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Kenton Worthington – Nu Skin


I am continuously, and pleasantly surprised, when I read about young people who are becoming MLM millionaires. You would think that folks in their 20s or 30s just want to have a job, go to happy hour, and party on the weekend. So, I am speechless when I read about young people who take on the responsibility of running their own business. Wow, I am not mad at you…LOL!


Take for example Kenton Worthington. In his 30’s, he is a millionaire, thanks to his success as a MLM top earner ($115,000.00 per month) with Nu Skin. He assisted Nu Skin Enterprises in establishing an office in Eastern Europe. Kenton states that he never would have thought he would have accomplished this much when he first starting in direct selling.


For someone so young, he possesses plenty of wisdom. He knows that in order to have a home-based business, you have to sacrifice a lot of time and energy. Kenton also said that his whole view on his multilevel marketing business changed when he realized that it wasn’t about him, but more about his customers and his team.


According to him, it isn’t what you do that counts, but the spirit and attitude behind your actions that matter. Simply put, you will prosper more when you take self out of the equation. The only way that network marketing is going to work for you is when you make the decision to put all of your strengthen into making it work. It is one thing to dream it will succeed; it is another thing to put the hard work into making it happen.


You have to realize that when you decide to work in MLM, you are becoming a leader. As a leader, your recruits will look to you for guidance and support. This is your job more than anything else. When the point comes that you realize this, you will growth into the person you were meant to be.


These are all Kenton Worthington’s personal philosophies. And he has plenty of more ….




According to Kenton, if you want to be successful in life, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. Passion is the energy that gives you your drive and ambition. Speaking of ambition, as childish as this may sound, Kenton says that you should write down your goals, short-term and long-term.


Where would you like to be five years from now? Most people don’t know, but the thing is, in order to give your life some direction, you should have a clear picutre of where you would like to be. Ever so often, you need to pull out your goal list and check how close you are to your goal and how much more work needs to be done.


You might have reached your goal! That’s good, but now you need to challenge yourself with new goals. This gives you some direction on what is required of you to get there. I think that what Kenton is saying is that you need to always have a path mapped out on whee you would like to be going in life. I know it sounds cliché, but it is the truth.


This is especially true if you plan on going into the multilevel marketing industry. You have peopwle who are depending on your for leadership and guidance. You will lead your team by example. If you don’t keep your word, or don’t set any goals, how do you expect your downline to do the same?




That brings me to Kenton’s next point. You have heard the phrase, “Well, at least you tried.” How true this is! You can’t grow as an individual if you never step out on faith and take a risk at the unknown. When you always play it safe, you learn nothing about new territories. Moreover, you don’t test your own strength and abilities.


We have all learn over the years to feel bad about failures. But, it is the complete opposite. Failures aren’t a bad thing. First, even if the outcome isn’t what you expected, at least you tried something new. You learn from your mistakes. Here’s the thing about mistakes: you know not what to do for next time.


Creative people loves to try new things. These folks might have a starting point, but they typically let their mind and mood direct them on how to reach their goal. They don’t mind not knowing which road to take. They love taking the “scenic route” to reach their destination.




I have always said that there is a big difference between arrogance and self-confidence. There is nothing wrong with believing you have the skills and knowledge to do great things. As a matter of fact, you should feel that way about yourself. However, having self-esteem is a growth process. You realize what areas in your life are good, and what areas need more work.


This is what arrogance is. For example, if you are interesting in multilevel marketing, you think that you don’t need to network, attend events, or training sessions because you already know all this stuff. Yorsou just want to get in so you can make those six figures. With no personal growth, there will be no success.


With your self-confidence, you need to have discipline. The first time the outcome doesn’t turn out the way you want, you can’t quit. You have to come up with a better approach, or like creative people, find a different route.


I have said this over and over again on my blog, but it bears worth repeating, especially since Kenton Worthington says the same exact thing. If you are in relationship marketing, you will have to take care of your business and your team even on days when you don’t feel like it. You will have to take phone calls, email your team members, speak with customers, and attend online training sessions. If you are not ready for this, you need to move on.




This seems simple enough, but you would be surprised. You should be pleasant to work with. There is absolutely no way you will keep your recruits on your team if you act like a you-know-what. In corporate America, it seems like it is a requirement to be as unpleasant as you can be. This type of behavior doesn’t work in relationship marketing, where interact with people all around the globe is vital to your success.


Back to the networking aspect of MLM, you have to be willing to interact with all types of people. Youwill have to surround yourself with people who are good at mentoring, teaching, as well as those that are goal-oriented. Negative and nasty people will have to be left alone.




Are you willing to learn? You have to be eager to be the best and have the mindset to be realize that you can always pick up new skills to take your MLM to the next level. There is always room for personal and professional growth in life, regardless of your age, sex, or background.




I am so loving the wisdom of Kenton Worthington. He said that it is not talent that will get you far, but that attitude of yours. You can be the best public speaker or multilevel marketer in the free world, but if no one wants to be around you because of your egotistical attitude, you or your business aren’t going anywhere.


Man, this is so true. I have worked with people who could do their job with their eyes closed, but their attitude was straight stank. And in a field like network marketing, attitude is everything.


We are our own worst enemy. If you are wondering why you can never get ahead, take a good look at yourself. We put up self-imposed boulders and stumbling blocks that deter us from reaching our goals. We make up all types of excuses for our lack of success. Our mind will even tell us that we don’t deserve it.


You deserve to be happy. I know that there are a lot of people who hate to see someone who is successful and happy. When you tell these negative haters that you want some of that, they will laugh and tell you you’re crazy. Misery loves company, and negative, hidden-jealous types will never say an encouraging word to you to go after your dreams.


This is why you have to be real careful about who you spend your time with. You are known by the company you keep. Many, many network marketers stated that when they decided to start their own home-based businesses, they have to change everything about themselves, including what types of books they read, what types speeches you listen to, and most importantly, what types of folks you associate with.


To be successful, you are going to have to make some very necessary changes in your life. There are no two ways about it. Anyone, including you, can accomplish great things. Who told you otherwise? You? Someone else? If so, you believe everything someone tells you?


You have got to know when to separate the wheat from the chaff. And on that note, this includes close friends and family members. Anyone who isn’t encouraging you toward your goal needs to be let go. All that negativity around you serves no purpose.


Everything that you hear, touch, read, and feel should add something positive or have some bearing on your personal growth. If it or the person doesn’t, let it go. I know this might sound a tad harsh. But the reality is, you will never get anywhere in this life being around people or in an atmosphere where you can’t grow or achieve anything.




With this high-level of intelligence, it is no wonder that Kenton Worthington is a six-figure entrepreneur. Besides being a Team Elite member at NuSkin, he also is among their top producers. Some even consider him one of the top direct sales marketers worldwide.


As a testimony to his positive energy and enthusiasm, he has a team consisting of recruits from over 25 countries. If you are wondering how Kenton built his team it was by speaking with his each person face-to-face. When he sponsor a new team member, he works with that person to make sure that they achieve the level a high level of success. His spirit for greatness is contagious. Just ask his brother, Richard, who is now a NuSkin top earner.


I have written about NuSkin several times, but here is the background for this amazing direct-selling company. It was founded in 1984, and it sells products that are made from natural ingredients that help with anti-aging. NuSkin operates worldwide, and in 2014, it earned over $2.5 billion.


A motto of this company is to give back, and so it has established a number of charities, such as Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation. It also works with Ronald McDonald House and Nourish the Children.


NuSkin has been accused of being a MLM company that participates in MLM scams and pyramid schemes. However, after all this time, this network marketing business is still  going strong.