Josh & Cindy Denne

Josh & Cindy Denne – Seacret Top Earners


It seems like there is a new MLM company popping up every day. Seacret-Direct (not Secret) is one I will admit I had never heard of until now. I don’t know how I missed it, since Seacret is the #1 fastest growing MLM business in the industry today.




In 2000, Moty Ben Shabat came to the US to earn money for medical school. However, he wanted to run his own business, so he purchased an ice cream truck. Soon after, his brother Izhak joined him in selling toys in kiosks; they made $4 million in revenue.


In their homeland of Israel, dead sea products are what keep everyone’s skin glowing and healthy. So, the brothers decided to start selling them in their kiosks, and by 2005, they had enough money saved to formulate their own dead sea products. Seacret was born. When Betty Perez joined Seacret, she brought with her many years of network marketing experience. Betty had already enjoyed much success in MLM at the age of 19. She was hired originally to head a local sales force.


But Betty was breaking sales records left and right. When she met Moty and Izhak, she convinced them to change their business model. Afterwards, she ran a trial program in Phoenix, and in a few months, Betty had enrolled over 900 Seacret consultants.


Seacret Direct was officially established in 2011, and one year later, the relationship marketing company made over $11 million in direct sales. In 2013, Seacret MLM earned over $70 million. Seacret made the Top 100 Growing Direct Sales Companies List of 2013 (Direct Selling News). It made the list again in 2014. Moty and Izhak believes that Betty played a huge part in the growth of their company by introducing them to network marketing. Currently, she holds the position of VP of Sales and Training.


The goal of Seacret is to assist in building communities. It doesn’t just want to help others to prosper financially, but also with personal growth and developing a positive attitude. Moty and Izhak want their direct sales company to change people’s lives. They enjoy the fact that they can make a definite impact in the world. For them, this has been the best part of the continuous growth of Seacret.




Seacret products are all made with dead sea minerals and formulas that will deliver immediate results to your mind, body, and soul. According to Seacret, its products are the perfect combination of science and nature. You can experience skin lifting, regenerated skin cells, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


The entire line is made with water, salt, or dead sea minerals for which there is no natural or synthetic substitute. Simply put, this formula can’t be reproduced in a lab. Seacret’s formula is made to be absorbed into the skin quickly. All of the Seacret products have certification that assures its authenticity.




Seacret wants to build communities of global wealth by offering innovative products and a world-class business opportunity. The core value of this MLM is to create a family-oriented environment for its consultants. You can have fun, but you also have to work hard, and so does your team. As a consultant, you need to keep it simple and positive for your downline, in order to create an atmosphere of victory and celebration.


Goal and Bonuses


 Here we go again….LOL. If you are looking to gain time and financial freedom, you won’t get it unless you take the necessary step to achieve it. Seacret wants you to know that in order to have the fulfilled, dream life you deserve, come to Seacret.


The one thing you will learn first with Seacret is there are numerous bonuses you can qualify for as a Seacret consultant. You can earn anything from $1 million to an iPad mini. For some people, this is about the same…LOL. We know how some folks are really into their electronics. Personally, I wouldn’t mind the $1 million.


You have a dream car? If you have imagined yourself cruising up and down the streets in a Lamborghini, Seacret can make it happen with the Drive Your Dream Car Bonus. The way it works is that Seacret gives you the money towards the purchase or lease of a brand new car. You also have the option to use the money for your car payment.


There are 14 ranks you can achieve, and each rank comes with its own bonuses. When you reach the Crown Royal status, you get a cool $1 million. Now, I see why they are the fastest growing MLM in the industry today. Everyone is working to get that million.


But it doesn’t stop there. Loyal customers can earn bonuses as well. When you choose Seacret, you can receive discounts on your purchases and a gift for your birthday. As a VIP customer, you earn a point for every dollar you spend. If you bundle your items, you can save money this way too. To earn even more points, you can host parties and refer your family and friends.


