Joseph Lim

Joseph Lim – Alliance in Motion Top Earner


With the holiday season drawing upon us, I wouldn’t mind being one of those Alliance in Motion Top Earners. I know it isn’t just about the money, but honestly, who wouldn’t like just a few extra dollars right around Christmas?


Joseph Lim has more than a few extra dollars. This network marketing entrepreneur from the Philippines makes $100,000.00 per month with Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global. In four years, he not only is a millionaire, but he owns four luxury vehicles, including a Porsche Boxster. Additionally, he has enjoyed an all-expense paid trip to the Los Angeles, CA (USA).  Joseph Lim is on the list of the Top MLM Earners Worldwide.


But he just didn’t keep his winning ways to himself. Joseph has assisted 30 team members into becoming a millionaire. It is no wonder he is an Elite Global Ambassador. This individual is this accomplished, and he is only 27 years old! Joseph is so into direct sales marketing (and so good at it) that his goal is to help all MLM professionals and entrepreneurs who want to increase their income.


Joseph Lim is a college graduate who wanted to earn income in several different ways. He discovered MLM around nine years ago, and like most folks, he was skeptical about multilevel marketing. That was until he attended his first event. Joseph didn’t realize how different his life would be when he started his relationship marketing career. With just a small investment and a dream to make it big, he now enjoys the life he has always wanted.


Joseph also spends more time with his family, traveling, and just doing things that bring him pleasure. Nowadays, he works at teaching those around him how network marketing is really done (Joseph’s words). I mentioned before that he was an Elite Global Ambassador, but that’s not all.  He also has earned many other accolades, such as:


  • 2014 Hall of Fame Member
  • Millionaires Club
  • Directors Club
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Hong Kong Trip
  • Singapore Trip
  • Asian Cruise (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) Trip
  • US Travel
  • Europe Travel
  • Incentive Recipient
  • Profit Sharer Recipient (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Top 1 Distributor 2010
  • Top 2 Distributor 2011
  • Top 1 Distributor 2012


I don’t know about you, but I am ready to hear about this amazing Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global MLM company. Before hearing about Joseph Lim, I knew nothing about AIM Global. So, this is what I have found out. Read on…


AIM Global


Like I said before, there is a real surge of health and wellness multilevel marketing companies popping up in the industry. AIM Global is the number one network marketing business in the Philippines, and it promotes health and wellness through high-quality all-natural products. Currently, AIM Global has expanded to 14 countries, and it is continuing to grow. Moreover, it desires to turn ordinary people, like Joseph Lim, into millionaires. AIM Global business is for you if you want to:


  • Retire Early and With Some Money
  • Reach Your Dreams
  • Have a Better and Healthier Life
  • Pursue Your Passion With Greater Purpose
  • Help Others Achieve Their Own Life Goals
  • Have a High-Income Potential
  • Have A Home-Based Business for a Lifetime


To get your wealth-building business started, you must purchase a global package. With your global package you receive AIM Global nutritional supplements, insurance packages, complete medical examination, college scholarship certificate, ATM/Visa card, web tracking page, and a cardio pulse for health diagnosis. You get everything you need, including access to the online training website and email courses, to make your home-based business grow.




AIM Global has earned the award of Best Company in the network marketing industry by the Multilevel Marketing International Association (MLMIA). In the time it has been in the industry, it has produced more than 1,000 relationship marketing millionaires. Those who are a part of AIM Global say that all the company’s success is due to the great leadership of its president and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog. Dr. Cabantog has been awarded the Best of the Best in the MLM industry.


Alliance in Motion Products


AIM Global offers health products that are manufactured by Nature’s Way, the number one food supplement/herbal manufacturer in the US. This direct sales company is really serious about health excellence.


Its flagship product, C24/7 Natura-ceuticals, has the most complete daily nutritional requirement, as well as the high anti-oxidant components. Other popular items with AIM Global are the herbal toothpaste, slim and trimming capsules, anti-aging capsules, and omega supplements. For your children, there are nutragummies vitamins.


AIM Global product reviews are interesting. I have read several online from folks who were gravely ill (one has stage 3 breast cancer), and after taking AIM Global products, specifically the C24/7, they received a second life. C24/7 has also been said to cure diabetes and kidney disease. These individuals now have good health and prosperity.


When I read this, I next looked for any Alliance in Motion complaints. I did find some from people in the Philippines who say that AIM Global preys on the poor with promises of making a lot of money and becoming millionaires. While AIM is going worldwide, its primary focus is on the Philippine market.


Alliance in Motion Pyramid Scheme


I will say one thing about people who support AIM; they are quite loyal. For every article I read that it was a scam, I read five from supporters who say that it isn’t. Joseph Lim and others who support Alliance in Motion say that it is not a pyramid scam. So I went on to take a look at how distributors make money.


Alliance in Motion Compensation Plan


The compensation plan for Alliance in Motion (AIM) seems typical of every other MLM I have written about. As an independent distributor, you earn money for all of your product sales and from the recruitment of new distributor. I don’t know how it works in the Philippines, but in the US, this would constitute as a pyramid scheme. You also earn money from all the customer sales of your recruits.


AIM pays out a matching bonus on the volume generated by a distributor’s downline. This is done by using a binary payment structure. There are other bonuses that can be obtained, such as:


  • The Stairstep Bonus
  • The Royalty Income Bonus
  • Profit Sharing
  • Travel Incentives


For the profit sharing, you have got to be a Global Ambassador or recruit three Global Ambassadors in order to even be considered. Additionally, you have had to purchase at least two packs per month for 12 consecutive months.


One thing I did notice about the information on the website regarding compensation is that AIM isn’t shy when it comes to letting folks know that it favors affiliate recruitment over product sales. There is also the fact that a lot of folks see the profit sharing as “buying positions” within the company.


Here is the thing about Alliance in Motion: you earn money for every person who buys a pack, with the hope that with enough people buying packs in your downline, you will earn a sizable income. This is why there those who see Alliance in Motion as a pyramid scam. However, since the laws governing pyramid schemes are different in the Philippines than in the US, there is really nothing that can be said about it.