month, translating to an incredible $ 3,600,000 a year.

The Cepedas are a happily married couple and a business family that is full of energy, passionate about business, and enthusiastic about changing the lives of people through Isagenix mlm products.

They have worked their way up, beginning with other MLM companies before stumbling upon Isagenix mlm Company. They are currently mlm top earners in Isagenix and ranked among the top 25 best multi-level marketing professionals on earth!

The Background of Herb and Patty Cepeda

Herb and Patty Cepeda are veteran mlm, having been mlm top earners in 3 network companies that they have worked with in their earlier years in this industry. They have been able to earn an average of $2,500,000 a year before even joining Isagenix MLM company.

Herb Cepeda is happily married to Patty Cepeda for over 32 years now. Herb and Patty are an exemplary marriage relationship, and great parents who have been blessed with five beautiful children.

Yes, you read that right – 5!!! I also did a quick double take as well.

It is their love for their family and their balance with mlm business that has led them to be adored by many in the world of business.

Herb and Patty Cepeda were born and raised in New York City but currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America. It is the long and stressful winter conditions in New York that prompted Herb Cepeda to coerce his wife to relocate to North Carolina.

And take it from someone that has lived in both states…the winters in New York are brutal! Break-Free-with-Network-Marketing Patty Cepeda

The Cepedas seem to have supernatural powers that turn everything they touch into a historical success. Patty is also an author and a professional motivational speaker.

They are among the few mlm top earners who still believe they have potential to grow in the industry of mlm business. They make money with mlm as their passion and believe it is an opportunity that is God sent!

The Journey of Herb and Patty to MLM Top Earners

As stated earlier, Herb and Patty Cepeda are mlm veterans who had previously worked with 3 other multi-level marketing companies in the industry. They however never liked the company’s pay plans and network structures, something which prompted them to terminate their partnership with those mlm companies and start their professional coaching. They had been with the three mlm Companies for 20 years and were earning an average of $2,500,000 per year when they resigned from those mlm corporations.

Now who in their right mind would resign from that kind of money?

But this awesome couple saw a much bigger picture. A future for themselves and their children. One that they could be proud of.

The Cepedas had vowed not to involve themselves in any business affiliations whatsoever, but instead concentrate on their business development coaching enterprise.

This however, changed in 2007, when they heard about the fantastic opportunities in Isagenix mlm business. Patty skeptically did a background check on Isagenix and ordered their products, and then soon she realized it was not a scam.

Patty is quoted saying, “Isagenix products met all our criteria for a perfect business opportunity and are super food we have never tested in our lives before.” Patty adds that “It was the first time we saw network marketing products impacting positively on people’s lives and health.” That is how important Isagenix business was and still is for them!

Herb and Patty Cepeda then quickly jumped into action of starting their own Isagenix business against their early promises. They took their decision seriously, hosted home presentations, called everybody they knew and discussed this business opportunity to everyone they knew.

When Patty and Herb Cepeda were asked what prompted them to take a quick action of starting to market Isagenix MLM products, they had this wise words to say, “Too much analysis causes paralysis,” said Herb.” We decided to take massive action and learn about the business and its products in the process.” How admirably ambitious!

My own coaches and mentors give us the same advice as well. It is good advice – you should jot it down!

Herb and Patty Cepeda started their Isagenix mlm business in North Carolina; in a whole new and environment and strangers land. They however, managed to “Fire up” the Carolinas, putting them on the Isagenix map from scratch.

Patty said,” We did not know a soul here, but we were meeting new people, moving them into action and helping them achieve breakthroughs in life.”

Herb and Patty Cepeda business opportunity took a new turn when they met and learned about the product approach to mlm business from Kirk Metz; who is an Isagenix Millionaire. Kirk Metz’s approach focused on using Isagenix product to change people’s lives rather than trying to recruit them into the business.

Patty says, “We were so focused on our business until the product approach opened a whole new opportunities to us. We currently focus on both the products and business opportunity, and let people decide what they are most comfortable with.”

