From Communism to Commissions

Katrin Bajri – FLP Top Earner

flp reviewsKatrin Bajri is one of the most successful MLM distributors in Europe. I can believe it, since she makes a residual income of $95,000.00. This millionaire entrepreneur is right up there with other top MLM earners from FLP, like Rolf Kipp.

Katrin was born in the eastern part of Germany, in Erfurt. She was born and raised in communism.

And you think you have it rough?

Wow – I could not even imagine a life in communism.

Katrin studied in East Germany, but she wanted a career and freedom, two things she would not have gotten if she stayed where she was.

So, she broke down the Berlin Wall and got the freedom she wanted and deserved.

Joining FLP

She chose direct sales marketing, and she found a company that she wanted to grow with. Unfortunately, the business closed just as Katrin was on the rise as the top distributor.

Her next MLM company to work with was FLP (Forever Living Products).

She enrolled in 1999, and after 2 ½ years, she reached the top level, the first person in FLP history to rank so high, so quickly.

Katrin is a Double Diamond Manager.

A very hungry entrepreneur, for sure!is flp a scam

Katrin currently lives in Dubai.

During her direct selling marketing career, she has earned many accolades, including Women of the Year twice by German Network Magazine.

Katrin is also listed as one of the top Network Marketing Personalities in Europe (Germany). Even more impressive, she is the author of “Breaking the Wall,” which describes her journey to prosperity. Besides a top independent distributor, Katrin is also a business coach and trainer.


Can you really make money in FLP?

Katrin lives by a number of philosophies that keeps her productive and motivated. She believes that you should dream big, and whatever dreams you have in life, FLP could be your way to get the fulfilled life you envision.

Starting your own home-based business can give you the time and money to do the things you have always wanted to do.

My buddy Brad here has one inspirational story as well. He shows how he went from making a nice paycheck in a J-O-B to pounded away an income from the comfort of his home.

But enough of that for now, that was just a little teaser for ya! More on that later, or just go ahead and cut this short and head over to my millionaire mentoring page!

If you want a new car, to take an exotic vacation, to pay off your student loans, or build your wealth, enrolling with FLP multilevel marketing business will get you closer to your goal than you think.

According to Katrin, if you want a healthier mind and body, as well as how much income you earn, you will find what you need with FLP.

She says,

“You can’t change your life until you change the way you think.”

Katrin is so good at what she does, which is relationship marketing, that she built up a team of 25 first-line managers in only 2 ½ years.

The reason why she chose FLP was because she wanted a company that was family-oriented, had great business philosophy, and a good product quality.

FLP met all these points.

She was first introduced to FLP when she attended meetings in Switzerland and Italy in order to get a better sense of multilevel marketing business and the CEO Rex Maughan. Katrin liked what she saw and heard; she signed up right on the spot and the rest is history.


What is FLP?

Forever Living Products was established in 1978 in Scottsdale, AZ by Rex Maughan and Carl Jensen.

In the 1990s, Maughan bought the company Aloe Vera of America and the rights to all of its products.

At first, FLP only sold aloe vera juice, lotions, and jelly in the US western states. Now, it has distribution in over 150 countries.

FLP is quite serious about its aloe vera; the company purchase aloe vera fields in Texas in the 80s.

Also in the 80s, 1983 as a matter of fact, FLP started the Forever Bee product line. These dietary supplement line offered royal jelly, bee pollen, and pure honey. The product line was later extended to include supplements that combined aloe with vitamins, ginseng, minerals, fish oils, garlic, and other ingredients.

Another big feat for FLP in 1983: it made #6 on Inc.’s 500 List of the fastest-growing private companies.

In 1995, FLP expanded even further. The company offered consumers personal care and household items, such as deodorant, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. When the FDA enforced tougher restrictions on company that were nutraceutical manufacturers, FLP spent close to $7 million on a new manufacturing plant in Arizona.

In 2010, the company’ revenue was estimated at $1.7 billion with over nine million distributors.


The FLP Compensation Plan

FLP compensation plan is just like all the others, no surprise here.

You earn commission from your retail sales. If one of your loyal customers decides to become a distributor, you earn bonus money from the retail sales of that team as well.

So, as you build your team, you build your earnings. And just like with other MLM companies, FLP offers incentives, such as global travel, cash bonuses, and a new car.

Gotta love those bonuses!

FLP product reviews are not that bad.

Most FLP complaints were about the prices being too high.

Also, customers weren’t too thrilled with taste of the drinks.

On the other hand, customers really loved the skin care items. I know for a fact that aloe vera in any type of personal care products makes it even better.

The popular and favs of customers are:

  • sunscreen
  • lotion
  • eye cream
  • shampoo


Is FLP a scam?

Over the years, FLP has had a few issues.

In 1996, the IRS and the National Tax Agency Japan (NTA) audited Rex Maughan and FLP from 1991 to 1995. In 1997, FLP Japan was accused of tax evasion. Maughan turned right around and sued the US government for unauthorized disclosure of tax information. This case went on for years, until 2015.


In 2004, FLP Hungary got into some serious trouble for false advertising, registration of products, and the use of cosmetic as medical agents. The company was fined $280,000.00 USD.

Along that same line, the government in Uganda received numerous complaints that distributors were claiming that FLP would cure diseases.

This is probably why FLP announced in 2015 that it was sending new managers to Uganda to oversee its market.

In 2015, a US district court ruled that the US government intentionally gave NTA misinformation about Maughan and his companies, which goes against the US tax treaty with Japan.

In addition, the court found the IRS guilty and awarded Maughan and his companies, including FLP, an award of a disclosed amount.

Talk about “I fought the law and I won!”

Bottom line is that most of the things that you read online about this product, it seems pretty good, although expensive.

I have come across many great products through MLM companies.

My only thing is that I want to make money, you know?

Yes, I want a great product, but I want to be able to make money without having to spend all of my commissions on purchasing the products that I am selling.

I don’t know, maybe I am just bias.

I have been in many MLM companies where I spent more money than I ever made.

But that was before I found my money making machine that I am working currently.

Don’t take my word for it though, check it out here if you want to see true and real results.

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