John and Tiffaney Malott

John and Tiffaney Malott of Seacret Direct relationship marketing are one of the most advanced couples in the mlm business world. The couple’s seacret business has survived ‘hurricanes’ and they have been in one of the most controversial marriages in direct selling business.

The couple is a true revelation of what God has really put together, just from the way they have survived one challenge after another.  Various stories have surrounded their marriage, their Secret direct selling business and above all their personal life, but that has never stopped them from going strong and achieving their goals in life.

This family’s marriage has instigated hot discussions on various electronic and print media outlets. Many people are still surprised how John Malott finally managed to marry a very intelligent lady with a business degree, who dwarfs him in almost every sector of life. Many have also failed to understand how they manage their family with all the cultural differences between them. All in all, they are currently world leaders, multi-millionaires and always setting trends for others to follow.

Here is a thorough up-down and in-out discussion of John and Tiffaney Malott, their Biography, journey in Seacret direct multilevel marketing business and their success story. Have fun my friend!

Biography of John and Tiffany Malott

John and Tiffaney Malott are a couple, Seacret Direct top earners and relationship marketing multi-millionaires. John Malott married Tiffaney Malott as they started out in Seacret direct business. The couple has been blessed with a gorgeous and very bright daughter called Codi, who is n fact their inspiration.

John Malott had one of the saddest if not worst youth life of all time! He was a drug trafficker and addict, a school dropout, a looser and a total failure, who had no direction in life. John never knew what was right and wrong and as a result he was an enemy of the law in all perspectives and angles. John Malott was a total disgrace to his family, friends, relatives and the whole community where he lived.

Tiffany Malott on the other hand grew up in a loving and caring family. Her life was smooth all through and it was a fact that she was insanely creative and intelligent. Tiffaney Malott graduated with  a degree in business and she worked as a supervisor is a busy business setting, before moving to Seacret multilevel marketing, and before meeting the love of his life; John Malott.

The couple is currently one of the mlms stars and Seacret Direct multi-millionaires, who are living their lives to the fullest. They had had both sweet and tough times as a family and are now living a life we only dream of living in heaven! The family currently has two dream homes; one in Mexico and another one in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple has one of the most inspirational journeys in Seacret direct and the whole of network marketing business!


Journey of John & Tiffaney Malott in Seacret Direct

John and Tiffaney Malott started their multi level marketing businesses separately before they got married. Tiffaney Malott was a supervisor in the J.M Smucker Corporation in Memphis before she joined Seacret direct company. Although Tiffaney Malott was already working the normal 60 hours a week, she was not satisfied with what she was earning as the supervisor of the company. So, she was always on a lookout for any business opportunities that will enable her make at least $500 USD per month, without having to take a second job.

It was until she was almost losing hope on starting her business that she met somebody she refers to as a gentleman while on a trip with her younger sister. The man was good enough to explain what he does for a living, and Tiffaney was highly inspired in the process.

Tiffaney was so excited when she heard about the network marketing business that man was involved in and the fact that he was able to make so much money per week than what she makes at her supervisory job.

Tiffaney Malott immediately requested the man to send her the company details, where she joined immediately afterwards; although everybody around her was against mlm companies and tried their best to discourage her. That was in 2000 and she was millions of dollars poor than today.

John Malott has a totally different story on how he joined the Secret network marketing business. John was a renowned criminal and drug trafficker since he was young. He later realized his mistakes and started to attend personal development seminars, so as to improve his life. So, it was during one of these personal development seminars that John took note of a flyer that was written “equal opportunity”. He took the flyer and called the number that accompanied the poster. All John Malott wanted is to improve his life and be like his peers who were ordinarily successful.

So, one gentleman responded and invited him to a training, which later came to discover that it required a registration fee of $600 USD. John Malott never had the money but he decided to go. John in fact avoided the organizers of the meeting for about six months after enrolling, for failing to pay the registration fee. He thought avoiding them will eventually stop them from troubling him, but he was dead wrong. The leaders at the meeting saw potential in him and were committed to change John’s life for the better and that is what they exactly did.

So, who did the John and Tiffaney Malott Join Seacret Direct?