The Cepedas then considered attending further business meetings and summits, although Patty was reluctant at first fearing to distract the momentum that their business development that their company was gathering. This was mostly true when she was coerced to go by her sponsor and a six times star golden circle Bette, who is also an Isagenix Millionaire.

Bette had previously invited Herb and Patty Cepeda into several dinners of top achievers, where the couple was so surprised at the number of ordinary people who are millionaires and who started from scratch with no idea what MLM business was.

One activity at The Celebration fired them up. They were asked to write a goal they would like to achieve at the next year’s meeting and Patty quickly scribbled down a Millionaire Circle and a 6 Star Golden Circles achievement without hesitation.

Herb and Patty Cepeda’s hard work and unwavering confidence have proved to be useful in the Isagenix business. Not only have they built their business fast and in an incredible way, but they have also been recognized and received various awards and accolades in the Isagenix MLM business.

Be-Set-Free-logo Patty Herb CepedaThe couple is a real meaning of the word achievement!

Herb and Patty Cepeda Awards and Accolades

The Cepedas have achieved a lot with Isagenix that covering them all would certainly overwhelm you and me.

But I will touch on a few for the basic encouragement that we all need!

Their journey in MLM business has been so humbling to a point of winning one award after another.

The couple started with Isagenix in 2007 and hit their 5-star golden prize in under a year.

Since then they had never looked back on award winning and acclamations.

Among their numerous Isagenix achievements, Herb and Patty Cepeda has been awarded:

  • The Couple of the year Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Shooting Star award
  • Business Builder Award
  • Purpose awards among others.

Herb and Patty Cepeda have also been awarded as mlm Top earners in Isagenix and awarded the respected and dreamed of presidential award at the 2014 Celebrations.

Herb and Patty Cepeda are today leading one of the fastest growing team in Isagenix mlm industry. Above all, they are 21-star crystal executives, 18-star platinum and Isagenix Millionaires without question!

They are, in fact, the recipient of every award Isagenix MLM Company gives.

It will be very difficult to understand fully the business opportunities presented by Isagenix until you fully understand what the company is all about.

Here is a detailed analysis of the Isagenix mlm company.


Isagenix International Llc is a private MLM company that specializes in the production and marketing of personal care products and dietary supplements.

Isagenix Company was established in Chandler, Arizona in the year 2002 by Jim Coover, John Anderson and Kathy Coover.

By 2013, Isagenix reported having more than 200,000 working sales associates all over the world. The company also reported revenues worth $335 million in 2012, where Majority of its sales came from the United States of America.

History of Isagenix International LLC

Isagenix International LLC was founded by Jim Coover, John Anderson and Kathy Coover in early 2002. The Isagenix Company was a result of a shared experience between Jim and Kathy Coover, who were experienced in mlm industry and John Anderson, who had previously worked in a Nutritional Supplement Company.

Jim Coover has served as Isagenix Chief Executive Officer of the Company up to 2013. He is currently Isagenix International LLC chairman and president, while Kathy Coover is the vice president of that Corporation.

Kathy and Jim Coover acquired a major proportion of shares in the company from John Anderson in 2005. They, therefore, acquired full control of Isagenix Company but retained Anderson as the company’s Master Formulator.

One year later, Isagenix International expanded to Canada, then outside North America and opened its offices in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan in 2009.

Isagenix Company took part in the nationwide recall on Salmonella contaminated peanuts that had been used by Isagenix in their Chocolate honey peanut bar. The recall was out of a recommendation by the FDA and was voluntary in nature.

There was however, no cases of malaria outbreak that was reported as a result.

Isagenix also funded research that was done by Sierra Sciences Company owned by biologist William Andrews. The company was investigating Telomerase activities in compounds that exist naturally. Isagenix used the results they got from the research to launch product B; which is a Telomere supporting Nutraceutical.

