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John & Lori Tartol – Herbalife

Herbalife is a very lucky company to have John and Lori Tartol in their multi-level marketing business.

God created everybody with a particular talent and purpose, but there are some in this world who were given more than enough!

John_TartolHerbalife international’s John and Lori Tartol are a perfect example of these blessings.

I am not complaining or accusing God of imbalance and unfairness, but just amused at the success this mlm top earners have been able to achieve in their lifetime.

My statement does not mean that I, myself, am not blessed, hehee!

Although their personal and business life is surrounded by scandals, accusations, and alleged Herbalife pyramid schemes, they are living a life every mlm entrepreneurs are enthusiastic to live.

It would be a  blatant lie to you if I told you that this couple is just successful in mlm! If I am talking of John and Lori Tartol of Herbalife, then we are talking of the super talented and blessed couple!Lori Tartol

The main reason why I said that God blessed them with everything in the first place, is their dynamic approach to their personal life and multi-level marketing business.

This has most definitely made them the Herbalife mlm millionaires.

Has anybody ever asked you ‘Does Herbalife work?’

Then today, you are not only going to get an answer to this question, but also an additional inspiration coupled with some sort of motivation.

To begin with, John and Lori Tartol are multi-level marketing millionaires who make a passive income of more than $240,000 per month and a whole $2,880,000 per year.

By passive income I mean, the cash just follows them to their pockets without moving a finger!

Well, figuratively speaking, of course!

What is interesting about them is the fact that they continue crying for you and me to make a positive investment decision in life, through their couching videos.

My friends, this is just an introduction, the real deal about John and Lori is in their background information!

The Background of John and Lori Tartol

John and Lori Tartol was a couple from the republic of Ireland.  The reason as to why I use past tense on their introduction is because John and Lori Lynn are currently divorced.

Yes, Lori divorced John in early 2013 for reasons which only they know by themselves.

John and Lori Tartol had however, before their divorce, been blessed with three gorgeous children; a daughter and two sons.  The children get enough time to be with their mlm top earners parents and have everything they ever wanted, apart from the simultaneous company and parental love.

John Tartol has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois, while Lori Lynn is renowned Herbalife business lady, who has received a worldwide recognition by Who’s Who Organization for her relentless investment and dedication in her health and wellness multi-level marketing business.

John Tartol is also a respected musician, author, motivational speaker, mlm business mentor, and above all a multi-level marketing millionaire.

John Tartol currently lives in California, United States of America.

Lori Lynn Tartol

Lori Lynn Tartol is the vice president Tartol Enterprises and has been recognized by the Worldwide Who’s Who, for her 30 years continuous interest, contribution, and leadership excellence in the health and wellness community.

She, with the help of her ex-husband, has watched their Tartol Enterprise Company grow to the level of recruiting over 700,000 distributors all over the world. Lori has also spearheaded the opening of over 70 more children and family centers all over the globe.

Lori Tartol, like her ex-husband, has music genes in her. Not because she is a musician herself but because she comes from a musical family. Her parents where published song-writers and continue to reach the poor through music.

Lori Lynn has several of her books published, and she normally writes books that promote religion, love, and forgiveness.

Lori Lynn Tartol is not only a successful multi-level marketing lady, but also an excellent mother. She is very instrumental in helping her children discover and develop their creative talents.

Her son John David has been the first to follow the footsteps of his mother of spreading the health and nutrition gospel in all parts of the world.

John is also a very talented photographer whose photos reflect the suffering of the needy children, while capturing the beauty of nature. He even posts his professionally taken photographs at

Jessica Lauren, a daughter to Lori Tartol, is a fashion designer who has the tendency of incorporating her brother’s photos into her creative designs. As young as she is, she has started to be recognized for enhancing the quality of education of Autistic students. Jessica Lauren is the only daughter of John and Lori Tartol.

Lori Lynn and John Tartol’s youngest son, Justin, is also a musician like his father. He is believed to be carrying the genes of their family by his professional use of his music instruments.

This is why I told you earlier that this family is simply blessed!

All kinds of wonderful talents being put to fabulous and much needed use!

Lori is still on with her health and wellness program and the helping of communities all over the world. She is very much so a visionary and is always ready to help everyone in the world using her writing prowess.

The Journey of John and Lori Tartol in Herbalife

Life had knocked out John and Lori before they joined Herbalife International in 1981. John Tartol used be a bartender who played music at small clubs, while Lori Tartol used to skip from one job to another looking for what would excite her and pay her enough money.

The last time she worked for somebody she remembers, is when she strained in 8 different jobs within 8 months.

Lori Tartol does not like to be bossed around very much, to say the least!

It is, however, Lori Tartol’s meager wages and lack of job satisfaction that made her say enough is enough. She had worked for several people and was tired of living a humble life. John Tartol’s musical career was also another frustration to the family. All these prompted them to look for a way out so as to live a better life.

Lori Tartol was ready for any serious career that was to come forth and she is currently grateful to God that it is Herbalife international that first came by.

Lori learnt about Herbalife International when she attended a meeting chaired by Doug Stuntz, who is the senior Executive President’s Team member in Herbalife.

