Kathy & Tom Smith

Kathy & Tom Smith – Isagenix Top Earners


You’ve heard of Isagenix multilevel marketing business before. I wrote about it when I profiled top MLM earner Renata Lee from Isagenix. Now, here comes a pair of millionaire entrepreneurs by the names of Kathy & Tom Smith. Isagenix’s network marketing tools must be something fierce; these two earn $97,000.00 in residual income. Before I get into Kathy and Tom Smith, let me give you some information on the Isagenix business.




Established in 2002, Isagenix is a relationship marketing business in the health and wellness sector. Founder John Anderson brought his many years of experience in the nutritional supplement industry, while Kathy and Jim Coover had experience in direct sales marketing. Jim Coover is the chairman and company president. Kathy Cover is the executive vice president. John Anderson is Isagenix’s master formulator.


In 2005, Isagenix expanded to Canada. In 2009, it opened markets overseas in Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Australia. There are about 200,000 Isagenix independent distributors from every corner of the globe. Revenue from product sales comes to over $300 billion. Most of those sales are from the US market. Isagenix supports a number of charities, such as Make-A-Wish and Childhelp.


Isagenix is always seeking ways to maximize optimal health. In 2010, it started funding the work of Sierra Science, in particular the research on telomerase activity. In 2011, Isagenix launched a product line, named Product B, based on the findings. Product B is a telomerase-supporting nutraceutical.




There is no better time like the present to get healthy. From protein shakes to weight loss packages, Isagenix offers products to look and feel good. Some complaints about Isagenix products are the information provided is false and misleading. In addition, some folks say that there are health and nutritional products in most stores that have the same ingredients in them that Isagenix products do, and these products are much cheaper.


Isagenix product reviews are mixed. There are people who say they are not Isagenix consultants that like the products, in particular the weight management line. On the other hand, there are a number of folks who don’t care for the products. For example, they state that the Isagenix cleanse basically have you starving yourself, and you will make up the calories on “shake day.”


Again, as with most health and wellness MLM businesses, the biggest concern is over cost. Isagenix cleanse costs close to $600. Ouch! You might save on your grocery bill, because you are just consuming nutritional shakes, but still…


There is also the fact that when you partake in a diet like this, you have a big chance of stopping, eating, and then starting the cleansing regimen all over again. This type of rollercoaster ride isn’t good for your body and can cause damage to your organs (gall bladder and kidneys).


Pyramid Scam


Is Isagenix a pyramid scheme? That is the question that has been going back and forth for years. There are critics who say that the way people are drawn to Isagenix because the company entices with the notion of losing weight and earning money at the same time. Moreover, there are those that claim that Isagenix uses its products to hide the fact that it is a pyramid scheme.


One of the biggest Isagenix complaints, and I have read this on more than one occasion: there is the fact that Isagenix consultants are giving out medical advice without any credentials. An Isagenix distributor asked, “At what point do ethics come into play with network marketing sales?”


Kathy & Tom Smith


They say that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is definitely the case with Kathy & Tom Smith. Kathy is the daughter of top Isagenix earner, Jimmy Smith. Jimmy Smith is infamous within the multilevel industry. With Isgenix, Jimmy is a 9-Star Multi-Millionaire. This is a gentleman who went from a butcher to an entrepreneur.


Kathy, and her husband Tom, are now millionaires in their own right. Kathy runs one of her father’s markets. These two are doing quite well; their residual income is at $97,000.00. How did they become so successful? Tom says that over the years, he has always remembered something that founder Kathy Coover said to him, “Lock arms with the ones that want to move forward.”