Kevin O’Connor

Kevin O’Connor – FGXpress Top Earner


I’ll admit, I have never heard of FGXpress before today. There is a new multilevel marketing business coming into the industry almost on a daily basis. This just goes to show you that people around the globe are looking for a better and more productive way to earn a living.


Moreover, I have never heard of MLM top earner Kevin O’Connor. But it seems I should have. This gentleman has been in the network marketing industry for more than 25 years, and he has only worked with four companies. Now, he makes $115,000.00 a month.  But he didn’t start off this prosperous.




Before FGXpress and MLM, Kevin O’Connor was a partner of a clothing manufacturing business in the Philadelphia, PA area, and the company was tanking. On the verge of bankruptcy, he was in dire need of a way to take care of his family. The money he did have was going rapidly in order to save his business.


He knew that a 9-5 job wasn’t going to cut it. He needed money, and he needed lots of it quickly. He heard about FGXpress, a new start-up multilevel marketing company. Within 10 months of joining, he had the financial freedom he was looking for.


His first check from network marketing was for $6. He didn’t become despondent and discouraged. Instead, he worked harder. His work ethic paid off. Soon, his checks were four figures. When he got his first $5,000 check, he knew he had made the right move by going into direct selling.


As his residual income increases, so did his possibilities. Currently, he and his family enjoy time and financial freedom that he would not have thought could happen to him. He dreams and thinks without limits. Furthermore, he delivers this level of enthusiasm to his team.


Here we go again. His goal is not to only keep doing well in MLM, but he wants his FGXpress consultants to live a fulfilled life with time and financial freedom just like he is. I am telling you the truth, I have never heard of people this generous ever in my life.


It might be, because I spent so many years in corporate America, where the motto is: “Every man for himself.” I am so use to people being so vindictive and backbiting, that when I read about millionaires and entrepreneurs who are all too willing to help others make their million, it is really disbelieving.


According to Kevin, he wasn’t looking to becoming a millionaire when he first started in direct sales marketing. He was just trying to keep a roof over his head and put food on the table for his family. I am telling you the truth; it is nothing like having your back to the wall to get you moving. Been there, done that. You don’t want it to be like this to take a chance in life, but sometimes it comes down to this. You stepping out on faith into unchartered, new territories, having faith that “this” is going to work.


This is what he tells his associates around the globe. He tells them about his humble start, and where he is today. In life, your personal testimony tells the most about your character. I don’t know this definite, but I believe this is why he is able to connect to so many people around the world. Who hasn’t gone through a tough patch in life?


Kevin must be getting through to people, connecting to them on the most personal level. The result is he has the largest number of FGXpress consultants, who are the highest earners, and hold the highest positions in more than 150 countries. Kevin O’Connor has the Midas touch!




If you are wondering about FGXpress, let me tell you. A new, innovative network marketing company established in January 2013, it provides all-natural powerstrips to relieve pain, as well as improve the look and feel of skin. This product is so remarkable, it is listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA.


The company went globally instantly, because the products are conveniently shipped as easily as a birthday card. FGXpress is a division of a 10 year-old company, Forever Green, and it is projected to make billions over the next few years. The reason being FGXpress is targeting the anti-aging market, and this sector is growing bigger and bigger. As people grow older, they are looking for new ways to look and feel young again.


Compared to some of the other MLM business that is providing anti-aging products, FGXpress is doing outstanding. After being in business for a little over a year, it is situated in more markets than some of the heavy hitters who have been in the multilevel marketing business for more than 20 years. I see not only can FGXpress make big projections, it can back them up as well!


FGXpress is provides not only powerstrips to relieve pain, but beauty strips (skin care) for anti-aging on the face, and solar strips (oral) to provide fuel and nutrition for the body. This is so new! I have never heard of anything like this, but I am loving  it. I am always glad to see people thinking outside the box to create a product that is new and refreshing. My hat is off to these folks.


Rocket Fuel Team is the name of the top independent distributors for FGXpress. They bring in the most money, helping to make FGXpress the successful global name it has become in such a short time. And most importantly, they are ready and willing to assist anyone in achieving success in their home-based business. The Rocket Fuel Team can’t make you successful, but they train and guide you into your own prosperity.


FGXpress Compensation Plan


Ron Williams, the CEO, founder, and chairman of FGXpress said something important that bears worth repeating. He said that money makes good people better, and bad people worse. Isn’t this the truth!


