Lamia Bettaieb – Leading Lady

Lamia Bettaieb – Top Woman Earner in World Global Network

Have you ever been given a chance to introduce an icon or a dignitary in a congregation?

Did you experience a certain form of confusion or fear on where to start from and where to stop?

How did you introduce her to the audience?

I seriously need your hand because this is what I am experiencing today as I introduce to you a strong, unique, hardworking and mlm top earner, Lamia Bettaieb!

lamia-bettaieb-president-millionaireOkay, who is this Lamia Bettaieb anyway?

Lamia Bettaieb is one of the top Wor(l)d Global Network Product and service distributors in the world. She is also a make money with mlm millionaire who is energetic and has a strong will to be a world winner in mlm entrepreneurship.

I was at first confused on where to start from in her introduction because she deserves every praise a modern lady and mother can possibly dream of!

Lamia Bettaieb is not only an mlm money queen, but also a world-class motivational speaker and business mentor.

She has been able to build an empire, yes, an mlm business empire in an Arab community, considering the gender inequity and inequality associated with Islamic religion in Arabic speaking countries.

Just imagine yourself becoming a millionaire and dominating a business world where you are given very few chances of expressing your ideas, passion and feeling!

For me, defying all those odds is in itself an achievement, let alone being a millionaire!

Okay, what would have happened to her if she was born and raised where you currently live with all that freedom?

Maybe she would have been the president of the world to say the least!

So, how successful is Lamia Bettaieb Now?

Yes, this is the most interesting bit of Lamia Bettaieb’s story that I have been looking forward to write about!

Lamia Bettaieb is a real business hero and mlm top earner in the world.

She is the second best services and product distributors in Wor(l)d Global Network behind Toufik Rezig, and the top female earner in this technology and Energy Company that has its headquarters in London, UK.

She in fact makes a whopping $250,000 per month and a whole $3 million per year.

As if that is not enough, the money just comes in while she is having fun with her family or just being able to do totally nothing!

This is what I call real investment and wise planning in real life my friends.

Do you want to know more about Lamia Bettaieb?

Then let us look at her family background!

The Background of Lamia Bettaieb

Lamia Bettaieb is a classy Muslim lady from Tunisia who is currently living with her husband and family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, if I might say!

Lamia Bettaieb loves world dishes and their spices. She loves tasting different food dishes from all parts of the world, mostly when travelling from one country to another for business or vacation. Her favorite dishes are sea foods because her Horoscope is Pisces. She however describes her eating habit awful.

Her description is true because she can go for a whole day without eating anything!

Lamia Bettaieb is a very good swimmer, as that is her favorite hobby. When not swimming, you can find her on her horse racing or in a massage parlor.

Our mlm top earner loves what she does. Her greatest happiness is to see others succeed in the mlm business and meet with empowered woman.

Lamia loves to sit and earnestly share business ideas with people who have honest hearts. She also loves the company of genuine friends, people who can honestly smile and laugh with her.

Lamia Bettaieb always challenges women to join her in the mlm millionaires club. She is confident, happy, and successful. She loves red lipstick and you will, in most occasions, find her wearing shoes that have high heals and some long earrings.

Lamia Bettaieb’s Journey to Becoming an mlm Top Earner

Lamia Bettaieb was introduced to multi-level marketing through the internet. She has for long time been an admirer of the classy and extravagant lifestyle mlm entrepreneurs lead.

Lamia Bettaieb could not resist it when she was invited by a friend to attend her first ever mlm event.

She then quickly joined the Wor(l)d Global Network after realizing that is what she ever wanted to do in life.

Mrs. Bettaieb felt very strange at first but quickly adapted to the multi-level marketing situation. She had a lot of setbacks to start but her enthusiasm never allowed her to quit.

Lamia thought the multi-level marketing journey was an easy one at the beginning and before joining. But her opinion about the mlm business has changed drastically since she joined the business, mostly when she discovered that building an mlm empire was the toughest journey an entrepreneur can face.

She currently knows that the achievement of her lifetime goal was a long process that required strict time line, dedication, and planning. Mrs. Lamia agrees that you can achieve the target and dream but through hard work and consistency.

