Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers – 4Life Millionaires

Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers Culturally Diverse Millionaires!

can you make money in 4lifeJeff Altgilbers and Michelle Altgilbers are an amazing couple and 4life Research multi-millionaires.

The family is popularly known as the colorful family in mlm, not because of their extravagant mlm millionaires’ lifestyle, but because of their cultural diversity and how they have blended well, showing the world that everything is possible, no despite of your origin, culture or location!

Jeff Altgilbers is from United States of America, while Michelle Altgilbers was born and raised in Taiwan, and yet they are now a highly respected millionaire family.

Is that not being colorful? I guess yes, in my opinion!

The couple had put all their cultural differences behind and dedicated all their time and resources into their 4 life network marketing business. They are really rich and highly admired by many 4 life product distributors, because of their unique approach to 4life Research business.

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers are currently 4life top earners and are in the top 50 list of mlm top earners in the world.

Okay, as per the time of writing this article, they were making about $200,000 per month and over $2,400,000 per year, which are in the form of recurring commissions. Jeff and His wife are today millionaires but life has never been that easy before they joined 4life international.

Background of Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers

Jeff Altgilbers is not only a renowned extraordinary 4life millionaire but also an ordinary family man. Jeff Altgilbers is a husband to Michelle Altgilbers and a father of four children namely: Julia, Arthur, Alexander, and 4life a scam

The family lives in Knoxville, Tennessee in the United States of America.

Jeff Altgilbers’ daughter, Julia, is now grown and lives separately in Georgia.

Jeff Altgilbers was born and raised in a humble family in Tennessee. He got married to Michelle Altgilbers, who he met in Taiwan, while in his 4life mlm business trip. Jeff and Michelle fell in love and Jeff invited her to come and live with him in USA. Jeff Altgilbers confesses that Michelle Altgilbers has been his great pillar in his bid to be a 4life top earner in mlm business.

Jeff Altgilbers had a lot of financial stress, but he is currently grateful to God for the 4life business opportunity that had made him one of the most respected mlm top earners in the world.

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers Journey in 4life MLM Business

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers started developing their 4life business back in 1978, after failing terribly in his small traditional business career. That is how he started considering multi level marketing businesses. Jeff Altgilbers knew several people who were extremely successful in networking business, and knew from day one that is the only way out if he wants is to regain his financial stability.

Jeff Altgilbers heard about 4life research from his friends and colleagues at his former job, and decided to research more from the now 4life platinum international Diamond holder Dave Daughtrey.

After gathering a lot of information about 4life research and its products and reading the story of 4life founders and CEOs David and Bianca Lisonbee, he decided to join the Company.

Jeff Altgilbers joined 4life Research Company when he was in a dire financial stress; in fact, the multi-millionaire we see today in flashy cars, never even owned a phone. He was however later given a cell phone by his sponsor for easy communications.

The network signal in his house also was very poor, so he used to drive all the way to the field to just make a phone call and spread his 4life notes in the field.

Jeff Altgilbers was three months behind in his car bill payment, and electricity in his house had been cut off a few months before joining 4life research.

Jeff made a first investment of just $200 USD he got from selling his old truck. His business experienced exponential growth as he started traveling to various countries such as Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and India.

Jeff Altgilbers has experienced all this success because he is an excellent leader. He says that being a good leader is all about thinking about your team and little about yourself. You must also have a very good character for you to be an outstanding leader.

Jeff says that a good leader always keeps his word, follows through, and is someone who can be depended on. Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers always try to remain committed to the success of his teams and always let individual distributors in his downline know that he really care about their success in 4 life businesses.

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers say that 4life has given them the opportunity to put more focus on their family life.

In the beginning, Jeff used to only earn enough to take care of his immediate needs. But as he traveled to all parts of the world, he met Michelle, who he has married, and he confesses that she has been the turning point in his forlife business life.

Jeff and Michelle are now very grateful for the business opportunity, time and financial freedom 4 life has given them.