Cindy and Josh Denne


When Josh Denne got started with Seacret, he wasn’t in a good place financially. According to him, he was getting eviction notices, his electricity was cut off, and he had to come up with a way to get the money to take care of his family. He didn’t finish high school, so the only job he could get was as a janitor making $9/hour. This is the one thing he does regret.


But instead of being depressed and upset, he asked himself, “How can I get the money?” The one thing he says that he doesn’t do is let his brain form the thought that there is no way he is going to get the money. Once you let that negativity into your head, it is hard to get it out.


Eventually, Josh, his wife Cindy, and their two children did get evicted. However, he had met Izhak and was introduced to Seacret. Izhak invited Josh and his family to move in with him in his home. Josh was skeptical about network marketing, but he decided to give it a try. After seeing how successful others were, he was hopeful he could accomplish this as well.


The main reason why Josh and Cindy became victorious in their career is because they were teachable. I know this sound like a little thing, but you would be surprised how many people think they know everything even when they don’t have anything. And when someone tries to teach them differently, they get obstinate.


Also, Josh and Cindy didn’t get where they are overnight. It took goal setting, a dedicated work ethic, and looking after their team. Moreover, he took the information and concepts he got from his mentor and applied them to his own home-based business. One of the main concepts that Josh believes needs to be expressed is that wealthy and successful people have a totally different mindset that others.


How many time have I written this on my blog? Success doesn’t start with building your team and making the money. It begins WAY before that, like when you decide that you are going to make changes in your life. As one of the MLM top earners I wrote about said, “You have to change everything you think, say, do, and feel. You need to change what you read, who you associate with, and what you listen to.”


If you fast forward to nine months after working with Seacret you will see that Josh is happy, and it is not the money that has made him happy. Yes, he can take care of his family, and this is a good thing. But more importantly, he has something to do. He says that money will not make you happy. You have to have to be doing something important that you feel good about to be happy.


So true! Look at how many people have a gazillion dollars and are miserable. They have no positive relationships, except groupies and people wanting their fame and fortune. Even if you have money, you need to surround yourself with uplifting people who only want the best for you. As a matter of fact, this needs to be true even if you are flat broke.


Josh Denne is from Irvine, CA and Cindy Denne is from Bolivia. They have more than 13 years of multilevel marketing experience. Josh & Cindy Denne earn $110,000.00 a month in residual income. They are Seacret’s newest seven figure earners and have reached the ranks of Cabinet Advisors, Ring Earners, and Red Diamond Agents.





As with most MLMs, there is some negativity surrounding Seacret. The main consumer complaint is the sales tactics. One lady said that the sales person at a kiosk told her she was a lie when she told the person that she didn’t have $50 on a credit card to purchase products. She said that this really crossed the line.


Customers also said that they were lied to about pricing. One lady said that she bought her daughter two products that cost $50. When she bought two products from Seacret, the salesperson at the kiosk charged $600 to her credit card. She, and a lot of other consumers, feels she was ripped off.


Another thing to think about is that since Seacret does business at kiosks, it doesn’t have any type of return policy. Individuals who purchased products and changed their minds were told they couldn’t get their money back. Some of these folks spent $600 and $700 dollars, and some of them stated that they didn’t realize it until they got their credit card bill. The prices they were quoted by the salesperson at the kiosk was totally different than what they were charged. Ouch!


I haven’t red much about Seacret being an illegal pyramid scheme, because Seacret is considered more like Avon or Mary Kay. Nonetheless, there are those that say that since Seacret is a MLM, it operation policies leave a lot to be desired. Like I said, the main problem I read are the aggressive sales tactics of those at the kiosk.


But one independent distributor pointed out that you can’t judge a whole company by a negative experience at a kiosk. It doesn’t represent all Seacret consultants. This might be true, but since the name Seacret is on the products at the kiosk, as well as the kiosk itself, then the company is responsible for how its salespeople behave and act.