Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik – Amway

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik  – Amway Korea

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In IkThe rich and successful people look for and build networks, while everyone else is busy looking for work!

I am not in a position to elaborate further on this but the journey of Amway mlm millionaires Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik will definitely give you finer details on the subject.

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik are mlm top earners with the Michigan based Amway mlm Company.

This is one of the couples that can stand tall and be counted as one of the respected ‘make money with mlm’ millionaires in the world today.

Yes, the couple is rich in every sense!

But when you talk of making money with mlm, then they are the uncelebrated masters in this business.

Let me elaborate further on this!

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik pocket $250,000 per month and over $3 million in a year!

I would venture to say that any of us would like to take home just 10% of that chunk of change!

I bet there are very few people in the corporate world who make such amount of money per month!

Okay, don’t judge me as there may be a select few who make such kind of money, but I am sure it is after working day and night and spending very little time with their loved ones.

I am not against having a formal job but I am here to share how mlm distributors are raking in millions while you and me are getting our ass kicked at our traditional job.

Still not convinced?

Okay, continue reading the background and the mlm journey of Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik for more inspiration!

Background of Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik are a medium sized couple from the republic of South Korea in the Asian Continent.

Kang Hyeon Sook is happily married to Ryu In Ik and are both citizens of South Korea.

In short, they were born, raised, and educated in South Korea.

The couple lived an ordinary civil servant way of life, struggling to make all the ends meet in the world. They started small but were strong-willed to see the world smile upon them, financially.

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu Inik were and are still dreamers of a good life, although they have achieved what majority of us just dream of.

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik are excellent motivational speakers and a highly sought after Amway product distributors in Korea. They knew nothing about Amway and mlm in general but have turned out to be champions in the multi-level marketing industry.

I am mentioning this here because they are in the top 35 list of the most prolific mlm product distributors in the world.

In fact they occupy position 31 in the mlm top earners list and 7th position in the Amway network behind Amway’s greats like Dexter & Birdie Yager, Barry Chi & Holly Chen, Foo Howe Kean & Jenny Ko, Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh, Nancy Dornan, and Kaoru Nakajima.

Now, also keep in mind, that they come from the remote areas of South Korea.

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik Journey in MLM Business

It is a fact that the mlm business venture has set history in creating and churning out millionaires, more than any other businesses in the world! America is the leading player in this, thanks to the flourishing multi-level marketing companies such as Amway that has taken over the world of traditional business ventures.

Other parts of the world have also greatly benefited from these mlm business models and Asia continent is part of this deal!

Every time I hear about mlm business and mlm top earners in Asia, I cannot help but think of Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik. These mlm super sellers and Amway product distributors might not be making as much as other mlm marketers make, but their journey to the Amway millionaires club is the most inspiring and humbling!

Okay, so how did they get started?

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik never knew anything about mlm in the first place!

To them, multi-level marketing was just a slang that made no sense at all, and never had a clue on what Amway was and the value of their products.

In summary, they lived a simple and ‘normal’ life, most probably just like me and you.

It is, however, the financial constraints and failure to live a fulfilling life that made Kang Hyeon Sook take that audacious step of testing waters in the mlm industry.

Yes, the journey was not that smooth as many tend to think.

Which, on very few occasions, it actually ever is!

They invested and failed in traditional businesses, got frustrated but still kept on trying, contrary to other failed entrepreneurs.

The mlm millionaire journey of Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik was a little bit different than other money making mlm superstars. Majority of mlm product distributors get attracted into the mlm business because of the lucrative business opportunity that comes with it.

Kang Hyeon Sook’s major attraction to the mlm Business and Amway product distribution was the Amway products, although other factors such as the business model and financial freedom was part of his motivation.

Kang Hyeon Sook first heard about the Amway business opportunity while in South Korea from a friend. The business opportunity that came with the marketing of its products was extremely tempting to them, but they decided to first try out their products.

Kang Hyeon Sook introduced the products to Ryu In Ik, who also loved their healthy value, and encouraged her husband to give them a try.

They just followed the universal rule of marketing by using a product before marketing it, although they knew very little about marketing in general!

The Amway health supplements changed their lives for good!

They soon fell in love with those products and decided to use the little savings they had made to purchase the Amway mlm membership.

This was a very hard decision for Kang Hyeon Sook as he was amidst tough financial challenges. He did however make a sacrifice and gave Amway mlm the first priority in his life.

My friends, decisions have got consequences, good or bad, but to Kang Hyeon Sook, they turned out to be positive ones in every sense!

By this, I mean his first mlm investment never disappointed him at all.

He literally preached and walked the Amway way and always talked of the business opportunities in the company, and distributed the Amway products when very little was known about the company in Korea and Asian Continent.

He started out in direct selling before the idea of building a business empire out of this struck him.

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik did all this during the worst times of interaction!

What I mean is that he established his business when there was no internet, no Facebook or twitter to connect to potential customers and no website to spread the ideas in Korea or and other parts of the world.

Imagine that for a moment!

Starting your mlm business the god ole fashioned way. Knocking on doors and actually talking to people.

I know for me, being behind a computer is so much easier than actually getting out there and talking to someone, but this guy did just that. And he didn’t stop!

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu Inik are part of the founding fathers of more than 82 Amway multi-level marketing companies in the world, and he played an integral role in the historical registration of over 94 registered Amway product distributors in Korea.

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik are also the proud owners of arguably the largest multi-level marketing company in South Korea.

Their company just like any other mlm network is affiliated to the Amway in the United States of America and accounts to over 31% of total sales in Korea and over 20% of all the sales staff in Korea.

All in all, they have achieved all this out of relentless dedication and the will to achieve their dream life.

Kang Hyeon Sook was part of the team that launched Amway Korea in 1987.

Amway Korea is a leader of the Korea direct selling association that was approved in 1988 to be a full foreign investment company. Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik are one of the pioneers of this investment corporation and are currently one of the highest rated and respected members there. The company has led them to winning numerous achievements and rise to the highest rank in the Amway mlm network.

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik Awards and Accolades

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik have definitely achieved their dreams in life. They have not only made millions of dollars in mlm but also command some unthinkable respect from admirers, mlm students, and from their fellow mlm millionaires.

I am not going to mention the flashy cars and buildings they live in, but I am going to at least give you some of the important awards and accolades this couple has received over time.

founders crown ambassador pinKang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik have achieved over 400 diamonds in their mlm career. They are also the founders of the World Wide Dream Builders together with Kim, Esther and Leonard who are also Founders Crown Ambassador 40 FAA.

Some of the awards and accolades they have won and received include double Diamond; Founders double diamond, Triple diamond, Founders Triple Diamond, Crown Award, Founders Crown awards, Crown Ambassador and Founders Crown Ambassador 40 FAA.


A side note to help you understand this achievement better:

An Amway distributor achieves a Founders Crown Ambassador 40 FAA, when he or she has attained a founder Double Diamond Qualification for one financial year and having generated 40 and above FAA credits during that financial year. This can be a daunting task but not with the dedication and persistence that Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik had in Amway mlm.

Bottom line!

Kang Hyeon Sook and Ryu In Ik are living proof that nothing is unachievable in the world!

So try anything that interests you and have fun doing it. You might be faced by many challenges in the process but they should be a motivating factor in your bid to achieve financial freedom.

Always remember that millionaires look for and build networks while other ordinary people look for work!