Their advice to newbies in the network marketing business is to make sure they pursue their passion and they will go places, but only if they are persistent and consistent.

Jeff and Michelle now have the 4life firsthand experience and success in the 4life research philosophy of Together, Building People.

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers’ Secrets of Success in 4life Research Network Marketing

Jeff believes that the only secret to be successful is not to keep your success as a secret!

According to Jeff Altgilbers, success is all about working with people and finding leaders among them. This is one of the methods he had been using in his mlm business up to now. Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers have three 4life research businesses where they have succeeded in making over 100 millionaires.

Now that is a great team to be a part of!!

Jeff Altgilbers partly attributes his success to his well-developed and organized online systems which include videos, PowerPoint presentations, audio libraries, and e-books that his subscribers and down line can access for free. This is how he captures their email addresses and contacts, which the system saves automatically.

He says that having a system is very important today for anybody who wants to succeed in multi-level marketing business.

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers Mentors in mlm Business

Jeff says that they have had several mentors in their lives. Jeff respects Anthony Robbins, who managed to change his life with his trainings.

Other mentors are Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, and of course the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jeff Altgilbers’ Advice:

Jeff says that if you are starting out in mlm business, then make sure you find a mentor or better still several mentors. The world of network marketing has a lot of challenges that can lead you to making a lot of mistakes. You can however be able to avoid these mistakes if you an experienced person to guide you through.

Awards and Accolades

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers are the top mlm earner and the most successful network marketing masters in 4 life research international business. He has won almost all awards an individual distributor can win in 4life multi level marketing. He is in top 50 lists of all time mlm top earners in the world and still believes he is not ‘there’ yet.

Jeff Altgilbers is currently the Platinum International Diamond holder, one of the highest mlm ranking awards in 4life international.

Jeff has also been at the 4life summit cover of May to June 2011, won the Bahamas Gateaway in 2011, Presidents Club member in 2013, African Platinum Pinnacle in 2013, and the Hawaii Platinum in 2014 among the many, many other awards and accolades.

History of 4life

The 4life research Company is the end process of a series of scientific studies, innovations, and advancement on world immune systems. The Transfer Factor was originally invented by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence; a New York University researcher in 1949. Dr. Sherwood Laurence was a highly ranked immunologist in the world. Dr. Lawrence’s discovery that immune responses can be transferred from one person to another opened the ground for more research and health discoveries based on the transfer factors.

In 1990s, the then to be 4life Research CEO and founder David Lisonbee, started research on how to improve his own health. This was because there was an unsatisfactory health products in the market, which he had tried to use and got no positive results.

Mr. David Lisonbee came across a research paper on transfer factors while he continued to pursue the solution to his health. David later saw the importance of those educational molecules in support of the immune system in the body, and the general body health.

David tested the transfer factor product he created using his own body and achieved a lot of positive results.  He presented his wonderful achievements to Bianca, his wife, who equally became very excited about the discovery.  The couple knew that this is a discovery that is going to change the lives of millions of people in the world.

It wasn’t until 1998, that the family launched 4life research company and introduced their first 4life product: the now classic 4life Transfer Factor.

4life research Company therefore started as a result of the hard work of a respectable couple: David and Bianca Lisonbee. The 4life idea began with the couple’s quest to search for ways to live a health life and that of their family. Little did they know that their idea was noble and will bring health, time and financial freedom to millions of people in all parts of the world.

After spending all their 20 years doing research on health supplements, David and Bianca Lisonbee came up with a new product that would change the world’s health system. These two individuals knew straight away that they will introduce their newly found supplement through the ever reliable network marketing system.

For many multi-level marketing companies, introducing a product to the market would have been enough but not with 4 life research.

The company is always starting and always in the laboratory carrying out research and testing its products. David and Bianca Lisonbee always had a dream of taking their health products to all parts of the world and that is exactly what they have done today.

4life has been supplying its products to more than 53 countries all over the world, since its inception in 1998. 4 life research has its head offices in Sandy, Utah in the United States of America.

