Leonard & Irina Weisbein – A Herbalife’s Top Team

Another success story in Herbalife!

Nothing come easy in the world!

This statement is definitely a cliché to us, but it brings a lot of fond memories in the past life and history of mlm millionaires. Just watch any biography of any mlm millionaire online and you will most definitely be surprised where these highly respected self-made mlm multi-millionaires begun their business journey.

As for today, I am going to explore the touching story of Leonard and Irina Weisbein, who are 26th in the list of mlm top earners in the world.

Leonard and Irina Weisbein are distributors of Herbalife International products; Which is a financial and health comfort zone of many mlm families in the world.

Leonard and Irina Weisbein is one of the unbelievably rich couple and Herbalife mlm product distributors in the world. They sit at position 26 in mlm top earners in the world and are number five Herbalife top earners in their Mlm Company. Behind Herbalife’s Top earners Abraham Benitez & Raquel Cortez, Enrique & Graciela Varela, Tae Ho Kim, and Carol & Alan Lorrenz.

Making that kind of moo-lah – I would happily be sitting pretty at #5 spot of any company!

As per the year 2015, the couple makes an incredible $ 275,000 per month, translating to more than $3,300,000 a year.

What surprises me most about their success and filthy rich status is the fact that they make all these money while they are doing nothing, while you and many others are having our asses kicked’ at our formal employment work stations.

Well, I should say that it ‘appears’ that they are doing nothing, but we will soon learn where they came from and what they did to get where they are at today!


Leonard and Irina Weisbein earn all that money from mlm network recurring commissions. These recurring commissions-based earnings is what beautifies the MLM businesses my friends! Stay tuned for some few facts about how they started and manages their business up to date.

Background of Leonard and Irina WeisbeinLeonard_Waisbein

Leonard Weisbein is happily married to Irina Weisbein. The couple is a sign of a successful marriage and perfect parenting, if I must say!

Leonard and Irina Weisbein are a down to earth millionaires who know what they want in life and how to get it, all together. They have managed to keep a very low profile in the world of MLM business to a point where very few people know about their family background, their daily lives or where they go and for what purpose.

In fact, if you are reading this today, then my friend you will be lucky to at least know a little about them here.

The couple rarely speaks English but is superb in Portuguese language. They are admirable Herbalife product distributors and mlm networkers in the world.

Leonard and Irina Weisbein has struggled in life but right now – they are living their dream life courtesy of an incredible opportunity that Herbalife gave them and still offers in their compensation plans.

The Journey of Leonard and Irina Weisbein to being Herbalife Millionaires

Leonard and Irina Weisbein is a couple that has been married for over 20 years now.

Leonard Weisbein is a dreamer and had a vision of living his life to the fullest by having a successful marriage with financial freedom.

This achievement was however not easy as he struggled financially in his early years, circumstances forcing him to borrow money from various sources just so he could pay his bills.

How many of us have been down that road, huh?

I know I have – many times!

You rob Peter to pay Paul. And then they both get pissed at you cuz you can’t pay either.

He hopped from one business to another, which all together proved challenging and brought more frustrations in his life. Irina Weisbein knew that her husband had potential and supported him in all areas as they struggled financially.

Life became so unfair to them that they never even had enough money to transport them from one place to another.

Yup, been there – done that too!!

There have been many times that I didn’t have a car to go somewhere or if I had a car, I had no gas to put in it.

Ramen noodles, mac n cheese, bologna sandwiches for 10 days straight….oh yeah, I have been there!

Leonard and Irina Weisbein continued with this kind of life for some time until they came across Herbalife International, Inc. They were so stressed out that they initially used the company’s products to relax their bodies and reduce the stress they have exposed themselves to.

It was at this point that Leonard discovered a gold mine in Herbalife and BOOM!

They were in and started drilling it with all their might and determination.

Leonard loved Herbalife products so much that marketing them was not a big problem when he was introduced into making money with Herbalife business opportunity. He and his wife completely jumps into the mlm business like a duck into water.

herbalife logo top earnersThey were sold – hook, line, and sinker!!

Leonard and Irina Weisbein never initially knew that this was business opportunity that was going to change their lives forever! They just gave it their best as they have done with other traditional businesses.

The family ate, talked, and walked Herbalife mlm when they learned that it was easy to make money with Herbalife.

They defied all the Herbalife scam advises they read and listened to on the internet with their NOW OR NEVER ATTITUDE!

Sorry for shouting!

They put all their trust in Herbalife mlm and were so ambitious that they found themselves mentioning Herbalife more than 50 times a day on average.

Very dedicated!

Leonard and Irina Weisbein saw a once in a lifetime business opportunity in Herbalife, worked day and night marketing their products and BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Millionaires were created just like that.

Well, ok. Maybe not ‘just like that’. But you get the point!

I get a little carried away when I tell some of these stories. They are just so inspirational!

They saw in Herbalife an mlm opportunity that majority of us have not even seen today or have heard of but are skeptical on utilizing that chance, fuelled by Herbalife scam propaganda on the Internet today.

This sacrifice and determination is what separates those making money and becoming a Herbalife millionaire from the ordinary and suffering working class individual and families today.

Leonard and Irina Weisbein’s philosophy is TRY! TRY! TRY! And TRY! Until you find a right opportunity for you.

Hope you are going to try something different in life today!

Seriously! What are you waiting for?

The Weisbeins have been and are still big time risk takers and have super determination spirits in mlm business. They have lived a miserable life and are now proud of their new standards of living in Herbalife International. What inspires them most is their dreams of seeing the people in the world live a happy and healthy life with financial freedom.

Leonard and Irina Weisbein Awards and Accolades

Leonard and Irina Weisbein couple is an accurate definition of the word Inspiration if we go by their success in MLM industry.

This couple’s efforts of changing lives have been widely applauded and recognized in the mlm industry by several magazines and online publications. The family has been ranked 26th globally in the mlm top earners list and 5th in the Herbalife top earners list.

Their salary from recurring commissions is also an achievement in my opinion.

Just imagine for a moment, will you?!

Yes, you being given a check worth $ 275,000 each month!

My friend, what will you do with all that money?

Ask a friend this question and let us share the funny answers in our comments section.

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