Isagenix is also in history books for participating in several charitable organizations such as the Childhelp. The company went into historical records in 2010 by donating 45,000 canisters of health and meal replacement shakes to the victims of Earthquakes in Haiti.

Isagenix ProductsIsagenix products

Isagenix International LLC sells nutritional products such as weight loss supplements, protein shakes, diet meals and snacks and several other diet supplements. The corporation also sells “wealth creation” and cosmetics product bundles tied to the MLM business model in that company.

Isagenix products have been critiqued by several health professionals all over the world. The most vocal one was by Harriet Hall of Science Medicine.

She published a very lengthy analysis of Isagenix health products, indicating that the claims made by Isagenix Company about their products are misleading and false. For example, she argued that the number of vitamins in some of their products is dangerous and goes beyond and against The Medical Letter’s recommendations.

An Australian company has also been vocal in criticizing Isagenix LLC. The Consumer Organization Choice Company claim that Isagenix’s nutritional Cleansing products have made claims that cannot be supported scientifically. Moreover, they claim that their Weight loss products have content that is equal to other cheaper and readily available products in stores all over the world. The organization also exposes some unqualified Isagenix affiliates giving advice and medical information on the use and importance of Isagenix products which is against the policies of the Company.

How to Make Money with Isagenix MLM Company

Isagenix pay planIsagenix Mlm Company has several competitive compensation plans for its affiliates and product distributors. These commission systems enable Isagenix business partners to receive a one-time or recurring commissions. Some of the attractive compensation plans include Team bonuses, Retail profits after selling their products, product introduction bonuses, incentive bonuses, Promotional bonuses and Executive Match Team Bonuses.

Retail Profit after the Selling of Isagenix Products

This is the commission an mlm affiliate makes when they sell Isagenix products directly, or through other ways such as church and health clubs. You can also send potential customers to your customized Isagenix website where they can make direct purchasing at retail prices.

Isagenix will collect all the funds from your site, ship the products to the customers and deposit all your profits into your personal Isagenix Visa account. You will, however, incur a direct purchasing fee of not more than $4.95 for processing the transaction.

PIBS (Product Introduction Bonuses)

This is a type of gift where Isagenix pays you every time a member enrolls another new member that purchases a product Introduction Pak. This will qualify you to get a one-time product introduction bonus of more than $10 but less than $50, for example, $25 for 30 days system that is very popular in Isagenix mlm. You can additionally earn an additional bonus of $80 and above daily.

Team Bonuses

The Isagenix Team compensation plan is one of the best in the history of mlm network business. The team bonus program provides its members with one of the best methods to earn residual income deposited into their accounts on a weekly basis. Affiliates qualify to be called team bonuses by being “paid as” consultants and by building at least two associate sales teams; right sales team and left sales team. The BV a member accumulate from the selling of products is paid as a team bonus every time you start a Cycle. One can earn up to 250 cycles that are worth $13,500 a week in a single business center.

Executive Match Team Bonuses

When you get promoted to the executive position and maintain at least 10 personally enrolled members who are active “Paid As” consultants, five on the right and left side, you qualify for an Executive match team bonus. This is a 10% bonus that is paid from all your team bonuses’ incomes and is paid weekly. The executive bonus makes it possible to earn up to $27,000 in a single week.

Incentives Bonus

You qualify for this award after invigorating your business, building teamwork and participating in Isagenix leadership incentives and contests. This bonus has led to top Isagenix members winning travels tours to exotic locations, wins luxury cruises and earned thousands of dollars in each Month. Other benefits you get from the Incentives bonus include a 10% off on all wholesale systems and paks prices, a reduced membership fee of $29 from $ 39, and many more.

Promotions Bonuses

While other Corporations are cutting on wage bills, Isagenix adds $10 million to incentives and promotions every year. These promotions and incentives are in place to give a sound philosophy in enrolling new members and helping the associates learn about the mlm business and duplicate the business model of the company. That is Isagenix International LLC for you!

So, after reading about Patty and Herb and reading about Isagenix – tell me what you think.

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