Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler is the Send Out cards top income earner and a multilevel marketing expert that adored by almost all mlm top earners. Jordan Adler has in fact done a lot to build and defend the name of the network marketing industry that some have even nicknamed him a multi level marketing ambassador.

If this is your first time reading Jordan Alder’s story, it is important to note that Jordan is not only a sendoutcards mlm top earner, but also a renowned Author, writer, public speaking coach, relationship marketing coach, motivational speaker and a very successful real Estate entrepreneur; to name just a few.

Jordan has evolved from a simple and humble boy, who always got picked last in his gymnastic classes, to a direct selling warrior. He has turned his landscaping career and Airline corporate job into a joke and dwarfed the whole normal profession life, by the amount of money he currently makes in SendOut Cards MLM. Jordan Adler’s book; Beach Money is a sweet and classic inspirational book that is a must read to every aspiring entrepreneur today.

This network marketing superstar currently earns a monthly passive income that is more than what several CEO in top corporate companies make in a year. Jordan makes a cumulative income of $30 million per year, just from his businesses and other mlm companies he had previously worked with.

Jordan is also a top earner in Send Out Cards Company, where he currently makes a passive income of over $150,000 per month, translating to a whole $1,800,000 per year.

Although, Jordan Adler’s Beach Money book is breathtaking, his life history, journey in multilevel marketing and success is more inspiring…Have fun reading it!!

Biography of Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler grew up in a small Suburb in South of Chicago, where he also attended his elementary and high school.

Jordan comes from a non-entrepreneurial middle income family, where he witnessed his father struggle to safe money so that Jordan and his sisters could attend college for just a year.

In 1976, Jordan Adler joined the University of Illinois at the Urban Campaign for a degree course in Landscape Architecture. He graduated in 1980 and officially graduated to adult life.

A few months after graduating, Jordan decided to say goodbye to Chicago because of lack of jobs that marched with his career. He picked up his guitar, a small bag and $250 and moved to Arizona, with a hope of securing a job with one of the many construction projects that were underway there.

In Arizona, life was not as smooth as he thought it will be. Jordan began his life by applying to various jobs, while at the same time answering a number of job ads in daily newspapers. Jordan Alder also signed up to several network marketing companies that promised heaven, but ended up without any motivation to continue working in them.

Jordan Adler’s Journey in Multilevel Marketing Companies

Jordan Adler did odd jobs here and there before he joined Send Out Cards network marketing business. Jordan for instance worked as at Retail Shop at Park Forest Plaza, worked at Summer Design Company in South Suburbs of Chicago, worked at a gym, drafted various architectural designs and many other odd jobs.

One day, Jordan came across a book that explained how one can make a recurring income for the rest of his life by working hard just once in his life. He became so intrigued by the proportions and decided to give it a shot.

Jordan Adler with the new revelations about network marketing opportunities out there acted with speed. He signed up to 11 multilevel marketing companies within 10 years, but recruited none and earning $0. He was however busy because he was still working at American West Airlines. He however got himself in debt of over $36,000, using 22 credit cards. At this Point Jordan Adler was so stressed out and at a point of losing hope.

The Turning Point…

It was during this time that Jordan Adler came across a 25 years old young man, living in a luxurious property, married and with one son. Jordan Adler got real interested on knowing how come such a young man can be able to afford that kind of lifestyle.

The gentleman invited him to his house and that is where his network marketing business passion was sparked off. Jordan Adler still remembers the young man’s life changer advise of  talking to thirty people of which ten will do completely nothing, another ten do little, while ten others do a little bit better. One of the thirty people will make it big in the MLM Business, and you would have started generating your income.

Jordan Adler confesses that it was after that advice that he saw some sense in mlm business and decided to do something. He then signed up to Excel Communications Inc. and few other network marketing companies where he in fact started making some commissions at a tune of $ 120,000 per year.

