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Kami and Nathan Dempsey – #1 ItWorks! Earner

Kami dempsey can you make money with it worksKami and Nathan Dempsey are professional teachers come It Works Global millionaires. Reading the humbling background and journey of this once financially struggling, middle class school teachers, who are now top mlm earners in It Works! brought an unusual excitement into my life today. I therefore, thought I should share their inspirational story with you!

The Dempsey’s story is one of the typical influences of the famous ‘power of a woman’ tale! In fact, it is a sweet genuine revelation of how a stay at home mother decided to save her husband from the strenuous teaching profession, which of course had a very poor pay.

I strongly feel that this is a must read for all the hardworking women and men, mostly for those struggling to make ends meet from the perspective of network marketing.

kami dempsey bookKami Dempsey has transformed her family from nothing to becoming big time ItWorks! top earners, clinching almost all awards and accolades in the multi-level marketing company. The couple now earns recurring commissions of over $195,000 USD per month and a whole $1,240,000 in a single year.
The most interesting thing about this millionaire lady is the fact that Kami has even self-published a book on Amazon to guide you through the whole process of also retiring your husband or wife! The book is called Retire Your Husband: A Mom’s Guide to Making Millions with Network Marketing. Before having a look at her book, let us first look at where Kami and Nathan Dempsey have come from!

Background of Kami and Nathan Dempsey

Kami and Nathan Dempsey are multi-millionaire couple from Greater Grand Rapids in Michigan, United States of America. The Dempsey’s, as they are popularly known, is a family of five with Nathan Dempsey and Kami Dempsey as a husband and wife, respectively.  The family has been blessed with three beautiful children; two sons and a daughter who is also their last born.Kami and Nathan Dempsey family

The Dempsey’s is a family of teachers, with Nathan being a science teacher and a football coach while Kami Dempsey was teaching mathematics, while at the same time training basketball.

They used to teach at Chippewa Hills School District, which also happened to be where they first met, fell in love and got married. Kami has Bachelor of Education degree from Central Michigan University. She is also a self-published writer on Amazon.

The Dampseys’ Journey in ItWorks! MLM Company

Kami and Nathan Dempsey had varying experiences with network marketing. Kami Dempsey was introduced to networking business when she was in college, but she felt that it wasn’t the right time for her to engage herself in the business.

Nathan and Kami Dempsey used to teach high school before they entered in the It works! multi-level marketing business. They were also professional coaches. They had fun all through during their short lived teaching careers, because they were passionate about the whole occupation.

All went well until Kami Dempsey was expectant of their first child. She was took a leave to go and rest while her husband continued with his teaching and coaching job. The Dempseys were now left with a single salary with one additional responsibility.

As a father to be, Nathan had to think of an alternative way of earning an extra income, because his teaching job hardly paid him enough. Kami, now a full time house wife had watched her parents start and invest in It Works business before and knew the opportunity was valid and might save her from their financial crisis and time stress.

Nathan on the other hand had had a bad experience with network marketing and was not even ready to give it try. Nathan Dempsey continued with his teaching job while his wife seriously looked for a business opportunity to venture in as she takes care of her child.

Joining It Workskami dempsey itworks

Kami decided to try her hand in multi-level marketing business but had to first find a company that is reliable. She finally chose ItWorks! because it was a Christian owned company that was debt free. She also was thrilled because the company had a wrap it product that sold so well.

Itworks’s compensation plan was also part of the driving force to being a distributor in the company.

Kami started out with It Works with a goal of making an extra $500 per month. It was after just 18 months from the time of joining It Works that her earnings from It works Global exceeded the salary from her teaching job. Kami continued to work hard before the unexpected happened! Kami and Nathan Dempsey’s salary eventually surpassed their combined teaching salaries.

The family then made that ultimate decision of quitting their teaching jobs so as to invest fully in It Works! business. Although this was painful to do, they decided to let it go and spend more time with their young family. This is how Kami Dempsey eventually achieved her dream of retiring her husband!

