Leonard and Esther Kim

Leonard & Esther Kim – Amway’s Gem

Do you really want to be successful?

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I am confident about this not because I want to let you know that I know a lot of millionaires, but because of today’s special multi-level marketing millionaire’s cover story!

Leonard and esther kimToday we are most definitely going to discuss the touching story and journey of Amway multi-level marketing record breakers, Leonard and Esther Kim!

Do you also want to be a bad ass record breaker in business?

Then this is the right story for you!

Every day is Christmas if you are successful my friend!


Those are not my words but that of a wise counsel from the tested and living Amway legend, Leonard Kim.

I am going to give you their full story based on facts and figures from their success in Amway USA, so stay tuned!

To begin with, it is important to know that Leonard and Esther Kim are among the oldest multi-level marketing product distributors in the world, and currently make a passive income of $250,000 per month and approximately $2,400,000 per year.

They are, of course, not record breakers in terms of earnings, but by changing the face of multi-level marketing in Amway.

Please read on to know why I consider them special in mlm business.

Background of Leonard and Esther Kim

Leonard and Esther Kim are both citizens of the South Korea republic.

Esther is the wife to Leonard Kim and together they have succeeded in having a beautiful and successful business family.

Both were born and raised in South Korea, although they relocated to United States of America in their bid to look for greener pastures and live the big American Dream.

Heck, most of us born and raised here in the USA look for those same greener pastures in order to achieve and live the American Dream!

The Kims are an accomplished business family who lived in the United States of America for over 20 years before relocating to South Korea. They enjoyed their lives in US and still believe it is the best country in terms of multi-level marketing business.

Leonard loves athletics and is, as a result, a strong marathoner and living proof that age is nothing when it comes to participating in sports.

If you do not find him jogging or taking part in a Marathon event, then you will definitely find him cycling, mountaineering, sky diving or doing charity work.

Leonard and Esther Kim’s Journey to Becoming Amway Millionaires

Leonard and Esther Kim have been using the Amway products for over 15 years without knowing the financial freedom that came with those products.

They joined Amway in the year 1990 and were sponsored by arguably one of the pioneers in Amway multilevel marketing professionals Eugene and Sarah Kim. They therefore joined Amway Multi-level marketing while in the United States of America, under the down line of the famous Ron Puryear’s WWDB organization.

Leonard and Esther Kim also started Amway Korea in May 1991 after experimenting with their products in the United States of America’s market.

It did, however, take them approximately a half a year to earn an Amway Ruby, which they achieved in early 1992.

The family had been, for a long time, under the down line of the ever successful and Founders Crown Ambassador, Ron Puryear, but managed to stand on their own and start their own businesses amid the economic crisis that hit their country when they were starting out in the mlm business.

Wise Counsel from Leonard and Esther Kim

Leonard Kim is a very passionate businessman in the Amway Global multi-level marketing. He works very hard and hates poverty.

Do you also detest poverty?

Everybody dislikes it unless you are Satan or seriously disturbed!

Leonard Kim knows that poor people are not in a position to help the other poor. He reiterates that he is not rich either, but He is financially free.

I absolutely agree with him on that statement. I am looking to be financially free myself.

That is my goal, my dream, my aspiration!

They say that the free time and financial freedom is what matters most in their lives.

Esther believes that we can achieve nothing if we don’t have the right attitude. This is why Leonard and Esther always share their dreams and successes with others.

The couple always works hard to build others because they believe that success is not success if there are no successors out of it.


Their success is evident because you normally find them traveling in private jets, are always given VIP treatments in social gatherings, and classy limousine rides.

Leonard and Esther Kim Sharing Their American Dream

The world renowned American dream is finally spreading to other parts of the world!

In our multi-level marketing context, it has reached the Korean Market through the simple and humble Leonard and Esther Kim.

The couple left their American comfort zone and home of over 20 years and moved to their home country in Korea.

I cannot say that they are the only family who returned home during that time!

But I am featuring them here because they came home with a world changing multi-level marketing business opportunities, which many considered an mlm scam during those years.

Leonard and Esther Kim built an Amway Global business empire, through their passion and determination. Their success was evident four years later, when their business expanded and made them the first triple Diamonds in Korea.

The Kims believe that anything is possible in the world and I fully agree because they are living proof that this is possible, just like the late Bill Britt.

