Khoo Chong Kok & Tei Chai Choo (Tracy)

Khoo Chong Kok & Tei Chai Choo (Tracy) – Amway Top Earners


Just like other Amway Top Earners Maria Schleipfer and Clement & Anita Fu, Khoo Chong Kok & Tei Chai Choo (Tracy) knew a great opportunity when they saw it. Amway was established in 1959 and is one of the oldest multilevel marketing businesses in the industry. Forbes has ranked it among one of the largest US companies that is privately owned. I remember as a child, my parents using Amway detergent and floor cleaning. Little did I know back then that we were customers of an Amway network marketer.


Well, what a difference a day makes. To keep up with the times, Amway now provides its customers with everything from detergent to water purifiers. Other items and products available at Amway include:


  • Cookware
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Business-to-Business Cleaners
  • Plant Food
  • Vitamins
  • Weight Management
  • Energy Drinks
  • Skincare for Men


There is even something called Ditto Delivery. It automatically delivers specific products to customers every month. This is especially convenient for seniors and individuals with special needs. What even more impressive is that Amway products are available in 90 countries and territories around the globe. And there is an Amway top earner in every part of the world, including America’s most famous Amway distributor Bill Britt.


In order to be a member of the Amway family, you have to enroll as an independent distributor. As an Amway independent business owner, you earn commission for all of your product sales. If one of your customers decides they want to become an Amway IBO, you earn bonus money for all products your recruits sells. Amway compensation plan works basically like all the other MLM companies. The goal is to get you started in your home-based business.




Amway is part of a family of companies under the Alticor name, and this group of businesses does very well. In 2012, Alticor earned over $11 billion. Not bad for a direct sales business that was started by two friends who always dreamed of being entrepreneurs. Before Amway, they operated a hamburger stand, air charter service, and a sailing business.


In 1949, Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos (the two friends) were introduced to a multilevel business, Nutrilite, by Jay’s cousin, Carl Rehnborg. Nutrilite was a relationship marketing business that developed the first multivitamin sold in the US. Jay and Rich signed up to become distributors, but they lost interest. After attending an event in Chicago, the two started back to sell Nutrilite and their business flourished.


Jay and Rich soon established the Ja-Ri Corporation. Distributors not only earned money on their direct sales, but on the sales of their recruits. Yes, this is where multilevel marketing started. By 1958, Ja-Ri Corporation had over 4,500 consultants. Even though they were still selling Nutrilite, Jay and Rich wanted to market other products. They bought the rights to an organic cleaner called Frisk, and they began offering it to customers.


Additionally, they changed the name of their company to Amway (an abbreviation of American Way), and they formed the Amway Sales Corporation and the Amway Service Corporation, which handled insurance and other benefits for distributors. It is nice to hear of a company that will form an organization to make sure that its members have insurance for themselves and their families. It would be nice if more companies were this considerate.




To give back to the community, Amway is the official naming franchise for the Orlando Magic. Since the DeVos Family owns the Orlando Magic basketball team, the arena where the team plays was changed from TD Waterhouse Centre to the Amway Arena. A new arena, the Amway Center, was built in 2010. Amway also sponsors the Detroit Red Wings hockey team and the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team (jersey sponsor). Amway sponsors the Canadian Championship, an annual soccer tournament.




Since Amway uses a level distribution that gives individuals bonuses and commissions based on sales and recruitment, it has been accused over the years of being a MLM scam. In 1979, Amway was accused of being a pyramid scheme, but the FTC ruled that Amway’s business plan was not that of a pyramid scam, and therefore, not illegal. It was proven that distributors are paid when they sell products, and the company buys back any excess inventory.


There are some critics who accused Amway of being a legal pyramid scheme.However, the FTC did say that Amway was guilty of exaggerating about distributors’ incomes and price fixing. The company had to back up any statement about the average earnings of a distributor with proof. In 1986, Amway violated this order and was fined $100,000.00.


Khoo Chong Kok & Tei Chai Choo (Tracy)


Now, let us get back to our two Amway top earners, Khoo Chong Kok and Tei Chai Choo (Tracy). Khoo Chong Kok said that when he first heard about Amway, he was so against it, he convinced 20 of his friends to quit the network marketing business. His tuned changed when he finally understood the financial and time freedom he could have with an Amway home-based business.


In 1982, he quit college to put his energy into becoming an Amway distributor. His dedication and work ethic has garnered him Amway businesses in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, US, Singapore, and many other countries. He has made many friends along the way, fellow Amway distributors who are goal-oriented and work as hard as he does to spread the word about Amway. Khoo is an Executive  Diamond in China, and his downline has over 20,000 individuals. In 2008, he became a Diamond in Korea. Khoo and Chai Choo are Founders Crown Ambassadors.


Even though these two earn $100,000.00 a month in residual income, they are committed to helping others achieve a better life and fulfill their goals. They believe that regardless who you are, or where you come from, nothing is impossible. Their advice is to keep believing and everything you want will happen. There is a saying that Khoo and Chai live by: “It is not the years in your life that count; it is the life in your years.” What a powerful message!


Khoo says that people are most powerful when they take their destiny in their own hands. Those who know Khoo say that he is a formidable leader who inspires and motivates others in turning their dreams into a reality. He says that he was always persistent in gaining success in life. Every time someone asked Khoo what he wanted to be when he grew up, he simply replied, “I want to be somebody.” He said that people often laughed at him for saying this, but he ignored them and pursued his goal.