4life Company manufacture its products based on their three principles; success, science and service.

  • Success
    4life provide the world with unparalleled lifetime opportunity to realize personal financial freedom and achieve their dreams through their amazing opportunity and various life reward plans it has.
  • Science
    4life seek to bring back the superior quality of life to people, using their state of the art and revolutionary support of their Transfer Factor Products.
  • Service
    4life has a vision of reaching out and building individuals, families and communities all over the world through their humanitarian efforts in Foundation 4 life and the 4life opportunity.

4life Opportunity

4life research gives its distributors the power to control their own economic freedom and destiny, by offering one of a kind home based entrepreneurship opportunity.

4life business opportunity will enable you earn four payments per month, while enabling its product distributors qualify for prestigious and luxury trips to various exotic locations all over the world.

The opportunity also allows its distributors enjoy top notch business building support at various regional and international conventions.

All 4life distributors are legitimized to share a perfect financial opportunity with the company by marketing immune support products with clients from your business. Distributors can also start their own business at home with very little capital and start receiving bonuses and recurring commissions, within the first month of starting out.

4life opportunity gives product distributors freedom to use their time, in whichever ways they want and achieve their financial freedom and dreams.

4life Compensation Plan

4life compensation plan

4 life research has a compensation plan they otherwise call life reward plan, that is designed to reward its members for their hard work. Distributors qualify for bigger incentives as they sell more 4life products, increase their sales volume, and enroll more distributors into their 4life company.

Forlife has a standard payment plan in all its local and international branches. Its structure allows for four payments in each month, meaning that product distributors get commissions weekly into their accounts.

Although 4life Research Company claims that they are the only company that pays the highest amount of commissions to their distributors, it will be difficult to prove this as they do not make the earning of their distributors public.

They have a slogan called ‘Start High, End High’ which is used to show how well they pay commissions.

The 4life compensation plan is however designed to give more rewards to distributors with stable and large teams. This unfortunately works against the newbies in the business, as the payout cannot even be enough to satisfy their operational costs.

4 life commissions are based on the number or amount of products sold, business legs that a distributor has developed, down line sales made, and the number of customers who have signed a long term partnership with the business.

4life research has five methods that distributors can use to earn their commissions.

  1. retail profits
  2. generational commissions
  3. preferred customer commissions
  4. bonuses
  5. incentives.

4life Products

4life is one of the few multi-level marketing companies with one of the largest scientific product lines in the world. The 4life research scientific products covers:

  • animal health
  • brain health
  • antioxidants
  • dental health
  • Cleansing and Detox
  • Digestive health
  • Eye health
  • Energy
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Female support
  • Heart health
  • Healthy aging
  • Joint and bone health
  • Immune System
  • Multi Vitamin and Minerals
  • Male Support
  • Overall wellness
  • Sleep
  • mood and Stress management
  • skin health and beauty
  • weight management
  • Urinary Health.

4life has various product lines in their network marketing Company.

can I make money with 4 life

Some of the most important ones include:

  • 4life Club 250 Packs
  • 4life Fortify Nutritional Meal Pack
  • 4life Targeted Transfer Factor
  • 4life Tri-Factor Formulas
  • 4life Transforms
  • Add’l 4life Transfer Factor Products
  • Animal Health 4life
  • Convention 2015 Products
  • Enummi Personal Care Product line
  • General Health and Wellness line
  • The ShapeRite By 4life.

4life research products are made from Acai, Aloe Vera, Calcium and Magnesium, CoQ10, Fiber, Cranberry, Grapeseed, Glucosamine or Chondroitin, Green Tea, Omega 3,6 and 9, Mushrooms, other proteins, Transfer Factor Vitamin C,D,E and Zinc.


Seems that 4Life has covered the entire gammit of health for every possible thing you would need.

I personally have never tried any of the products and so therefore, I can not comment on whether they work or not.

If you have tried them, I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Do they work? Which products did you try? Why is 4life different than Herbalife, Jeunesse, or NuSkin?

Tell me about it below!