This is why network marketing isn’t for everyone, and everyone isn’t successful in the industry. If you are a selfish, self-centered person who only cares about yourself, this isn’t for you. If your idea of leadership is being in charged and telling others what to do, you need to move on.


I’m sorry, I got sidetracked. I was supposed to be explaining the compensation plan, I got caught up. But I just think it is so important to let folks know what they need to bring to the MLM table.


The earnings, commissions, and bonuses for FGXpress multilevel marketing business work basically the same way as most others. As a FGXpress consultant, you earn a commission for every direct sale to a customer. If your customer decides to become an independent distributor, you earn a bonuses plus commission on every customer sales by your recruit.


FGXpress believes you should pay yourself first, and you will feel pride in knowing that you have a hand in the success of this state-of-the-art health and beauty MLM business. Regardless of age, background, sex, with a dedicated work ethic, self-confidence, and motivation, anyone can be a network marketing success story.




Kevin was inspired to try network marketing, because he wanted to not have to worry about money as he did when he was growing up. He was raised by a widowed mother who has to feed and clothed three boys. They were never hungry or naked, but he knew that it had to be tough for his mother.


By his father dying of a heart attack, Kevin’s focus was on health as he was growing up. This is why he was so drawn to FGXpress. Even more so, he was mentored by MLM top earners who were housewives, teachers, and truck drivers. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It didn’t hurt either that these folks were making more in a month than he could make in a year.


He didn’t feel he was any better or worse than the people he met. He just thought that if they could be successful in the FGXpress MLM business, so could he. What Kevin enjoys the most is the potential for greatness with FGXpress.


He said that he loves the fact that they he can help a single mother in the Philippines experience financial success who would otherwise not ever have that level of freedom.  Kevin said that in some countries, consultants are doubling their income. This might not seem much to some, but in countries with very little money, network marketing is making a big difference.


Kevin also speaks of how extraordinary the products are. When the powerstrips first hit the international market, FGXpress received positive feedback (testimonies) within 24 hours. When he is rewarded with exotic trips and cruises, he takes his wife and two kids, something he definitely knows wouldn’t have happened if he had not gotten involved with MLM.


Even more, he enjoyed surrounding himself with others who are goal-oriented, positive, and want to be successful. Kevin said that although he is labeled an All-Star with FGXpress network marketing business, the real star is his wife. She is the one who worked the regular job while he took the risk with direct sales.




Kevin is very serious about his career, and the type of individual he will work with. You must be teachable, willing to listen and learn. Moreover, you have got to want to the time and financial freedom badly. Meaning, you have to be ready to attend training sessions, events, conference calls, whatever you need to do.


I keep saying this, folks. MLM is not for the faint at heart. If you don’t like to work hard, if you are doubtful, you really don’t need to be in multilevel marketing. Network marketing isn’t for everyone. As Kevin O’Connor stated, “If you are not ready to commit to giving your MLM career your all, don’t waste my time or yours.”



MLM is for people with a certain skill set. When you have incredible products with a first-rate pay structure, you get a winning combination. Add to it the prospect of online network marketing, and there is no way you can go wrong, if you are really serious about running your own business.


Over the years, Kevin O’Connor has done quite well for himself. This wouldn’t all be possible if he didn’t take a chance with MLM, and FGXpress. With loyalty, success comes long after the honeymoon is over (FGXpress words).


There is something else that needs to be addressed. I believe I have said this before on my blog, but I will repeat it, because it is extremely important to understand. Getting involved in multilevel marketing, or with FGXpress, doesn’t guarantee you will be making six figures.


It is imperative, because a lot of folks jump on the bandwagon, thinking they will be a millionaire. Moreover, every MLM business tells you that there is no promise of any high-level income. What you really do need to know is that you need to be trained and educated on the skills and expertise to get the six figures.


It is entirely up to you on how much income you bring in. If you don’t get the money you are looking for, don’t blame FGXpress. You will need to look in the mirror. You have to bring something to the table besides your body. This is where a lot of individuals mess up. They want the residual income without the hard work. But, the hard work and nice residual income goes hand-in-hand. As Kevin O’Connor stated, “Your income is a result of YOUR efforts, not anybody else’s.”


It is just like life itself; you get out of life what you put in. When you put nothing in, you just want to sit around and just exist day to day, you have no one else to blame for your mediocrity.


FGXpress is the vehicle to becoming financial-free; you are the driver. If you stay on the road, focus on your goals, keep putting fuel in your car, and keep your windshield clean so you can see ahead, you will get to your destination.