Lori Tartol at first doubted everything and anything that Doug said. She saw everything as a Herbalife scam at first, just like many other newbies in multi-level marketing business. She had doubts of the fantastic opportunity Herbalife offered, the Herbalife products and never believed whether there is a business in the world that does not have a boss.

Lori was engaged to John Tartol at the time she joined Herbalife.

During this time, John had a lot of financial stress and was obese. John did however join Lori into the Herbalife mlm business as her first student.

Lori was so skeptical about the whole truth about the business that she had to follow Mr. Doug to the outside so as to confirm all his presentation using his car. Lori Tartol saw a brand new Cadillac luxury car and immediately felt like crying when she remembered the old-fashioned Subaru her boyfriend John was riding in.

After she was convinced that it was real and worth trying, she borrowed money from her soon to be husband and later ex-husband, John Tartol, for her start.

John and Lori Tartol are now successful in Herbalife without a doubt! They were pioneers in the Herbalife international business, as there was very little information available about Herbalife and multi-level marketing in general, during their time.

John and Lori worked through the trial and error method but managed to be mlm top earners in Herbalife. They hardly had any statistics about the progress of their business during those early days.

John Tartol decided to join Lori in Herbalife international business when Lori made $450 in the first week of enrollment. John tried the Herbalife diet supplements, lost 12 pounds, and eventually fell in love with Herbalife products.

That is one super great way to promote your products. USE THEM!

In our society where obesity runs rampant, many are looking for solutions that work. There are so many diet pills that promise you quick results like magic, but I l believe that a lot of us are learning fast that there are no magic diet pills, no secret way to lose weight, or any other hype that is being sold out there today. The best way to lose weight is plain ole diet and exercise.

John Tartol Herbalife

Look at those muscles! This guy is built! Stands to reason that the Herbalife products work!

Of course, supplements as well.

Very rarely do we get what our body needs in order to function at the highest level available to us. Many times, supplements (the good ones) really help to boost that up.

Think about it, if you are too tired to exercise, then you aren’t going to exercise. If you are in a hurry to grab a bite to eat, most likely you swing through a drive through because it is quick and easy.

At least with the supplements, it helps you to START living and eating the way you should. And once you start to feel better, then you want it to continue and you start doing more and more to become healthy.

So with John trying Herbalife supplements and seeing them work for him – it is no wonder he jumped right in and became a walking testimony for Herbalife products!

John and Lori Tartol made $1,000 dollars in their first three months and were extremely excited, and it took them less than 3 years to be members of the president’s team.

John argues that current distributors can even take very little time to become members of the president team due to the evolution in technology, modern mlm marketing tools, and support systems.

John and Lori Tartol Today

Today John and Lori Tartol earn over $240,000 per month and they are literally Herbalife product addicts. John Tartol is very active with Herbalife as never before, because it gives him the opportunity to travel and make new friends from all parts of the world.

The couple never imagined that life can be as sweet as it is today with Herbalife international.

John says that they own an incredible ocean-view home at the California coast and have more than enough time to spend with their family and do what they love most.

According to Lori Tartol, she has enough time to write, write, and write some more, if she isn’t busy doing any painting.

John and Lori Tartol’s Herbalife Pyramid Scheme Accusationsherbalife-nut-green-small (1)

It has not been all smooth sailing for John and Lori Tartol. The couple have received several Herbalife scam accusations from various Herbalife reviews sites online.

They have first been accused of selling Herbalife products that are of poor quality and acquiring wealth by tricking innocent individuals into buying products that have no value to them.

John and Lori Tartol’s mlm strategies have also been questioned by several individuals. They argue that John claims in his videos that one can get rich by just using and marketing Herbalife products yet statistics indicate that it is only 1% of Herbalife product distributors that manage to make $1,000,000 per year while 88% make 0 dollars.

They have, therefore, used these claims to tell people that Herbalife scam is real and others are using it to enrich themselves.

To the best of my knowledge, Herbalife is a legit company but cannot dispute the claims made by the various Herbalife reviews sites, unless I become a lawyer.

Otherwise, it is an individual’s decision to choose where to invest, why, and how much profit or loss to expect.

Awards and Accolades

John Tartol is an award winning Herbalife multi-level marketing business mentor, writer, musician, and mlm millionaire, if I may repeat!

He is currently the Director of Herbalife International of America, Inc. and has been the Director of Herbalife Ltd. since the year 2005.

John Tartol is also a member of the Herbalife International Chairman’s club as from the year 2000. He is a much respected member in Herbalife international and is authorized to represent Herbalife in various activities all over the world.

You can always find John Tartol hanging out with prominent people in Herbalife Mlm Company, including its owner Mark Hughes.

Lori Tartol, on the other hand, is a talented painter, writer, and also an Herbalife multi-level marketing professional.

Her interest is in health and wellness and she is the owner and vice president of Tartol Enterprises. Her efforts have been recognized globally by the Worldwide Who’s Who organization.

John and Lori Tartol are Herbalife celebrities and dignitaries. They are president’s club members and in the Chairman’s Club in Herbalife international.

Now you know John and Lori Tartol of Herbalife!

What do you think of various accusations floating around about the scams that these two seem to be involved in?

Do you believe in the Herbalife products?

Why or why not?

Tell me about it below!