Jeff & Denise Bracken

Jeff & Denise Bracken – Juuva Top Earners


Who wants to be a millionaire? I know I certainly do. Can you imagine the financial freedom of not having to worry about paying your bills on time? I think that is more of a pull for most people than having a fancy car or house. I think that for the average person, just to able to have a car that you can put gas in, without sacrificing money for anything else, is a blessing.


Take the story of Jeff & Denise Bracken. They earn $121,000.00 per month. Jeff states that he is a success because of hard working and a devotion to helping others. It just amazes me that people who make six figures monthly and seven figures annually are so willing to help others achieved financial and time freedom.


Let’s face it. We live in a selfish world. There are people who don’t make not even close to this type of money who will not show a new employee where the office bathroom is. So that is why I keep saying it is a pleasant surprise to hear about folks who have no problem helping others.


This just goes to show that it isn’t just about the money. Becoming a millionaire is about personal growth. Moreover, it is about you giving back to your community and the people around you.




Jeff Bracken was COO of Lone Star Steak House, and he helped the company go public in 1992, earning the title of “IPO of the Year.” Semi-retired and living in Utah, Jeff & Denise decided to try multi-level marketing. They signed up with a direct selling business, and in 72 days, they reached the Diamond status, the fastest rise in the history of the company.


Wait, there’s more. Six months after that, Jeff & Denise got a spot on Top 300 Earners List. But as ambitious and driven as Jeff is, this wasn’t enough. He wanted to be on the MLM Top 25 Earners List. He and Denise decided to switch companies, signing with Juuva.


As a result, Jeff & Denise Bracken are master distributors and triple diamond earners. Jeff said that back in the day, in order to stay competitive, he use to spend over $20,000.00 every year on self-improvement. With Juuva, he said he now gets that same information for less than $26 per month. Jeff is the co-founder of the Summit Success System.


You know who Juuva is? Have you heard of the summit success system? If you are curious about this company named Juuva, or you have never heard of it, read on.




Juuva is a MLM company that specializes in offering high-quality products so that people who can transform their lives with unlimited income and good health. Jeff Bracken is a leader in the company, and he said that when he met Grant Pace, the co-founder & CEO of Juuva, he knew he had met someone who could take him to the level he wanted to be in network marketing.


Juuva lets distributors focus on growing their businesses, while it takes care of the rest. Grant Pace’s resume is incredible. It is no wonder he gives solid business advice, and he has the “Midas touch.” Before starting Juuva, he worked with Avon and Sarah Lee. During his time at both companies, the revenue for both companies was in the billions.


Juuva Prosperity Plan


The first big difference you will learn with this company is that Juuva Compensation Plan is called Juuva Prosperity Plan. The word prosperity is used, because that is exactly what you are able to create as a distributor.


Juuva is so successful because it makes sure that every need of every Juuva consultant is met. There are four ways that individuals can earn incredible bonuses and residual income at Juuva MLM marketing business.


  • Buy the products and re-sale them
  • Bring other distributors into the business
  • Product usage (yours and your downline)
  • Help others earn money (also called the “Leadership Bonus”)


Simply put, as a distributor, your goal is (like Jeff & Denise Bracken, to operate your own business and inspire your staff. Jeff met Grant Pace through a mutual friend. Pace invited Jeff to check out his Juuva business, and the rest is history. Jeff truly believes that when a compensation plan is fair, like at Juuva, everybody wins.


There are several differences with Juuva’s prosperity plan compared with other MLM compensation plans. For example, you can both earn money quickly and create a wealth plan to enjoy dependable earnings for the rest of your life. Another fact with Juuva is that everyone is on a level earning field.


Meaning, even if you are a new distributor, and another person has been with the company a long time, you both have the ability to earn money the same way. Also, your bonuses are available to you from the minute you join. When you figure out how much you can earn, you will put the effort and hard work into doing so. To learn more about this remarkable company, visit


Summit Success


The Summit Success is the training and mentoring program used by Juuva that was co-founded by Jeff Bracken. Summit Success is geared for the sole purpose of assisting distributors in building their businesses. When you sign up with Juuva, the company covers the first month of your training. Very nice! I am really starting to believe this company really does care about its participants.


The top leaders at Summit Success are high-level distributors whose aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and useful support system. That is very important, especially when you are a beginner in the MLM industry.


