Jamal Uddin

Jamal Uddin of ACN Europe is an ACN Top earner, a multi-millionaire and a relationship marketing celebrity and leader. I have never met Mr. Jamal Uddin in person, but his family background and journey in ACN direct selling business forced a tear drop from my left eye this morning!

I am not a crying machine but I was really taken aback by this Bangladesh man’s mlm experience, mostly when I watched his achievement speeches on YouTube today.

Jamal Uddin’s Journey in ACN business made me re-schedule my to do list for today, so that I can get time to share Jamal’s incredible ACN mlm journey and experience with you, when it is still fresh in my mind; having been taught that sharing is caring. For all prospective entrepreneurs and relationship marketing lovers, this man’s journey in ACN is simply going to blow away your mind!

If you are fully into my mlm top earner story today, then expect a detailed coverage of the background of Jamal Uddin, his whole business journey; ranging from being a desperate and stressed out security man to being an ACN world leader and multi-millionaire. I will also not fail to cover all the awards, accolades and bonuses Jamal has earned in ACN Global.

It is a fact that Jamal Uddin is a very wealthy ACN product distributor, and I cannot grow tired stressing that!  So, let us continue reading his story while knowing at the back of our minds that we are talking about a very success ordinary human being; just like you and me, who the ACN network marketing business opportunity has transformed to becoming one of the best motivational speakers and millionaire in the world. I will however be extremely happy if one of us becomes equally successful by replicating his entrepreneurship approaches; using the many business opportunities available in the world today!

Before I continue, I will also like to let you know that Mr. Jamal Uddin is in top 5 lists of all time mlm top earners in ACN and he is also in the top 100 list of all time mlm top earners in the world. Jamal Uddin therefore makes a residue income of more than $170,000 per month and over $2,040,000 per year. He badly wanted this kind of money and he surely has it today!

Biography of Jamal Uddin of ACN

Jamal Uddin is an ACN millionaire from Bangladesh. Jamal was born in an ordinary family, raised and educated just like any other ordinary kid; but he definitely had a dream of becoming successful in life! He spent the whole of his childhood, youth and partly adulthood life in Bangladesh, before travelling the world to explore its business opportunities.

Jamal Uddin is a very staunch Hindu, who is happily married to a very beautiful wife and a mother of his children. Mr. Jamal Uddin of ACN international has also been blessed with three beautiful children; two sons and a daughter. The family has several homes in various parts of the world, beginning with their home country Bangladesh, in United Kingdom, Canada and other parts of the world.

Jamal Uddin was initially a finance manager in Bangladesh and Pakistan and a security man turned ACN direct selling champion. I know you are asking yourself how this was even possible! So, please allow me explain how!

Mr. Jamal Uddin was working as a bank manager back in Bangladesh and Pakistan, before he relocated to the UK to look for greener pastures, as they call it. In the UK, life became tough on him that he decided to work as a security guard in various malls in the UK, not for 1 or 2 years, but for the whole 11 years.

As a security guard, the life of Jamal Uddin really sucked! He was very busy, broke and stressed out!

Journey of Jamal Uddin in ACN Global

Jamal Uddin lived a terrible life in UK while working as a security guard. The pay wasn’t even enough to fend for his family and pay his bills, considering the high cost of living in the United Kingdom compared to Bangladesh, his home country! The now ACN relationship marketing millionaire had a dream of changing his life one day, just like me and you dream today. Jamal Uddin was therefore in a constant lookout for a job that will give him enough cash, and at least relieve him from the stress of waking up every morning, to spending the whole day and nights away from his family. Then, the God sent ACN business opportunity came by!

Mr. Jamal Uddin was in dire dismay and very depressed when one of his friends; who was also working as an immigrant case worker in UK introduced him to one ACN distributor in Canada over a video presentation on the internet.  Jamal Uddin’s Immigrant case worker and friend maybe introduced Jamal to CAN network marketing after listening to his life story and financial woes.

