Logan & Haley Stout

Logan & Haley Stout – Ignite Top Earners


They say two heads are better than one. I guess that is true, because a lot of MLM top earners are couples. When you are a part of a supportive and driven team, you feed off of the energy and positivity of the other person. I have written several articles about a husband or wife who decided to go into network marketing, and their spouse was hesitant at first.


But afterwards, when they saw how successful you can be, and more importantly, how independently happy their other half was, they decided to join the club. Working together can be nice when both people are on the same page.


The biggest arguments with married couples are about money. It doesn’t even matter if both individuals are working, there always seem not to be enough money. If you factor in the cost of raising children, it is even worse. Taking care of a family costs a lot. Food, mortgage, utilities, and clothing can have you living from paycheck to paycheck.


Nobody wants to live like that if they are single. So, who wants to live like that when you are married? The stress of trying to figure out where the money is going to come from to pay for your child’s athletic gear, braces, or a car that needs fixing can cause severe stress. This is why so many people are dying younger of heart attacks and strokes. Or, they are turning to alcohol and/or drugs to take the pain of “dealing with life” away.


What about the stress of dealing with a 9-5 job? Especially if you have a job you don’t enjoy. This just elevates your already high stress level. It shouldn’t be any surprise when some people just snap. That have reached their wit’s end, and they can’t take it no more.


When you run your own direct sales business, it removes plenty of hardships and headaches. First, you decide when and where you want to work. Most multilevel marketers choose to work right out of their homes. You don’t have to deal with a micromanaging boss or ignorant, self-centered co-workers.


When you pick your team, you choose individuals who are of a like mind and spirit as you. This is the only way your business will prosper, and knowing this, you set it up the way it works for you. What freedom! I know the main ideology behind relationship marketing is time and financial freedom, but the freedom to handle your daily life the way you want to is a much richer freedom.


Every MLM top earner will tell you that one of the most important factors of the business is to surround yourself with like-minded people. I have said this over and over again, but you can’t be around negative people who have no goals and think you will prosper in the industry. As a matter of fact, this should be your personal mantra even if you are not in network marketing.




This is what must have drawn Logan Stout to MLM after a successful career in the minor league with the Fort Worth Cats. He was born in Texas, and he is married to his high-school sweetheart, Haley. They have two boys, Miles and Cooper. Logan & Haley Stout currently reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Logan love for baseball started when he was in high school, which is what led him to becoming a two-time All-American in college as a pitcher and shortstop. He also was an Academic All-American. While he was in college, Logan began a youth baseball coach.


He also established the Dallas Patriots organization, which helps young people develop their baseball skills through coaching, clinics, and camps. He graduated from Panola with a business degree and a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. Logan is the author of “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams.”


To give back to his community, Logan coached the baseball team at Dallas Baptist University. At First United Methodist Church at Coppell, he was a youth minister and contemporary worship leader. He has been interviewed on radio and for numerous magazines, speaking about his solid work and business ethics.


In addition to being a motivational speaker, Logan Stout serves as a keynote speak for company banquets to sold-out arenas. His aim is to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels achieve the level of success he has.


Multilevel Marketing


After forming his own company, Logan got started in the multilevel marketing with a health and wellness company called Advocare. He became a top network marketer, earning several accolades. In 2005, he joined Ignite, a direct sales marketing company that is part of Stream Energy. Using his typical hard-work, dedicated, and work drive attitude, he quickly rose to the top of independent distributors’ list.


He became the number two top earner, and his earnings were at $114,000.00 per month. His leadership was responsible for Ignite earning the title of “Largest Direct Seller of Energy in the World” by the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, Ignite earned the number 16 spot on the “Top 100 Global List” by Direct Selling News.




As I said before, Ignite is the marketing division of Stream Energy. Stream Energy was founded in 2004 following the deregulation of the Texas energy market. Over the years, Ignite has expanded into other states, including Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and Georgia. Only recently (2014), Ignite has been included in the Stream brand.


Ignite business offer energy services, such as electric, gas, and renewable energy for homes and small businesses. As a customer, you can save money off your bill when you encourage friends and family to sign up with Ignite. Besides energy, Stream also provides protective and mobile service.


Ignite Compensation Plan


As an Ignite consultant, you earn money as you would with any other MLM. You earn money every time you sign up a customer. If your customer becomes an independent distributor, you earn a bonus, as well as bonuses from every customer that sign up under your recruit. Besides the money, you also earn rewards, like free energy and free mobile services.