You might be second guessing yourself, wondering if you made the right decision. There is nothing more uplifting than to have someone give you encouragement to do your best. Juuva supplies everything from videos to social media tools, this company wants you to be successful. If all companies could be like this, the corporate world would be a much better place to work.



MLM Attributes


Jeff was impressed at how successful Juuva had become in such a short amount of time, using a proven business plan. Having been in the MLM industry for numerous years, Jeff knew what would make a success direct selling business. He said the reason so many start-ups in multilevel marketing fail is, because they don’t have any money.


According to Jeff, another reason new MLM business fail is because the leaders don’t have any managerial experience, and the timing is bad. This just means that you want to find a company where there is a market share you want to build on. Jeff also said that you need to make sure that the products you are selling for your MLM are high-quality. You need to let the products work for you.


If you have ever considered going into the multilevel marketing field, you need to align yourself with a business that cares about the people more than the products. Furthermore, this idea should be at the forefront of the training. I remember one millionaire I wrote about said that his philosophy was he was only as good as his direct sales team.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn enough money so that you are financially-free. Isn’t that the reason people work every day? Isn’t that the reason company want to be successful? So they are not in the “red”?


My point is that it can’t just be about the money. When it comes to multilevel marketing, people are already skeptical about the industry. That is why it is so important that a network marketing business is run with integrity and honesty.


Network Marketing


To Juuva’s credit, I have heard nothing but positive things about this company. It must because Grant Pace and the rest of the founders created Juuva to operate different than the typical MLM franchise, such as treating their distributors like they are important, so they can focus on selling and growing.


The difference is Juuva started with this concept from day one. The goal has always been, and always will be, to encourage individuals to live a fulfilled life. Inspire people to let go of anything or anyone that hinders their personal growth, physically, mentally, and health wise.


A company that wants everyone to prosper! How cool is that? You will never find that type of mentality at a regular 9-5 job. All most CEOs care about is how much money their company is making. Whether you have enough money to pay your bills is insignificant to them.


Money, time, and good health are freedoms that few people get to enjoy. This is because most people can’t imagine themselves doing so. But if you are going into the direct selling sector, you are going to have to change the way you look and think about things. I have written this before, and it really needs to be stressed.


You have to believe you can have that, and there is nothing wrong about having financial and time freedom. Do you know there are people (lots of them) who see no problem with living paycheck to paycheck? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have anything to complain about.


Juuva really believes in the direct selling and network marketing industry. Grant Pace (he is the CEO as I mentioned earlier) said that this industry has a lot of potential to do good for a lot of people. He feels that MLM companies get people thinking about being entrepreneurs, having their own business and making their own money.


But it is not only just an outward change. Pace said that people grow confidence and self-esteem, as well as sharpen their people skills. Most of all, when you set goals, you have to follow through. This is due to the fact that you are not just setting goals for yourself, but your distribution team as well.


As a MLM marketer, you work harder to achieve goals. When you work a typical job, whether you get anything done in a day doesn’t matter. You just shuffle into the office the next day and continue on.


When you are a distributor, you don’t have that “privilege.” You have to be on top of your game, and this means setting some daily objectives and meeting them, whether it is a good day for you or not.


Recruiting others is the lifeline for the network marketing industry.  As I said before, you have to put the effort in to accomplish your goals, so you can encourage your team to do the same.


It is also the power behind residual income. When one of your distributors makes a sell, they not only get compensated, but so do you. This is why it is consistently encouraged in MLM to build a strong and active team. This is when you need to hone in on your leadership skills, and get your team motivated. It’s like being a famous singer with a Grammy-winning song that people keep buying every year. Who wouldn’t want that kind of success?


You will lead by example, to your family and your downline. I must say, Grant Pace, Jeff & Denise Bracken, and the rest of the top management team are quite intelligent. The people that work for Juuva must be awfully happy they choose to join such a wonderful business.


Well, for even those who are skeptical about MLM, you have to admit that Juuva is doing something right. Building a global market, Juuva has markets in the Philippines, Nigeria, and Taiwan. You know what this means? It gives people in other parts of the world the same opportunity for financial growth as distributors. A great concept if ever I heard one.


So, are you still thinking about multi-level marketing? Dreaming about what it would be like to be your own boss? The only thing I can tell you is that dreams will never become reality without any action. Just sitting around thinking about it isn’t going to make it happen. You need to take the first step. Let Juuva help you along your way.