Jamal Uddin was still very broke then and wondered what animal network marketing or multilevel marketing was! But he was all in all very excited about the business opportunity because it had an international scope, and will eventually give him time and financial freedom with its life time residual income. Jamal then called his soon to be sponsor and ACN mentor in Canada and booked an appointment with him.

What happened next is Jamal Uddin finding himself in Canada, a country he had never set a foot before in his entire life. He stayed in Canada for four days and got a lot of presentations from his mentor, and finally signed up in the ACN global business!

Jamal Uddin’s Life in ACN Direct Selling Business

Now, Jamal Uddin became a full ACN member and his excitement about the business opportunity had been quenched. He was now thinking of his next move!

Jamal Uddin went back to the UK with his ACN product, resigned from his security guard job and started to market the ACN product. It was however a very big challenge for him to distribute the ACN product in the United Kingdom, provided that he was not a native English speaker and he was also marketing only a single product. Many people never took him seriously and constantly made fun of him in streets as he marketed his ACN product!

Jamal really suffered with the ACN products, he could walk long distances trying to distribute his magical ACN product but nobody was interested, people continued to ridicule him, but that didn’t stop him from being focused on his dream, he knew he will be successful and that was all that mattered to him. Although, Mr. Jamal Uddin met and presented his business opportunity to many people, many of them went racial, which was equally sad and unfortunate to both parties.

It was approximately two months, when the ACN checks started to flow in and that is when Jamal Uddin’s neighbors started to take him seriously, he now had time and a little money to pay bills and own a second hand car. This gave him the freedom to travel to various parts of England, marketing his ACN business opportunity and product.

Jamal Uddin recalls sleeping in an airport in Germany for two days, when he went there to market his ACN product and ACN business opportunity, simply because he never had enough money to rent a hotel. After all that suffering, all still never went well for him in Germany.

People there only listened to him as a form of entertainment, enjoying his Bangladesh accent, equally thinking he was a clown; very few people however took him seriously. The same happened in Ohio and many other parts of the world he visited, but he simply gave a deaf ear to all the negativity. Jamal however built his entire ACN business using the traditional methods of relationship marketing.

There is also one sad incident that happened to Jamal Uddin that I feel I should share with you, before I continue. Mr. Jamal Uddin finally owned a car, but that never meant that his problems were over yet. In fact, there was a time when the Police falsely accused him of over speeding in the UK, and got his driving license cancelled. He was so stressed up but was never going to quit, he travelled all round UK, using public means of transport and carrying his laptops, cds and his phone together with the ACN products. He always cries when he remembers this terrible incidents and experiences!

Jamal Uddin’s Success in ACN

Jamal Uddin is now the number one ACN top earner and product distributor in the UK. He is one of the highly ranked ACN product distributors in ACN Canada. It is however funny that almost all those people who used to laugh at him are now practically worshipping him and reading about him in various media outlets.

Mr. Jamal Uddin has built a very dynamic team in more than 12 countries of the world. Some of the countries where he has been very successful include ACN England, ACN Canada, ACN Denmark, ACN Switzerland, ACN Germany, ACN USA, and Bangladesh among many others. Jamal Uddin is of course currently a multi-millionaire and he attributes all his success and awards to his able downline, upline, friends and family.

Jamal Uddin’s Awards and Accolades

Jamal Uddin’s massive ACN success has been and still is full of surprises of awards and bonuses. This millionaire has attracted many followers and won a lot of respect from thousands of people from all walks of life; due to his determination and dedication. No amount of sweet words can fully describe his success in ACN, but the number of awards he has won can surely show you all!

Mr. Jamal started from Zero awards back in 1997, but he rose to become a regional director in Canada; the first ever senior Vice president in the United Kingdom, ACN Circle of Champions member and ACN representative both in Canada and The United Kingdom.

Jamal Uddin has also been honored as a top producer in Canada and United Kingdom and as a result been treated with expensive vacations to various exotic places of the world. Jamal has also won several bonuses with of course every award he receives. All in all, Mr. Jamal Uddin is a very religious multi-millionaire, who embraces every award he wins with tears of Joy, mostly when he remembers where he has come from!