John and Tiffaney Malott transitioned from Legal shield, where they were initially members to Seacret via Josh and Cindy Denne.  Josh and Cindy Denne were in a different network marketing company altogether but were selfless enough to introduce them to Seacret Direct mlm. The family was fascinated by Seacret compensation plan, although they were not affiliated to it. John and Tiffaney Malott agree that it is through Dennes selfless guidance and sharing that they are earning what they earn today in Seacret Direct.

John and Tiffaney Malott had a very big dream and goals when they joined Seacret direct company. John Malott’s dream was to get back the money he had invested in Secret direct, earn enough to quit his job, and to have a beautiful and financially stable family. John and Tiffaney Malott have achieved all these and are now helping thousands of others achieve their goals in life.

John and Tiffaney Malott attributes their success to the high levels of undivided attention they have given to their Seacret business.  According to Tiffany Malott, success to her has come because she is flexible, faithful to her business and she is non-negotiable.

Nobody can be successful by their own, and that is what John and Tiffaney Malott are proving to us today. So, the family has people who have helped their way up and they cannot shy away from recognizing them. Some of the people who have been instrumental in their way up include personal development coaches such as Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki and many others. The family also admires Moty Benshabat, Izhak Benshabat, who are also the founders of Seacret Direct network marketing company. They however respect, share and follow Betty Perez who founded them.

John and Tiffaney Malott are excellent leaders and business mentors. They believe in being faithful, honest and always lead from the front. They are always trendsetters in Seacret direct mlm, and it is not a surprise that they are mlm top earners in the company.

John and Tiffaney Malott’s Awards and Accolades

John and Tiffaney Malott is one of the most celebrated Seacret Direct mlm top earners and multi-millionaire couple. They are millionaires’ club members and hall of fame common figures. They have graced numerous Seacret Direct mlm events and guided thousands to achieve financial freedom in their lives.

John and Tiffaney Malott were born winners, although they came to know it in their adulthood and while in business. This is the reason as to why they have won hundreds of awards and achieved the greatest height that can ever be achieved in Seacret Direct relationship marketing business.

For instance, John and Tiffaney Malott boast of having the biggest, most successful and dynamic downline in Seacret Direct company. They have as a result won hundreds of star awards, star builder awards, bronze, emeralds, ruby, Gold, Silver, diamonds, double diamonds and of course the first ever couple to achieve crown award in Secret Direct company.

This power couple has also qualified for a number of trips and numerous vacations around the world. They recently qualified for a $4,000 per month car bonus and were awarded the $250,000 USD rank bonus.



Seacret direct is a relationship marketing company that distributes skin care products, obtained from the Dead Sea animals and plants.  Seacret-Direct claim on its website that its products will instantly help you defy your age, rejuvenate your skin , make those wrinkles and fine lines in your body disappear, and I hope they have the right to say so, the same way you and me have the freedom to criticize it in every angle!

The only truth we know for sure is that Seacretdirect was first started by Izhak Ben Shabat and his elder brother Moty Ben Shabat.  Each and every mlm company operating in the American market and other parts of the world has its unique and interesting origin and the Seacret-Direct is not an exception!

Izhak Ben Shabat built Secret direct from Kiosks to one of the most respected network marketing business it is today. So, this is how this skin-care mlm company came into existence.

First of all, Izhak Ben worked in the Israel military for seven years before moving to Arizona, United States of America. In Arizona, he joined his elder brother, Moty who was also in the ice cream vendor business.

The two brothers had a dream of building an Ice-cream empire in Arizona, but all never went well for their business. Since every entrepreneur has his way out in case of failure or next expansion plan in case of success, the Shabats moved to the toy business, where they used to sell helicopter toys, but they were still never satisfied. It is however in 2005 that the two brothers went in to start selling Dead Sea skin care products in Kiosks. This went on for over 6 years until 2011, when the two brothers decided to start a multilevel marketing company distributing Dead Sea Skin care products. That is how Seacret direct was born, ladies and gentlemen.

Seacret Direct Products

Seacret Direct network marketing company has been marketing a number of products in its business. Seacret direct has divided its Dead Sea products into three broad categories. These are: Seacret skin care products, Facial care products and age Defying products.

The Seacret Direct skin care products include nail care, mineral soap, body butter, salt or oil scrub. The pricing range of these products starts from $14.95 for its minerals soap to $49.95 for all other products in the skin care product line.

