Jeff Roberti

Jeff Roberti, from Sarasota, Florida is a true Juice Plus Multilevel marketing icon. Jeff  is the all time top income earner in the Juice Plus+  direct selling Company, and also features in the top 10 list of all time top earners in the world of relationship marketing business. Jeff is simply at the top of everything he has ever laid his hands on!

For instance, Jeff has been the top earner in National Safety Associates (NSA), currently known as Juice Plus Company, since his first year in the business, and he has never ever looked back. Jeff Roberti has helped Juice Plus Company from increasing its sales volume from $1 million in one month to selling products worth $1 million in a day; within his first three years of distributorship.

Mr. Jeff Roberti has been featured in the BusinessForHome Magazine in the list of top ten mlm top earners in the history of direct selling business.  Jeff’s story and journey in multilevel marketing business is one of the most published and referred to in the online fraternity. His story is currently used by various Network marketing companies and top mlm product distributors to show the real potential that is in the relationship marketing business opportunities. And that is why I am here to share it with you!

Jeff Roberti is one of the most prolific MLM money makers who has always dominated the top income earners list, since he was in his middle twenties. Jeff made his first million while he was 22 years old and he had made a whopping $75 million in passive income earnings by May 2012.

Currently, the legendary Jeff Roberti is riding high in the waves of Juice Plus business and the whole of direct selling business. He has so far earned a cumulative passive income of $80 million USD and still smiling to the bank.

Jeff Roberti currently makes excessive passive recurring commissions of more than $150,000 per month, translating to a whole of $ 1,800,000 per year.  His Journey and MLM philosophy will simply inspire you!

The journey of Jeff Roberti in Juice Plus Company

Over 26 years ago, Jeff Roberti was a struggling and a very broke waiter, just waiting for an opportunity to prove that he was capable of changing the world.

I took him a lot of time to reach this success, but when the Juice Plus business opportunity came by, he took into it with his whole heart.

Jeff Roberti became the ultimate Juice plus top earner within his first year in the Juice Plus MLM business, and it took him only three years of hard work to completely make Juice Plus one of the major MLM companies in the World.

Jeff has now built one of the most dynamic downline in NSA that touches on more than 25 countries in the world. His Juice plus Global business has thousands of active members and it is still experiencing exponential growth.

Jeff’s main goal is to however support and encourage the people around him via recruitment, mentorship and coaching.

Jeff Roberti’s MLM Philosophy

Jeff Roberti always believes in the law of average in direct selling business. He also not only believes by leading by example, but being solely responsible for all his success and failures in Juice Plus MLM business.

Jeff jokingly says that your downline will not follow your lips but your feet. By that statement, Jeff Roberti meant that your team will most likely do what you do, and not what you tell them to do!

On his Juice Plus law of average, Jeff Roberti strongly believe that getting a “no” is part of the network marketing business. Jeff had and still has a target of talking to at least ten people and recruiting only one individual in every single day in his Juice Plus direct selling business. So, if the Juice Plus Company pays him $ 50 from the one Juice Plus product distributor he recruited, he will be making an average of $5 per person he talks daily. Jeff therefore concludes that talking to the ten people a day is not a waste of time.

Mr. Jeff Roberti is also one of the most consistent network marketing multi-millionaires. He manages this by always keeping a journal and taking good notes and reminders about his Juice Plus business. Jeff advises newbies to always keep a journal of their activities as it has helped him to continually grow and learn a lot of things from his Juice Plus business seminars and meetings.

According to Jeff Roberti, the best way to master a new concept is to apply it in your business, share it with others and also teach it, if possible.

So, how did Jeff Roberti build his dynamic and successful team?

Jeff Roberti of Juice Plus believes that recruiting new members into MLM teams is not an event, but a continuous process. Jeff Roberti does not therefore goes to a Juice Plus meeting with the intention of gaining but giving. Mr. Roberti says that people always do not care about the information you have until you start showing them how much you care for them. So, Jeff always puts the needs of his prospective recruits ahead of his own.

This is however not easy as you might think, but Jeff has mastered the art recruiting. He is always in the look-out for people who are not satisfied with their current jobs and to some extent individuals who can be taught. Jeff Roberti however calls his prospective recruits on Sunday evenings, because that is when they are psychologically unstable and worried about Monday; a day to report to their stressful jobs that are paying peanuts. Quite tricky heh!

Lessons to succeed in MLM Business

I have watched various videos done by Jeff Roberti, and these are the three lessons that might change your life, in my opinion.

First, when you face challenges in your business, just stand in front of the mirror and accept all the responsibilities for your failures.

Jeff also believes that all excuses are equal. It is upon you to either make money or simply make excuses. He also adds that there is no way one can be successful in business by doing both!

Lastly, keep on trying even if you fail several times. You will eventually get perfect at anything you do, so long as you believe in yourself, do it frequently and repeatedly.

Jeff Roberti Awards and Accolades

Jeff Roberti is the most successful Juice plus product distributors. He is in the top ten lists of all time top earners in direct selling industry and a millionaires’ club member. Jeff is also a renowned multi-millionaire who is also in the list all time mlm Hall of fame celebrities.