Jordan became extremely successful with Excel Communications Inc. that he made his first 8 million dollars a year.

Joining Send Out Cards Company…

Jordan Adler was a lover of handwritten season greetings and cards in general, before joining Sendoutcards Company.

Mr. Adler was one day in his home office, when he received a well-designed card, together with a  CD from an anonymous individual. Jordan was so busy to be interested on what might be in the CD in the first place. So, he tossed it aside and continued with his daily businesses.

One day he was in his office, spotted the CD and decided to listen to it so that he can at least know what it was all about, before throwing it away. A

After listening it for some time, he was struck with the simple idea that the Send Out Cards business opportunity had, but he wasn’t in a hurry to join. He then went around, discussing the Send Out Cards business idea with his colleagues in Excel Communications. It however turned out that all of his colleagues were against the business opportunity, simply because the company was starting out and never expects a cards business to have competitive commissions.

But, since Jordan Adler had inherited the love for cards from his mother, he decided to give it a try. He contacted the SendOut Cards office and enrolled.

Jordan Adler brought all his relationship marketing experience into the Company and eventually became Send Out Cards top income earner, within his first year in the business. The rest my friend story of ‘beach money’ luxury life!

Awards and Accolades

Jordan Adler is an mlm god, Send Out Cards Top income earner, a writer and a very famous published author. His book “Beach Money,” which talks about creating a dream life in MLM industry, is a success blueprint that is currently the best seller on

Jordan was an Excel Ambassador Award winner and an Executive Senior Director at Excel International from 1993 to 2004, before joining the Send Out Cards Company.

Jordan was also a senior representative in the American West Airlines as from February 1983 to 1993, before he officially started his journey of becoming a self employed superstar.

Other than winning several awards in Send Out Cards Multilevel marketing Company, Jordan Adler has been featured severally in “Master Mind Sessions”, as one of the guest lecturers and was also one of the few mlm Millionaires include in the “The Greatest Networker in The World,” Book.

Bottom Line

Jordan Adler is currently a very wealthy multi-millionaire. He is a sought after business coach, motivational speaker who has also invested in commercial and residential estates.

Jordan currently lives a millionaire lifestyle and traveling the world on a private jet, even if it is moving from his home in Chicago to his other homes in Jerome Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona.

In short, almost all the independent distributors in Send Out Cards have been recruited by Jordan Adler or distributors in his downline, hehee!


The Send Out Cards Review

Send out Cards is a privately owned modern, simple, cheap and exceptionally unique online Greeting card and gifts relationship marketing Company based in West Research Way Salt in Lake City, Utah in the United States of America.

SendOut Cards International was founded by the ever available, friendly and the Visionary Kody Bateman in 2003. The Company was officially launched in 2005 by its Founder who is also the Chief Executive Officer in its Headquarters in the Lake City, Utah.

SendOutCards multilevel marketing company believes that everybody has a desire to touch the hearts of their families, loved ones or even colleagues at work, through seasonal greetings and gifts.

But the most unfortunate fact is that our current busy lives gives us very little free time to plan, go the stores, buy those cards and mail them to our loved ones on time.

The Send Out Cards business service is therefore a simple online system that enables us send personalized online cards, gifts and printed greeting cards with a click of the button; on your phone or your PC.

The more good news is that Send Out Cards Company is not just a service company you can use to send greeting cards and gifts to your loved ones, but also enables you send cards online at more than half of traditional store price.

Above all, Send Out Cards gives you a unique business opportunity to make unlimited amount of money by becoming SendOut Cards Independent distributor.

Through the Send Out Cards system, you will make money every time the people you enrolled into the system send cards using the Send Out Cards system. The earning potential is unlimited, meaning that you can recruit as many people as you wish and make as much cash as you wish.

The Send Out Cards LLC is currently the #1 largest and arguably the most trusted first Class Mailing Company in the United States of America. It is also one of the fastest growing Direct selling Company in The World.