Leonard and Esther Kim just began with simple business cards in Korea but now their businesses has unexpectedly expanded and succeeded in the international market.

They believe that opportunities always continue to rise and there are still greater things in store for you and me! All we have to do is to make the right choice and act accordingly.

The Leonard and Esther Kim’s Business Principles and Philosophy

In general business, it is believed that you can only succeed if you are ahead of others. But according to Leonard and Esther Kim, you can only succeed in mlm if your down line is more successful. The general assumption here is that you will succeed in life if you help others succeed. (see the picture above)

This couple has used and is still using this principle to achieve tremendous success in the Amway multi-level marketing business.

Record Breaking…

This is the most interesting bit about Leonard and Esther.

The Kims, as they are popularly known, became the source of reference by Amway after they were recognized through various Amway reviews. In fact, they have achieved a lot of success within a short period of time that there was no pre-determined award for such achievements during that time in the Amway USA.

The couple is the reason why we have the 200 plus Founders Crown Ambassadors in Amway as they are the first couple to achieve that set back in 1990’s.

The family was again on the Amway news for being the first Amway product distributors to achieve the 100 plus crown Ambassador.

They were, therefore, awarded this for the first time in the Amway multi-level marketing business.

I really respect the dedication and passion shown by Leonard and Esther Kim as they were able to achieve this while very far away from the Amway USA headquarters, beating all the Amway pioneers, and those who designed the Amway mlm business model.

The real deal is however on the number of lives they have touched while setting history just like the Amway hero Bill Britt.


Leonard and Esther Kim are not only leaders in Amway Global, but also help the underprivileged in the community.LeonardEstherKim no action too small

They are highly acclaimed and respected because of this and always enjoy interacting with others in the streets of Korea.

When they were asked about their Philanthropic work, they dismissed the importance that came with it by saying that they are happy to help others and are not ready to talk about it.

Leonard and Esther enjoy the financial freedom that comes with Amway multi-level marketing and use that time to fund raise for the underprivileged in communities all over the world.

They have special interest in children!

Leonard and Esther Going International

Although, the 20 years the Kims spent in USA have taught them a lot in Amway Global, they are still ready to learn and normally take two months in a year to tour other countries to learn their interests and the possibility of expanding their business to those regions.

They have so far visited Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Australia, China, and Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, Europe and many other places in the world.

The couple has since seen tremendous increase in Amway product distribution and success under the World Free Support Group that gave them that opportunity to recruit people from other parts of the world. They built The World Wide Dream Builders to help in bringing unity to product distributors from all walks of life.

According to them, success is helping others and sharing!

Leonard believes that winners will never lose hope no matter what happens. They, instead, accept their strengths and weaknesses and always act in confidence.

Leonard and Esther have devoted all of their lives in Amway business and have so far achieved hundreds of Diamonds.

They say that people all over the world want to live and enjoy the American Dream, but are not aware that this is very possible with entrepreneurship mostly in multi-level marketing.

Awards and Accolades

Leonard and Esther Kim are not ordinary multi-level marketing entrepreneurs. They have broken every single Amway USA record available, and have enjoyed, and still enjoying their recognition and respect in the Amway product distribution, and multi-level marketing success in the world.

Awards won!

Just mention any award in the Amway product distribution and you will never miss this couple in the list!

Some of the awards Leonard and Esther Kim have received include:

  • several Ruby awards
  • hundreds of Diamonds
  • Executive Diamonds
  • Double Diamonds
  • Triple Diamonds
  • Crown Ambassador
  • 100 Plus Crown Ambassador
  • Founders Crown Ambassador
  • 200 Crown Ambassador and many more.

Records Set and Broken

In 2002, Leonard and Esther Kim acquired 119 Diamonds, breaking the record of the Amway official 100 plus Crown Ambassador Title.

The Couple later broke the 200 plus Crown Ambassador Award by achieving 240 Diamonds within a year.

Top4 leonard kimLeonard and Esther Kim are also among the  13 founder council members, are in the TOP4 group of the international Organization along with Kaoru Nakajima, Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz, and Barry Chi & Holly Chen and have more than 400 diamonds in their down line as of 2005.

Leonard is an Amway Nutrilite Brand Ambassador while Esther Kim is the Amway Artistry Brand Ambassador.

Has the above story inspired you?

Do you think you could achieve all these?

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