Nevertheless, Mr. Roberti is motivational speaker, a business coach and a mentoring super star. He owns Roberti Enterprises, which is the largest and most dynamic Juice Plus distributorship Company.





Juice Plus, popularly written as Juice Plus+ is simply a brand of dietary supplements that are made from seventeen species of juiced and concentrated fruits and vegetables. The different fruits and vegetables are concentrated in low temperatures to produce powdered capsules, with some essential vitamins and nutrients added to them.

Before we continue, I will like to let you know that Juice Plus+ was a branded product line in National Safety Associates (NSA) Company, situated at Collierville in Tennessee, before the NSA Company changed its name to Juice Plus Company.

The Juice Plus products are however produced by the Natural Alternatives International (NAI) in San Marcos, California, before they are transported to NSA Company for distribution through a multilevel marketing business model. These blended fruits and vegetable product lines were first introduced to the American Market in 1993, before spreading to other parts of the world.

History of Juice Plus+ Brand Supplements

Juice Plus was introduced for the purpose of helping people who do not have enough time to eat all the important fruits and vegetables in a single day. National Safety Associates therefore introduced the product line in 1993, to give people an alternative to eating fruits, but not to completely replace eating fruits.

Juice Plus was the first ever dietary product line introduced by NSA in the world market. This raised many eyebrows not because it was a bad idea! But because NSA was notorious for producing and distributing products such as air filters, water filters, educational games and fire-protection equipments, since the Company opened its network marketing businesses in 1970s.

Juice Plus+ Product Line

Juice Plus’s Primary Products

National Safety Associates’ Juice Plus has two primary product lines and several other secondary product lines. Juice Plus’ primary products include the Garden Blend and the Orchard Blend. These product lines are sometimes called the premium products.

The Juice Plus’s Orchard Blend product is a mix of several fruits, while the Garden Blend product is a mixture of a variety of vegetables. It is however important to note that these two products are packed and distributed in form of Capsules.

Fruits that make up the Orchard blend capsules are: apples, acerola berries, cranberries, papaya, oranges, pineapples and Peaches. The Garden Blend capsules are made from ten species of vegetables, namely: beets, barley, cabbage, Broccoli, kales, carrots, oats, spinach, Parsley and tomatoes. If you have been keen, you must have noticed that the Garden blend capsule contain ten vegetables while the Orchard Blend has seven fruit types. The sum of the two blends is seventeen fruits and vegetables, which is the marketing formula of Juice Plus+ products.

Secondary Juice Plus Product Line

The secondary Juice Plus+ product lines are products made by either mixing the two Juice Plus primary products or mixing some ingredients from the two primary Juice Plus products. The Juice Plus MLM Company has also added some secondary products from other fruits and vegetables, which are not in its premium products.

These secondary or other products as they are popularly referred to are Juice plus Complete; which is a meal replacement powder, Vineyard Blend capsules; made by mixing grapes and berries, Vineyard Blend Juice plus Chewables, and juice Plus Chewables, made by mixing Garden and Orchard blends.

Juice Plus Company however stopped distributing some of its other products, such as Juice Plus Thins also called wafers, Juice Plus Gummies, the Company’s Vitamin Formulation for cats and dogs, and the Chewable tablets.

Juice Plus Compensation Plan

Juice Plus has a very simple and easy to follow compensation plan. NSA has a policy that only allows its products to be distributed by individual product distributors through a relationship marketing model. The lowest commission an individual distributor can be paid is 6% of the products sold by the five customers an individual enrolls within a month, and 14 % of the products sales for the twenty customers an individual enrolls into the Juice Plus Pyramid system.

The company however forbids its executives from making any Juice Plus sales public. The company however stated that juice plus is the best selling product the Company has ever produced since starting its operations in 1970. Rumor also had it that the national safety Associates made sales of Juice Plus products worth $ 300 million in 2008.

The Benefits of Juice Plus Company and Its Product Lines

Let me start by saying that Juice Plus has so far had very few complaints in the FTC and other regulatory bodies since inception in 1993.

The other advantage of Juice Plus is the fact that it can be used by people of all ages and physiological states. By this I mean that Juice Plus can be used by Children of all ages, by the sick, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Juice Plus Complaints and Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Majority of complaints on Juice Plus products has been on the pricing of the products and its channel of distribution. Juice Plus has however been accused of operating an illegal pyramid scheme by concentrating on recruiting more individual product distributors rather than making profits by selling the Juice Plus products. The multilevel marketing business model the company uses has also been in the spotlight rather than selling the products straight to consumers through retail outlets.

Consumers also say that the Juice plus product lines cost more than the nutritional value they give, yet there are several alternative products that are very cheap. Juice Plus products have also been criticized for not helping its users to lose weight.

Several consumers and online analysts have also argued that Juice Plus has a costly auto-ship plan that is carried out after 4 months. The recommended 12 capsules a day is also too much according to other Juice Plus reviews. Some also claim that Juice Plus lacks important sugars, fiber, salts and calories that are removed during condensation.