Send Out Cards Company has more than 10,000 employees and over 60,000 independent product distributors all over the World. This Network marketing company has also touched the lives of millions of people in several parts of the world, having so far sent 100 million cards and over 3 million gifts. This is surely one of the reasons you should trust them in my opinion!

How can you also send a card through Send Out Cards?

Send Out Cards is an online relationship marketing system. This means that you cannot be able to send a card through this system, without first registering yourself as an independent distributor.

It is however easy to be an independent distributor. All you have to do is buy some points that will qualify you to be a member and independent distributor.

By being a Send Out Card independent distributor, you will have a full access to send any amount of cards to your family, colleagues at work and friends. The distributorship opportunity also enables you to sell the Send out cards to your customers, recruit them and earn recurring passive commissions, wherever they send cards and gifts using the system.

I believe there has been no simpler system that enables people send genuine gifts and cards to anybody at any part of the world. With a click of a button, the Send Out Card system allows you to select your custom card, write your message, add a personal photo and click send from your smart phone or PC.

The Send Out Cards llc then prints, Stamp, stuff and mail your physical card to your preferred destination in any part of the world, without any extra cost. This means that within 1 minute, you can be able to send a card or a gift to any part of the world at a very cheap price.

Send Out Cards’ Mission

Send Out Cards has a two-fold mission of helping millions of people all over the world act appropriately on their prompting situations, while giving them an opportunity to be financially independent.

More From Send Out Cards…

The send Out Card app comes with a contact manager that allows you to store your contact addresses, in case you will need to send cards from anywhere and anytime, without guessing and sending your cards to a wrong address.

For Corporate managers and business owners, Send Out Card has you covered through their Send Out Card Campaigns section. This section enables you send countless number of cards at a time, to several individuals, with a single push of a button. This is suitable for invitations, announcements and holidays, among many others.

As if that is not enough, the SendOut cards contacts management system enables you keep track of important events in your calendar, such as anniversaries, birthdays and many other special occasions.  The most interesting thing is the fact that the contact management system even sends you a reminder when it is time to send a gift or card; other than securely storing your contact information.

Okay, if you need to completely change the card or rebrand it using your personal or business logo and brand, then the Send Out Cards Custom Brad manager is all there for you! The Company has a quote that says, “Your Brand-Your purpose-Your Choice.”

Send Out Cards Reviews From Other Users

Any genuine business has its strengths and weaknesses, and here are some of the pros and Cons I have collected from some of the Company’s distributors.


According to the many happy customers and Send Out Cards independent distributors, the company has great products that are affordable with a wonderful business concept.

Others also say that the company combines people just like no other in the world, with a very friendly CEO, who is always available when needed.

Customers also believe that the quality, variety and design of the cards are top notch. The ability to roll over various cards and its designs, without having to open each one is breathtaking.

SendOut Cards has also been said to be a place of fun, with a fun atmosphere and people. The Company also enables you to work without a boss, inventories, time to punch, with an unlimited earning potential as you assist others make a living.


Some few customers have also argued that the contact book defaults back to 20 people, which they feel is very limiting.

Other unsatisfied customers also argue that the pay is not competitive, but it seems to me like a lie.

Why? Because Send Out Cards is a network marketing company that enables you earn commissions according to the NUMBER of people you recruit into the system and the NUMBER of cards they send in a month. So, it is all about your hard work!

It is however argued that you will have to take some times to learn how to use the system, which is pretty obvious in almost all industries.

Send Out Cards Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Let me start by saying that this is one of the few multilevel marketing companies with very few complaints and pyramid scheme allegations. I have also come to realize that the few that have been published are so played out! This is because majority of them lack supporting evidences or are just written for marketing purposes.

Just type SendOutCards pyramid Scheme, SendoutCards Scam or Send Out Cards Complaints on any search engine and you will most definitely see it all. Thank you for your time. Peace!