Okay, Why Did Lamia Bettaieb Decided it is Wor(l)d Global Network?

Lamia did not select Wor(l)d Global Network, but it was the only mlm opportunity that was available to her. She was also fascinated by the services World Global Network offered, starting from the renewable energy, technology and mobile advertising. She did, however, fall in love with the technological aspect Wor(l)d Global Network Company.

The Wor(l)d Global Network CEO Fabio Galdi is also one of the major reasons why Mrs. Lamia Bettaieb decided it is WGN.

Lamia confesses to have fallen in love with Mr. Fabio Galdi’s vision to easy communication in the world through technological inventions.

She always carries his CEO’s message whenever she goes, even in front of critics who believes in Wor(l)d Global Network scam.

Lamia Bettaieb strongly believes that the Arabian countries will be at par with other western countries when it comes to mlm entrepreneurship over time. She therefore works hard to ensure that this business spreads to all parts of Arab and in all levels. She strongly believes in multi-level networking and has a strong desire to make it happen in the Arab world.

Mrs. Lamia attributes her success to her secret recipe which consists of ambition, honesty, consistency, perseverance, patience, helping others, acceptance of new challenges and ethical working.

Lamia believes that the only favor you can do for yourself in the mlm world is investing in personal development. Mrs. Lamia Bettaieb invests a lot of time and money on personal development so as to improve her status in Wor(l)d Global Network.

Her advice to anybody who is aspiring to be successful in any entrepreneurship business is to be ever curious and be open to knowledge.

Lamia Bettaieb is an extremly visionary woman.

She believes in equality in terms of opportunities in all parts of the world. As a result she works every minute to ensure that the Arab world produces more mlm top earners.

She intends to continue with her mentorship plans by starting schools that specializes in mlm business. She knows information is power because it is through training and practice that she is where she currently is today.

Lamia is one of the types of lady that the world needs and she is surely at the top of her game!

I am not going to finish my discussion without letting you know her message to the entrants in the making money with mlm business. Mrs. Lamia Bettaieb often advices mlm beginners to work hard and exercise persistence in their businesses. She always stresses the importance of learning from other people and transferring the skills into their businesses in a creative way.

She also gives free advice to entrants to make a wise decision when it comes to choosing the right entrepreneur opportunity for them. She says a newbie should not be overwhelmed by the failures that will come during their first days of investment. Challenges are a must in almost all businesses and should in fact motivate you to work harder.

In fact, Lamia Bettaieb thanks all those who gave her challenges when she was starting her make money with mlm business.

Lamia Bettaieb loves making money with mlm because it allows her to meet new people and visit various parts of the world. She is an excellent Arabic speaker and says that she would have been on top of the world if she was multi-lingual.

Her normal day revolves around network marketing in Wor(l)d Global Networks. She eats, walks, and talks mlm in her life.

Lamia is a wonderful lady with infinity dreams for the world.

Awards and Accoladeslamia bettaieb WGN

Lamia Bettaieb joined Wor(l)d Global Network four years ago. She currently has over 25, 000 members registered under her business, majority of them being in Asia, Europe, and in the Arabic World.

She has achieved massive success and won several awards and accolades. Lamia Bettaieb is a member of elite club otherwise referred to as the millionaire club.

Lamia Bettaieb is a member of the millionaires club and an 11 times President Millionaire in World Global Network. She has also the president Diamond award among the many others.

Have I told you that Lamia Bettaieb owns a Yacht?

If not then I should.

The Wor(l)d Global Network Bought Lamia a Yacht worth millions of cash. This was in appreciation of her continued excellence and by being a mlm top earner and making money with mlm expert. She was given this Yacht in the 2013’s Wor(l)d Global Network Diamond Convention in Dubai.

Bottom line

If there is an entrepreneur that everybody needs to look up to, it is Lamia Bettaieb from Tunisia.

She is an inspiration in the Arab world and all should follow her spirit and footsteps.

I personally like her advice of thanking everybody who sees an obstacle in their journey to make money with mlm!

I am especially impressed with her success in a country that has so many restrictions and rules on women in general.

I feel that if she can do it with all of those restraints – what in the world is stopping you or me from being successful?


You tell me below!