Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber – ACN Top Earner


Jeff Weber is in great company with the all of the top MLM earners at ACN, like Danny Volonino and Max Knowles. Jeff has been with ACN, he was working 80 hours a week, making about $2500 a month as a bartender. He wasn’t getting much sleep, and he didn’t have much of a social life. Jeff was looking for a way to make more money and get a life at the same time. Sounds like most people I know, including me…LOL!


He also wanted a way to take care of his parents financially, as well as be able to do some things he enjoyed instead of working all the time. Jeff had never considered network marketing until he heard about ACN in 1996. He found MLM to be a recession-proof industry, in which he could work it at his own pace and get as much income as he wanted. Jeff saw ACN as the way to time and financial freedom, as well as the ticket to finally getting the lifestyle that he desired.


Within six months with ACN, Jeff was able to leave his other jobs behind. He also had the money to take care of his parents, real estate agents who took a financial hit during the recession and the tumbling house market. Additionally, he earned the rank of team coordinator and had broken into the top 10 rank of ACN’s top-producing independent distributors.


His success was rooted in changing his way of thinking. Jeff said that he had to start believing that he could do great things with ACN. At first, he was doubtful that he could achieve the level of success that he saw with other ACN top earners. After all, he was just a working stiff from LA. He didn’t have a college degree, and he didn’t have any sales background.


Do you know what he said his biggest obstacle was? HIMSELF! He had to learn to get out of his way to get the success that he wanted. Meaning, he had to break down his personal hang-ups to get to where he wanted to be. I am not one to say this, but I told you so. I have written on my blog before about sometimes we are our own worst enemy.


Jeff said he also was surrounded by folks who were hearing negativity and didn’t believe they could achieve anything either. When he got started with ACN, Jeff said he had to replace his old friends with new ones that were more positive, had goals and aspirations, and saw the big picture. Excuse me, I am just clearing my throat….


When Jeff changed his mind set and the people around him, his home-based business took off.  He started believing he could be Regional Vice President, Senior Vice President, and he could make $100,000.00 a month. Jeff believed he could be a MLM top earner.


Personal Growth


Jeff said that being an entrepreneur and ACN consultant made him grow up and become of a more responsible human being. It was not only his career he was leading, but the careers of those on his team. Over time, he developed integrity, character, sincerity, and honesty. Jeff loves the idea of helping others and receiving a lifetime of learning. He says that once you stop growing, is the time you start dying.


Jeff sees ACN network marketing business as a personal growth program with an outstanding compensation plan. As a Senior Vice President and a member of the Circle of Champions, Jeff grows his business from his California home, where he spends time with his two daughters, Zoe and Jade. The pleasure he gets from his time and financial freedom is why he is so eager to share the ACN business with anyone and everyone. He says he embraces the role of servant leader, giving to others and not focus on himself.




ACN MLM business is an old favorite of mine. ACN was founded in 1993 by four businessmen who were not happy with the MLM businesses that were in the industry. AS with all intelligent people, and as the saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. They established the American Communications Network, but when they went international a few years later, they changed the name to ACN to represent all of its office and distributors.


ACN is in the telecommunications and energy sector. It offers cellular phone service, landline phone service, satellite television, internet, and home security to residential and small business owners. In addition, it also provides gas and electric, as well as credit card processing. To date, its independent distributors are in the millions. ACN is considered the number one MLM telecommunications business in the industry.


Because it has been the subject of being a pyramid scheme in the past, ACN is quick to let you know that you are not guaranteed to become a millionaire. They also will be quick to tell you that you don’t receive any type of commission on the number of people you recruit. If this were the case, it would be considered a pyramid scam.


As an independent business owner, you only make commission and bonuses on the number of services you acquire. If it just so happens that one of your customers become interested in being an ACN consultant, you do receive bonuses for the services that the recruit is able to sell. Another important factor to know is that the services have to be paid for.


ACN has become an attraction for those seeking to get into network marketing, because it offers services that people use every day. Unlike other MLM where you have to sell drinks, lotions, or vitamins, telecommunications is a hot commodity, and everyone is either online, and most definitely has a cellphone. This is what probably attracted him to this multilevel company in the first place. For people like Jeff Weber, they will do well in life because they are willing to take the risk to get to where they want to be.