Jeremy and Mindy Deeble

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble of ACN were staunch traditional business workaholics, but little did they knew that they were on their way to becoming MLM multi-millionaire, on a business they never had a clue about!

I can however say that Jeremy and Mindy Deeble were doing well financially, although life had sucked happiness out of them. Stress and frustrations was part and parcel of their life, until they found the ACN business opportunity.

Jeremy Deeble was always on the road, travelling and trying to market his grocery Company, while his wife Mindy worked 40 to 60 hours a week; both in their business and as a director of a Early Childhood center and she hardly had time to be with her children.

To make matters worse, the family lived in a neighborhood, where they used to see other parents accompany their children to the nearby lake with big boats, while looking relaxed and not worried about work!

Mindy and Jeremy Deeble always laugh at themselves when they remember how they used to think that their neighbors were either prominent political figures or heart surgeons, to be able to afford that kind of lifestyle!

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble knew that the only way to be successful in life is by owning a business. Yes, they owned a whole company and satisfied majority of their needs, but they never achieved the type of lifestyle they ever dreamt of.

The couple was however clueless about the ACN network marketing business opportunity, but were always looking for a viable business opportunity to invest in.

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble’s children were literally taking care of themselves as their parents were hardly available at home. Mindy Deeble also felt like a single mother as her husband was only at home one day in a week, and spent the next six days travelling to all parts of Northwest, trying to earn a decent living for the family.

I have heard many people say that one right decision can completely change your entire life, and the Deebles are a living proof of this.  The family has completely changed their lives from watching their neighbors have fun with their children, to becoming the role of model of good parenting. The couple is currently at home full time, and guess what? Their children now know the real meaning of good parenting that they have been missing all along!

Talking of money, Jeremy and Mindy Deeble are now rich than ever! The beauty of it all is not that they can afford almost anything in the world, but it is that they work less and earn more. My friend that is the magic of working with ACN direct selling company or any relationship marketing company!

To wrap up this lengthy introduction, let me say that Jeremy and Mindy Deeble are wealthy! Ladies and gentlemen, the couple makes a completely passive monthly income of over $130,000 and they are more determined in ACN business than ever!

The big question however is, how long can it take you to make such an income in a month working in a corporate job? Is it not several years to a lifetime? It is however easy to achieve this in my opinion! All you need is the right entrepreneurial business opportunity, the right attitude, mindset and maybe a mentor.

All in all, this is how Jeremy and Mindy Deeble started it all in ACN!

The journey of Jeremy and Mindy Deeble of ACN international

As I indicated earlier, Jeremy Deeble owned a private company while Mind Deeble had a full-time job before they were introduced to the ACN relationship marketing business opportunity.

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble however knew earlier enough that the only route to success is through entrepreneurship. The family owned a general maintenance company for grocery stores, a company that was run by Jeremy.

Jeremy Deeble worked really hard just like majority of us today, and he was able to make enough money for the survival of his family and pay bills. On the downside, his job turned him into a local tourist. He was always away from home six days a week and he had even started to forget   that he had a wife and a family to take care of.

Jeremy Deeble was not enjoying what he was doing, but he had to do it or else see his family become financially unstable.

On the other hand, Mindy Deeble was a mother and a full time employee at an early childcare center. Mindy had to work 40 to 60 hours a week, at the same time take care of her family at home. This was taking a toll on her, considering that her husband was always an absentee. Mindy Deeble even says that she then felt like a single mother with a boyfriend; Jeremy Deeble!

But since every family has their own way out in case of a crisis, Jeremy and Mindy Deeble bought a truck company called ‘bed-liner’ to enable Mindy spend some time at home managing the business. The business however back-fired and they found themselves in debt.

The couple sold the trucks in their company and Mindy Deeble went back to her full time job as a Director of an Early Childhood center. Mindy Deeble worked 40-60 hours a week, but almost all the money she worked for was used to repay the debt they had accrued out of their investment in the truck business. Things got pretty rough for the Deebles then but they pushed on with life.

Life in ACN Global

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble were about to purchase a Childcare center so as to bring Mindy home when Jeremy’s brother told them about the ACN Business opportunity. Mindy never even wanted to hear about it and her job had kept her so busy that she never wanted to invest in another unstable business.

Jeremy Deeble’s brother left them an ACN Cd, which they of course considered useless at first. After two months had passed since they were given that CD, the couple decided to have a look at it, considering their neighbor was in the home based business and leading a luxurious life out of his recurring commission.

When they sat looking at it, they were completely lost for words. Jeremy and Mindy Deeble got amazed on how simple the ACN business opportunity, its products and the simple compensation plan. The family was finally relieved knowing that they have at last found what they have been looking for the last 16 years.

While Jeremy was thinking of his dream of buying his family a home, Mindy Deeble was thinking how the ACN business opportunity will bring her husband home, and live a lifestyle they have always dreamt about.

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble therefore joined ACN international in 2005, quickly found themselves mentors and coaches and their lives took a new turn. The couple has now achieved their dreams through the ACN Business and could not imagine how their lives could have been without it.

To cut the long story short, Jeremy and Mindy Deeble are currently not only wealth but also full stay at home parents. Jeremy no longer works at his grocery maintenance company and Mindy no longer works 60 hours  a week, as before.

Since they do everything from home, Jeremy Deeble’s schedule is to wake up, take breakfast with his family and drive his children to school. After that he comes home and accompanies his wife to the gym, come back home and rest as long as they want to.

What I am trying to say here is the fact that this couple has all the time in the world to do whatever pleases them. They work when they want to and have whatever fun they want to have at any time of the day.

Mindy Deeble however says that the ACN business is a big relieve to her and their family. Initially, Jeremy used to have his own plans about life, while Mindy used to have her own. She however adds that it is a joy to see them working together under the ACN international business, while taking care of their children. The ACN business has enabled the couple have common goals, just like any perfectly married couple!

Jeremy Deeble however sees ACN as a vehicle to time and financial freedom. He says that anybody can be as successful as they are, if they put all their hearts in the business.

Jeremy however believes that there will reach a time when every family has an ACN product in their home. He also says that majority of ACN products are of high quality and are always ahead of the technological trends in the world.

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble currently have a very large and dynamic downline that is in almost every part of the world. Some of the continents where their downline is still growing include ACN Europe, ACN usa and many other parts of the world. Jeremy Deeble believes that you can make the type of money they are making, provided you put enough effort into the ACN international business.

Awards and Accolades

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble are one of the most successful mlm top earners in ACN Global and one of the best mlm leaders in the world. The couple is very wealth and is the ultimate ACN Top producers in North America.

Jeremy and Mindy Deeble have so far achieved a number of awards in ACN international, starting from being top producers in North America, being awarded the regional vice president award, Senior vice president in ACN and being include in the ACN circle of champions members and are regulars in the MLM Hall of Fame.

The bottom line is that Jeremy and Mindy Deeble have achieved all their dreams, and are currently on their way assisting members in their downline to achieve their dreams.

When the couple is not at home, you will find them having fun with their children or participating in various charity works, such as funding the church mission their children are into or better still assisting the underprivileged in the community.