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I thought I would start with a story about dreams deferred. I have a relative, whom I will refer to as Marian. Marian has always been a free spirit type of gal…LOL. She’s the type that would try something new and exciting, while the rest of us look on. As a teenager, while the other kids wanted to go to high school with each other, Marian wanted to go to a magnet high school on the other side of town to meet people she had never seen before.


She did the same thing for college. All the seniors wanted to go to college with each other, so they had somebody on campus they knew. Not Marian; she went to college on the other side of the US. I remember Marian saying that she did this because she had always wanted to see this part of the country. I used to (and I still do) say that when I grow up, I want to be like Marian. I have always admired her adventurous spirit.


Well everything didn’t always work out for Marian. During her second year of college, she zigged when she should have zagged, resulting in her having to come back home without a degree. Marian took education very seriously, and she wanted her degree more than anything.


So, Marian went to work. She worked in finance, and even without a degree, she did quite well. But she never gave up on her dream of getting her degree. Even though she made a nice salary, Marian knew that corporate America wasn’t for her. Marian isn’t a follower, and she has the type of personality that you have to bring something to the table in order for her to be around you.


Now, it is eight years after Marian had to leave college. She was still working, but still dreaming of her degree, she had some information about a university sent to her. However, the information package just sat on her living room table. If you had asked Marian was she happy, she would tell you that she was happy to have a job, but she didn’t feel like she was where she was supposed to be. She felt she should be doing something more.


Marian hadn’t opened the package, because she told me back then she was nervous. It had been a minute since she had been on anybody’s campus, and she didn’t know if she should try it again. The first time didn’t end too well for her. According to her, the decision came to her as she sat watching television after work, which is what she usually did. She asked herself, “Is this all I am going to be doing from now on?”


She said it was at that moment she took the package, opened it, and began filling out the admissions form. A few weeks later, she got her acceptance letter. I was so happy for her. However, some of my relatives weren’t. The first thing they said was that she was too old to be going back to school. They also asked her why she would choose a college in the southwest, when there were plenty of schools in the Midwest. I love Marian’s response. She told those haters, “Because I felt like it.”


But now there was the problem of where she would live. The school was located in a city Marian had never even visited. She didn’t know one end of town from the other. In true Marian form, she filled out an application to live in an upper-class, all-girl dorm.  At this point, Marian was in her late 20s, and the average age of college students is late teens. But this didn’t deter Marian; she wanted that degree.


Marian will be the first to tell you it was by no means an easy task. She had to deal with negative comments, entitled-feeling young people, and just trying to study and work at the same time. But all that came second to her being back in school, fulfilling her dream of getting her degree. Three years later, Marian got her degree, graduating with honors.


My point in telling this story is: we all want everything in our lives to go in a straight line, but that’s not how it works. There will be some crooked roads, bend turns, and loop-to-loops that we will have before we reach our destination. The thing is you can’t lose focus, no matter what anyone says. A lot of times, people will say or do things out of spite and jealousy, especially if you are trying to accomplish a goal that they don’t have.


You can’t let this deter you. As with my relative Marian, she didn’t graduate from high school, go straight to college, and earn her degree. She took off a number of years before going back to school. And that is just the thing: she didn’t give up her dream, even if it took a little time to get it.


This is something that I have heard and written about with a lot of top MLM earners. They set their goals, and then they went about achieving them. Some folks were able to reach their goals quickly, and some weren’t. I have heard plenty of stories in which that first check wasn’t even $20. What did they do? They regrouped and tried again. They also learn what not to do the next time.


Marian told me that she believed the reason why she failed the first time in getting her degree was that she didn’t take it serious enough. She would go to class, but she also spent a considerable amount to time having fun (knowing her, that fun time overran her studies). When she went back to school, she made sure her schoolwork came first.


I am sure you have dreams that you want to achieve, whether it is to not have to worry about your bills to having money saved for your retirement. Whatever your dream is, if it doesn’t come right when you want, or think it should, that’s okay. The important thing to keep in mind is to not forget your dream, work towards your goal, and to stay focus and positive.