Achieving Time and Financial Freedom

Kami and Nathan Dempsey risking their teaching jobs paid off without any disappointments. The couple is now the Itworks! top earners, with a six figure monthly income. They are now living a life they only used to dream, riding in cars and jets they only used to see in the movies. Kami and Nathan Dempsey have also managed to multiple their teaching job salaries to over 40 times through their It Works! multi-level marketing businesses.

The family was born teachers, and that has helped them expand their business by enrolling a record number of independent distributors into their It Works! Home based business. The Dempseys are currently having the time of their lives in their 43 acres home and still doing all they can to ensure that others also achieve the financial freedom, they are enjoying today.

Kami and Nathan Dempsey It works Awards and Accolades

Kami and Nathan Dempsey are ItWorks! top earners and record breaking multi-millionaires. The couple is a trendsetter in It Works! Global company. They were the first to be awarded the first black diamond award, for consecutively earning $100,000 per month for more than six months.

Kami and her husband Nathan Dempsey are also highly sought after motivational speakers and business mentors. They were included in the business for home millionaires club and have featured in various reputable magazine and events as guest inspirational speakers. Some of the magazines the family has been featured in include The Wall Street Journal, Success for home, Business for home website, Networking Times among others.

It Works! Global Inc.

It Works global always written as ItWorks! Global is an international company that employs network marketing business model when selling its health products, nutritional supplements, and dietary aids.

In summary and reality, It Works! is a relatively young company that arguably entered the crowded health and wellness niche. The company however entered the multi-level marketing market with its unique It Works Wrap product that has done well with the majority of its users in the market today.

The company’s new unique niche is responsible for the It Works! Global’s tremendous financial success, despite of some individuals and regulatory bodies questioning the health benefits of the product. It Works! Global has therefore established itself as a leader in the marketing of its products in Storefronts and boutiques. It Works Global Company has so far achieved a gross sales revenue of over $450 million USD, and it is still going strong in the health and wellness niche. This marks an increase of over 543%, if we go by the Company’s 2013 and 2014 growth rate statistics.

Origin of IT Works! Global

It Works! Global is a private multi-level marketing company that was founded in 2001 by the now billionaire couple; Mark and his wife Cindy Pentecost, together with Pam Sowder. The company has manufactured a number of health and wellness product and supplements that are environmentally friendly.

ItWorks! is famous for their Skinny Wrap products that have the taken the mlm industry by storm. The company is however still at the wake of expansion, according to the 2012 news release. It Works! Global has opened several offices in all parts of the world, but its Headquarters are in Brandenton, Florida in the United States of America. It Works is in operational in more than 16 countries and still expanding. Its distributors have reached 333,000 and still growing.

It Works Products Reviews

It Works! Global provides its consumers with a company brochure containing all the It Works Products and their respective customer reviews, based on each and everyone’s unique experience.

The brochure includes the company’s herbal diet pills, protein shakes, daily vitamins, joint support supplements, and many other products. It is, however, difficult to make a fair conclusion about the company’s products because their reviews varies from damning to exalting.

As I said earlier, it entirely depends on the customer experience with a particular product. What I can comfortably say is the fact that majority of It works customer reviews are vague in nature.

I have used them personally myself and I have seen various results.can you make money with itworks

The wraps work fairly well. They suck out the toxins in your body and they do make a difference in the appearance of your skin. I have witnessed it first hand the dramatic effects that these have on some women.

One of my personal favorite products, that I still use to this day, is the Greens. It is a powder that you mix into juice and it is full of vitamins and minerals. Everyone in my household uses it and we love it.

The only unique thing about ItWorks products is that they all contain botanical ingredients. Majority of the ingredients are also found in botanical drugs from other companies, while a few can be found only in the company’s research center.

For instance, the it Works’ Thermofit has both Raspberry Keytone and red pepper that have been featured in the popular episode of Dr. Oz. The ingredients in the products have been praised as being effective for losing weight. Their down side, however, is that the products fail to explain how this is possible scientifically.

