Lyndon Redman

Lyndon Redman – USANA Top Earner


When reading the profile on Lyndon Redman, one thing is clear—he truly loves the outdoors. This is the reason he moved from British Columbia to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He now can take pleasure in skiing, year-round golf, or just go for a drive to San Francisco. Lyndon found the love of his life when he met Marie-France Morin, the former Canadian Field Director for the USANA Health Sciences.


Lyndon and Marie-France have so much in common. They both love traveling, children, and the freedom of having a home-based business. As USANA consultants, they get the time and financial freedom they desire. Lyndon says that he was never down with having a 9-5 job. With his earnings, he was able to get his home ready for Marie-France to move in, and he had a nursery created for their new baby girl, Gabriela.


As one of USANA first leaders, Lyndon wanted to expand his business around the globe. He believes that operating his business overseas has given him the opportunity to experience other cultures and explore other areas of the world. Marie-France is working towards her MBA, and she compares multilevel marketing to getting a MBA, saying it is a viable and diversified industry. With USANA, Lyndon can see the world and help others achieve the success that he and Marie-France enjoy.


Well, Lyndon must know of what he speaks. He currently earns $100,000.00 per month in residual income, and due to his work ethic and devotion to the USANA business, he has earned the rank of 2-Star Diamond Director. He started with the USANA company in 1995, and he is the #3 income earner of all time. Lyndon and Marie-France are members of USANA Million Dollar Club.


USANA Health Sciences


Again, I will admit I had never heard of USANA before Lyndon Redman. USANA Health Sciences, or USANA, was founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz in West Valley City, Utah. This MLM company offers nutritional products and nutraceuticals. USANA has expanded internationally to 20 markets around the globe. It has also earned the number 24 spot on the largest multilevel marketing companies in the world.


I noticed this too, but I wanted to confirm before I wrote it. There are a number of professional athletes, like boxer Timothy Bradley, NBA player Luol Deng, and is even a partner and sponsor of The Dr. Oz Show. Wow, that is some sort of backing.


By 2014, USANA network marketing company had over 300,000 distributors and more than 80,000 preferred customers in its network. USANA products are sold around the globe, in such places as: Singapore, Thailand, Columbia, France, Philippines, Netherlands, and Japan. In 1993, Dallin Larsen worked for USANA before starting his own direct sales company, Monavie.


Between 2004 and 2006, USANA was listed by Forbes as one of the best 200 small companies. Well, it seems USANA must know how to run a MLM business. In 2014, the company earned $790 million in revenue and spent $5.1 million in research and development.


USANA Products


USANA Products fall into three categories: USANA Nutritionals, USANA Diet & Energy, and Sense personal products. Over 80% of USANA products are manufactured at its Utah headquarters. Products for USANA include:


  • HealthPaks (Pre-Packaged Core Supplements for the Morning and Evening)
  • Essential Kosher (Kosher Certified Antioxidants and Minerals)
  • Calcium Tablets
  • Probiotic Food Supplement
  • Multivitamins for Children and Teenagers
  • Men’s Skin Care
  • All-Natural Whitening Toothpaste


The bottom line is, whatever you need in health, beauty, and wellness, USANA has it. And with folks always wanted to look and feel better, there is no hotter sector of the network marketing industry than health and wellness.


USANA Compensation Plan


USANA distributors make money just like other relationship marketing entrepreneurs. With retail sales, as a distributor, you earn money for every product you sale. Whether it is in a party setting, or you invite people to your personal website, this is the fastest way to earn money while building your business.


The next way is to earn money through weekly commissions. This can be through the product sales of your team members or with your loyal customers. You can earn a lifetime bonus for every recruit that duplicates your success. This is why so many top MLM earners in USANA are eager to help those in their downline. Additionally, there are contest and leadership incentives to keep distributors on their toes.


The leadership bonus lets you, the leader of your team, receive a share in the profits of your outstanding sales performance. Nonetheless, it is only for Gold Directors and above. The elite bonus is something to behold. The idea behind this is the more you grow, the more you earn. Each quarter there is a payout, and it could be as high as $1,000,000.00. My, my my…LOL!


It is important to note that like several other MLM companies I have written about, USANA is quick to state that not everyone will be a millionaire and achieve the success like Lyndon Redman. It is his hard work and commitment that got him where he is with USANA.




It didn’t make the 2007 Forbes list because questions started to arise about USANA’s business practices. In particular, there was an USANA complaint that the company had breached a loan agreement with Bank of America. USANA denied the accusation. That wasn’t all the negative claims against USANA in 2007.


It was discovered that a number of its executives had falsified their credentials. Board of Directors member Denis Waitley claimed to have a master’s degree, but didn’t. Medical Advisory Board member Ladd McNamara quit when it was discovered that his medical license had been revoked. Timothy Wood, VP of Research and Development holds a doctorate in forestry, not medicine as he claimed. Finally, Gilbert Fuller says he has a CPA, but his license expired 10 years before he joined USANA.


There’s more. In the same year (2007), the SEC ruled that USANA was to be removed from the NASDAQ because it had failed to provide financial information in its quarterly form that is reviewed by an independent auditor. USANA replied that their auditor had resigned, and it didn’t get a replacement. In October of 2007, USANA announced that it had complied, and it would be back on NASDAQ.


2007 was a really bad year for USANA. In February, a representative from the Fraud Discovery Institute presented a report to the IRS, SEC, and FBI of an USANA pyramid scheme. But USANA fought back and filed suit against Barry Minkow and his organization. The SEC had already performed an investigation into USANA being an illegal pyramid scam and found nothing.


However, the judge in the case stated that there were a few examples that USANA didn’t rebuke the allegations made by Minkow. Minknow said that USANA products were extremely over-priced and were no better than products you would find in any store. There was also an accusation of stock manipulation, but that was settled for an undisclosed amount. Moreover, USANA was ordered to pay Minknow’s attorney fees (around $100,000.00).