Something else Marian told me was that when she went back to school, she made sure she associated with people who did well, attended class, and participated in community and school activities. She was real particular about who she kept company with. This is the same thing I write all the time that top network marketers say. It is imperative to be around people who are goal-oriented and have something going for them. Notice I didn’t say people who have achieved all their goals. I said people who at least have them.


Regardless of your age, ethnicity, upbringing, or whatever, everyone should have dreams. Dreams are what motivates us every day to get up and keep moving. I’m sorry, but I am very wary of people who don’t have any dreams. Even if it is something simple as really good meal, there has always got to be something to wish for.


When you start wishing and dreaming, you start on the path to making the necessary changes in your life to get to where you want to be. You set goals. And I really don’t want to hear about being too old to have goals. This is something I hear quite a bit, and it really is ridiculous.


I believe this is the problem with a lot of folks. They claim they don’t have any dreams or goals. Well, even if you don’t, think of something you have always wanted to do, regardless if it is going on a cruise for the first time to drive cross-country in a recreational vehicle. For everyone breathing on this earth, there is something you wanted to do that you have not gotten a chance to do.


I know a woman I used to work with told me that when she retired, she and her husband were going to buy a module home and just go wherever they felt like it. I met a young lady who works for a major coffee shop. Since they have stores in every corner of the world, she travels around the world and just works in any of their shops. How cool is that!


I was on vacation overseas, and I met a couple who were both engineers. They told me that they live like this: they find a city they have always wanted to live in, they look for employment, and they move there. After a while, they find another city they have always wanted to live in, find jobs, and move. Now, some folks might consider this a crazy way to live. But you know what? It works for them. Both are in agreement to this lifestyle, and moreover, they are genuinely happy.


I like people who take risks, whether it turns out good or bad.  I believe I have said this before, but when you consistently play it safe, you miss out on a whole lot of living. So for those who step out of their comfort zone, I say to you: rock on!


TianDE Business


I bet anything that Lamara & Igor Zhabina stepped out of their comfort zone to become a part of TianDe. They would have to, since they are top earners at this multilevel marketing company and making $110,000.00 per month in residual income.  TianDe MLM is an incorporated business which started in 2007 in Russia-Altai, in a town called Barnaul. TianDe products are health and beauty items that combine ancient and traditional medicine.


These products, which contain more than 20,000 herbs, are geared towards improving the body’s circulation, appearance, health, and energy level. The expansion in the European market is growing rapidly. There are more than 2,000 TianDe independent distributors, and there are more than five million everyday people and professionals from over 10 countries that use the TianDe products.


The herbs and plants used are grown in the ecological areas of Tibet and China. The water used in the products comes from natural sources. Simply put, TiaDe only uses natural sources in the over 500 products it offers.


TianDE product reviews have been solid. There are reviews online for its peach body scrub which is one of the more popular items. On this same note, customers said that the more popular items are consistently out-of-stock, and that TianDe could do better with making sure there are more of the most popular items available.


Customers raved about how fast delivery is. From the reviews that I read, customers are quite satisfied with the high-quality products, especially the hair and skin items. Well, I am glad to hear something positive about products that can back up their claims. More importantly, TianDe is said to have remarkable customer service. When customers have inquiries or requests, the staff is friendly and prompt.




You have three ways to work with TianDe as either a smart buyer, small business owner, or a large business owner. As a smart buyer, you can purchase products directly from the company saving money and earning cash back. As a small business owner, you can operate your own home-based business using TianDe products. As a large business owner, you can organize the rep offices in your region.


Additionally, you can also serve as a leader of consultants. Becoming a leader is encouraged with bonuses. I couldn’t understand some of the language, since I had to get the webpages translated. However, I did see bonuses regarding what looked like to be a college degree and for a Mercedes.


TianDe Complaints


I don’t know if there are any complaints about a TianDe pyramid scheme or a TianDe pyramid scam. Just like multi level marketing businesses in the US, it says that you can reach high monetary figures in a short amount of time. I do know that this relationship marketing company is doing quite well in the European MLM.