The Company’s Facial categories of products include a refining toner, peeling milk and the magnetic mud mask. The peeling milk goes for $49.95 USD, while the remaining three products go for $249.95 USD.

In the age Defying category, Seacret Direct distributes a moisture mask at $279.95 and an eye serum, scrubbing mask, age defying serum and eye cream that the company distributes at a cost of $249.95 USD.

The Seacret Direct Compensation Plan

Seacret Direct Compensation plan and earnings are majorly dictated by the membership rank of an affiliate. This is a very confusing system that even the most experienced network marketers find it had to fully comprehend. So, if you have been having difficulties in understanding the Seacret Direct’s compensation plan, do not worry because you are not alone. The good news however is that I am here to analyze it for in the simplest way possible.

To begin with, it is important to know that Seacret Direct has ten membership ranks, and they are as follows: star, star builder, bronze, silver, gold, ruby, emerald, diamond, double diamond and Crown. The company uses a binary system to promote you to these ranks and pay you commissions.

For you to be promoted to star rank, which is the first rank in Seacret, you have to recruit at least two affiliates into the company’s direct selling business. To be a Star builder, you must have at least two people in your downline who have achieved the star award.

To be a Bronze holder, you must have at least 4,375 BV, plus a eight autoship on your right and left binary team or more than 25 autoship on both your right and left side of your team. A silver member is supposed to have 17,500 BV and have at least thirty autoship on your right and your left binary of your team or better still have 100 Autoship on both your right and left side of your team.

To achieve the Gold award you need an autoship of 250 on both sides or 43,750 BV and 50 autoship, Ruby is 1000 autoship on both sides or 175,000BV and 300 autoship, Emerald award need more than 2500 autoship or 525,000 BV and 750 autoship in both sides, Diamond require 5,000 autoship or 1,222,000 BV and some 1500 autoship in both sides of the binary.

The highest awards in Seacret Direct; Double Diamond and Crown also have their own requirements for its achievers.  To qualify for a double diamond in Seacret Direct Company, all you need is 10,000 autoship orders in both sides of your binary or have more than 3000 autoship on your right and left teams and 2,800,000 BV.

The highest category in Seacret direct is however the Crown. To achieve the crown, all you need to have is more than 25,000 autoship orders in both sides of your binary teams or have at least 8,750,000 BV and 7,500 autoship points on both your right and left teams.

How to make money in Seacret Direct

Seacret direct has a unique approach in qualifying for commissions. The first thing you have to do before even thinking of earning through this multilevel marketing company is to at least generate a Group volume or a personal volume of 250GV and 35 PV respectively. It however important to note that  you are given only 4 weeks to continuously reach this sales volume or risk receiving zero dollars in commissions.

After achieving the first qualification, now the journey begin of earning hefty checks through several methods and ranks the company has put in place. The first and most common method of earning from Seacret Direct is through retail commissions, then preferred customer commissions, residual commissions, check match bonus, rank achievement bonus, car bonus, lifestyle bonus among others. You however need to pay $49 USD when you first join Seacret Direct, a membership fee which is renewable annually.

Other People’s Seacret Direct Reviews

There are thousands of both positive and negative Seacret direct reviews online. The negative reviews are however many when compared with the positive reviews.

Majority of scam adviser websites and publications have strongly warned against joining the Seacret Direct Company. But that is their opinion, which of course might be true or false. What I have however come to realize is that many of those reviews are not grounded on solid facts to support their arguments. It is also sad that many of these reviews are outdated and need to be scrubbed off.

There are few however who are totally comfortable with the seacret direct business model and its compensation plan, but majority of them are seacret direct executives and independent distributors trying to build their team and lure you to joining them in business.

So, as much as everybody is free to give his or her opinion about Seacret Direct relationship marketing business, let us try to be fair in our arguments and base them on facts. Try to read various Seacret reviews online and you will be amused at how contradictory they are! Others say that Seacret Direct is an illegal pyramid scheme while others are proud of the company for enabling them achieves financial freedom. So, who is telling the truth? In my opinion there is nothing like Seacret direct scam or Seacret direct pyramid scheme, until proven otherwise by the responsible authorities.