In summary, each product has some elements of Turmeric root or Capisan, which are known to have active ingredients that have medicinal value to the body. There is, nevertheless, little scientific proff to support these arguments.

It Works Compensation Planit works compensation plan

It Works offers a number of bonus opportunities and structured commissions to its independent product distributors. Those distributors selling the ItWorks Products from their stores make up to 50% profit from every product they sell. These independent distributors also earn a variety of downline commissions and performance bonuses, on top of the profit they make from the sale of the company’s products.

Distributors who buy products for home use earn what It Works! Company calls a wrap reward. A wrap reward is a commission that these distributors get for being affiliated to the company. This reward enable them buy products over half of the price.

For example, a product that has a wholesale price of $40 USD can go as low as $15 USD. This reward is however earned after a distributor has signed at least two active independent distributors into the Company.

It Works! Global pays its independent distributors a commission worth two to ten percent of the total sales made by their down line. The company however gives you the freedom to register or enroll as many product distributors in your down line as you can manage, and decide how to restructure them.

For example, an independent distributor can sponsor any of his independent distributors so as to build a business that is strong, under his or her name. This is one of the major areas an independent distributor will need to concentrate in so as to earn higher recurring commissions and get promoted in ItWorks! multi-level marketing business.

How Does One Enroll Distributors in It Works?

It Works! Invite anybody who is interested in building a business with the Company, to their special meeting they refer to as One Team, One Mission Trainings. It is in these meetings that the It Works! Business model or opportunity as many will call it is presented mostly by those distributors who have been successful in the business or by the It Works! Company Executives.

The first priority is normally given to the recently promoted top distributors. They then give their testimony on how the ItWorks have significantly changed their lives and the financial freedom they are experiencing at the moment.

The distributors chosen to address the potential distributors are chosen based on the amount of commissions they earn from It Works and their recently attained rank! This is common in almost all other network marketing companies in the world.

It Works! Also offers continuous additional training that are meant to teach its members how to build a successful It Works home based business. The trainings are normally offered one on one at regional seminars or over the internet.

Many of the seminars are meant to show some of the best mlm practices that are developed by It Works! There has however been some It Works complaints that some of the independent distributors are provided with information that is not sufficient to enable them build their business from home.

What is true is the fact that most of the information you are provided with depends on your sponsor and their commitment in ensuring that they help you succeed in It Works mlm business. The only way you can get enough information on how to start your own ItWorks business is by attending the company’s events such as Bootcamps, where newbies can ask business related questions to distributors who have reached Tripe Diamond and above.

It Works! also has a website where its distributors can access there multimedia tools to use in marketing, distributor education and ItWorks product promotion. The materials also include video presentations and PDF files that can be used at any time of the day.

It Works Pyramid Scheme Allegations

There has been a number of It Works complaints from Consumers and distributors in the sixteen countries the company operates in. The better business bureau has however given the company an A rating and has recorded over 224 complaints so far. Some of the complaints have not been satisfactorily settled!

Many complaints recorded by It Works! Global are from the $50 cancellation fee the company charges its members if they do not complete the 90 day trial period in the company, before cancelling their membership. This is totally different from other multi-level marketing pyramid scheme allegations as majority of people complain about the ineffectiveness of their respective company’s products.

I can therefore conclude that the Company’s products have at least received a positive feedback as compared to products from other companies, because I have myself, used many of the products.

There have been a few individuals who have branded It Works pyramid scam. This, in my opinion, is typical of any individual who has not made any profit from the distribution of the company’s products. It Works! has a policy that requires its distributors to sell products worth $80 USD per month.

This has brought some hard feelings for the few who have not managed to make a sale for sometime hence resolving to call it Pyramid scheme as a defense mechanism.

I belonged to and sold ItWorks! products personally and can give you an honest review of the products and the company.

The products really are great. I still use them to this day.

I did not make any real money in this company and that is the reason I am no longer selling the products or the opportunity.

I have made more money in the short amount of time that I have been involved with the coaching program than any other MLM company COMBINED that I have ever been in.

Check out the real results here!

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