The potential to earn and be rewarded are tremendous. You have to remember with Ignite, these are services that people use every day. It isn’t too difficult to sell services that offer cheaper rates. If you are looking for a way to earn some extra money, or you want to get started on that journey towards time and financial freedom, Ignite multilevel marketing business is your vehicle. You have a golden opportunity to finally get that dream life you have envisioned.




Even though the services provided by the Ignite network marketing business are excellent, the good life isn’t going to just drop right into your lap. As I have said before, and as every top network marketer has said, you have to put in the work. I have written a number of articles of MLMers who stated that their first check wasn’t even over $100.


But after that re-evaluated their business plan and daily goals, they knew what and what not to do to be more successful. And let’s not forget about your associates. It is your responsibility to make sure that they have the tools necessary to succeed.


With your home-based business, you can be the boss you have always wished you had. If that isn’t the biggest plus, I don’t know what is. With Ignite, you can still work your 9-5 job while you get started with your MLM career. Ignite sets you up with your own website, as well as provide you with the training and tools necessary to be prosperous.




Logan & Haley Stout are multimillionaire entrepreneurs. At one point, Logan was asked by Fox News is the possibility of being a financially successful home-based business owner a reality, and he said it is easy for the monetary side to grow when you are doing something you love and are passionate about. According to Logan, this is the main reason some people are living miserable lives they were never meant to live.


He also has some tips on becoming successful. The first tip is that either you make your way in the world, or the world makes you. Like the film, “Stepford Wives,” so many people just exist in life like robots. Twenty or thirty years go by, and they are trying to figure what happened to their dreams, ambitions, and goals. You need to work on yourself, reading positive, inspirational, and motivational books. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your actions and your destiny.


The second tip from Logan, is that since we work in teams, the better the people you surround yourself with, the better you will be. These individuals will hold you accountable, you can brainstorm with, and feed off each other’s positive energy. As the old saying goes, team work makes the dream work.


His third tip is simply, “GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!” People are lazy, and then when someone does something remarkable, like becoming a successful home-based business owner, they say it was just luck. There are no shortcuts to success, no random factors. It is devotion, commitment, and hard work. You can’t be successful in this life if you are sitting on the couch all day, on your cellphone gossiping about nothing important. You have to be focused on your goals. If you don’t have any, then it is time to get some.




In 2014, with the knowledge and expertise he learned through MLM, Logan Stout founded IDLife, a network marketing business that offers health and wellness products for the whole family. As a potential customer, you take an assessment to see what products will serve you best. You will be given a nutrition program geared to making you feel healthier inside and outside.


The IDLife compensation plan gives you more than 10 ways to earn income. The purpose behind this is so that anyone and everyone can design a path to a more fulfilled life. One of the most unique factors to this compensation plan is there is a way to earn back your enrollment fee within 72 hours.


You don’t need to be a health and nutrition expert to be a direct seller. With your IDLife website, your customers can buy the products needed for their personalized nutritional program, and you earn the commissions automatically. As with other network marketing company, the earning power comes from building your team. Another bonus is the chance to drive your dream car or take a trip to your dream destination for free.


You not only earn bonuses on the products your customers and associates purchase, but also from the purchases of any customers your associates sign up. Simply put, you earn residual income from every level of your whole team. Instead of going to a regular, 9-5 job and working all day to earn just for that day, you can produce residual income for tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that with the work you do today. Which sounds better to you?




You can’t get a better way to get the long-term wealth you have believed was only a dream than with network marketing. If you have children, there isn’t no putting away little by little to send them to college. You can have their college fund set up quickly, so they can choose any school in the world to study at.

You don’t have to worry about any retirement fund, social security, or pension plan. You will have enough money to retire in style, buying a nice home in Hawaii, traveling around the world, or just relaxing and not worrying how to make do with on a fixed income.


More importantly, you are setting up a legacy for your children to follow. When your children see you working at your own business, functioning as a wealthy entrepreneur, that is how you can measure your success. You will teach your children that hard work and risks pay off, and going the unconventional route to your goals can produce dramatic results.


Logan Stout said that the main reason he wrote his book was to leave words of wisdom for his two boys. He wanted them to know that being time and financially free is possible. Through MLM, Logan Stout has become an entrepreneur, creating a great life that included personal growth as well as professional growth.


And this is something that is very important to remember if you are considering starting a MLM career. You need to make some changes to your actions and thought on a personal level before you get started on the professional aspect. If you don’t, anything you attempt to do in network marketing will not work. All of the most successful direct sellers say this is the gospel truth, and if anyone should know, they should.