Kenny Rossi

Kenny Rossi – Nikken Top Earner


I hear people loud and clear when they say that they going into network marketing, because they want to get paid what they feel they are worth. Anyone who has worked at a regular job knows that you rarely get paid for the amount of work you put in. This was exactly the case with Kenny Rossi.


Before joining Nikken, he worked for Budweiser as a salesman for six years. He was looking for a way to grow financially, when he came upon Nikken multilevel marketing business. He saw this MLM company as a way to acquire unlimited wealth. Kenny joined when he was 27, and in the six years he was a Nikken consultant, he has earned the rank of Royal Diamond. He currently earns $100,000.00 a month in residual income.


Kenny is married to Esmeralda, and they have three children: son Julian, and daughters Monay and Alahzay. If he had to give advice to other consultants within Nikken network marketing business it would be to treat others with respect and be willing to teach everyone how to achieve financial and time freedom. Kenny believes that the health, tax advantages, and avenue to building wealth are a perfect mixture of business and pleasure.


Like all other top MLM earners, Kenny set daily goals, as well as short and long-term goals, and he makes sure to achieve them. To get his mind set in the right path, he read books and listens to tapes on a daily basis. He also hung around positive people who were goal-oriented as well.


I don’t know if you are a frequent visitor to my blog (I hope you are), but I have written before about individuals who are at the top of their network marketing game. They all say that you have to “condition” your mind with positive messages. You have to think and believe you will prosper in order for your home-based business to flourish.


Since your growth depends on your downline, or team, you have to be a great leader. Being a great leader means you led by example, and you also have to be a great follower. With multilevel marketing, it is customary to find a leader who is doing well and copy what he or she is doing. Therefore, you also have to be teachable. But most importantly, you have to enjoy what you are doing. Have fun!




I have written about the Nikken business before, but as always, I try to find more information. Nikken MLM company offers health and wellness products that contain a unique technology—the use of magnets. It has been in business for over 35 years, and its products are available in over 37 countries.


The founder, Isamu Masuda, wanted to build a company that created products based on the five pillars of optimal health, which means to have a healthy body, mind, local community, finances, and family. Masuda believes that when a person doesn’t have all five, they can’t achieve their true potential regarding happiness and wealth.


The range of products offered includes everything from necklaces, to earrings, to mattresses, to water filtration. Everything that this direct sales business provides is around the theme of rest and relaxation. The first product created was the Magsteps Magnetic Insoles, which are for anyone seeking relief from sore feet and the drain it puts on the whole body. The inspiration for the product comes from the pebbled layout of the floors in Japanese bath houses.


Nikken product reviews by consumers are mixed. There are those who say that the products work great. But you never know; these folks could be consultants for the company. There are plenty that say that the biggest problem with Nikken is the products are overpriced.


For example, the Kenko Perfect Link magnet necklace costs over $100.

If you are into holistic remedies, then Nikken products are a good fit for you. If you are into western, scientific medicine, then you probably aren’t buying any of this. These are the folks that a good amount of the Nikken complaints come from.


Making Money


If you are considering enrolling with Nikken, you will be happy to know that the leadership team at this relationship marketing company boasts many years of experience in the network marketing business. It is important, because it shows the direction and type of business plan the company will have in order for their distributors to be successful. Moreover, it shows that those in charge are devoted to the people and the products it represents.


When it comes to the compensation plan, there are five ways to earn bonuses. They are: retail profits, wholesale profits from rebates, performance/leadership bonuses, residual income, and incentive programs. Before you decide that this is a Nikken pyramid scam, it is important to learn the unique techniques of this company so you will prosper; this is according to those who are Nikken top earners.


Although Nikken says that its consultants earn money through selling products, the bottom line is that it makes money from recruiting new distributors. Moreover, to rise in the ranks at Nikken, you have to recruit a certain number of individuals. The higher you go up in the ranks, the amount of money you earn increases dramatically. Nonetheless, the requirements increase as well.


There are those who say that the issue with Nikken and other MLM businesses is that you have to continuously work at getting ahead. Furthermore, you have to consistently take care of those in your team, since your prosperity hinders on their performance as well. But if you think about it, isn’t this the way most businesses, multilevel or not work? If you work for a corporation, wouldn’t you feel a lot better knowing you work under a leader who cares about your well-being?


Giving Back


Nikken first opened its doors in the US in 1989, and it looks forward to many more years in the network marketing industry. In its goal to give back to the community, Nikken has established The Toshizo Watanbe Foundation, with the motto of, “Steps on the Path to a Better Life.”


The foundation  provides financial assistance to young men and women who are pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree. It is open to family members of Nikken distributors in good standing at the Silver rank or above. The scholarship was inspired by Mr. Watanbe’s own story. As a student in Japan, he received a similar scholarship from the Japanese government. He also received an endowment to attend Brandeis University in the US.


The scholarship program amount is lasted listed at $10 million, contributed by Mr. Watanbe personally. Recipients receive the funds based on need and other qualifications, such as academic performance, recommendations from teachers, and community involvement.