Mac McDonald

Mac McDonald – Nikken Top Earner


Mac McDonald is a very special individual. He is a top MLM earner, making $95,000.00 a month in residual income. Since his time with the Nikken MLM business, Mac, along with his wife Pat, has earned many ranks, including:


  • Consultants of the Year
  • Millionaires’ Club
  • Heart of Nikken Recipients
  • President’s Club
  • Paragon Award
  • Top Business Builder Award




Before getting into multilevel marketing, Mac was a USAF Colonel. He made a career out of the military, and he looked forward to retirement. As a matter of fact, both Mac and his wife Pat did. However, as with life, things can happen that will turn your life around in an instant.


For Mac, it was when Pat became ill. She suffered from auto-immune system breakdown. At 39 years old, Pat was an invalid. She couldn’t do daily tasks and couldn’t function; she had no memory and her motor reflexes were gone. Pat was told by doctors that there was nothing they could do for her.


It was devastating to Mac and Pat. Her health was deteriorating, and they had to use all their retirement savings for her medical care. Furthermore, Mac’s retirement income was only half of what he expected. Essentially, these two had to start over from the beginning.


A friend suggested that Mac look into direct selling. He liked what he saw, in particular, a company that empowers its distributors to take control of their lives and their well-being. With Nikken products, Mac created a clear living home, filled with clean air, optimal clean water, whole food nutrition, and natural sun/earth energy.


Within three weeks, Pat started showing signs of improvement. Her symptoms were easing, her memory was coming back, her vitality/energy was increasing, and she now had a greater quality for life. Mac and Pat wanted to share their good fortune with others. They showed them the health and financial benefits of Nikken networking marketing business.


Mac says that he realized that without finances, no one is really well or free. Pat agrees and says that before her ordeal, she wasn’t free. She was on someone else’s time schedule, working 50-60 per week. Moreover, since her husband was a top-ranking commander in the military, she also had to serve as Mrs. Commander. All this took a toll on her body. Simply put, Mac and Pat had no balance in their lives.


The retirement that they had planned to enjoy just wasn’t there. They worked too much, and Pat believes this is the reason for her illness. Besides her physical ailment, Pat suffered from depression.


At first, Pat was totally against the Nikken products. But after Mac took a look at the company and the products, he told Pat they should give it a go. Pat was vehemently against it, but Mac went ahead and bought the products with money they didn’t have. His philosophy was if they were going to go bankrupt, it might as well been for something to improve Pat’s health.


When the items came to the home, Pat wasn’t pleased not one bit. She told Mac to send them back. Well, being a man (sorry..I had to say it), he kept the products. He told her if she didn’t want to be around the products, then she needed to move. Ha!


By day 17, Pat was feeling better. Mac decided to attend a Nikken event. When he got home, he told Pat that there was a business opportunity to go along with the products.

This was the company they were looking for; a business with no limitations. They had done the career thing, and this time around, they wanted to be able to have time and financial freedom.


Pat still wasn’t on board with Nikken multilevel marketing business. To be honest, Mac and Pat weren’t too familiar with relationship marketing. When they got their first check, it was for around $83. While Mac wasn’t too thrill, this time Pat’s interest peaked.


When Mac called his sponsor to ask why they had a check (he thought it was a refund for overpayment of products), the sponsor told him that it was residual income from retail sales. The sponsor then told Mac that he must have shared the information about the products to someone, and that individuals purchased Nikken products. The sponsor then went on to tell him that every time he shared Nikken with someone and that person makes a purchase, he receives income.


Their first goal with their newfound home-based business was to get enough money to pay their mortgage so the bank wouldn’t foreclose on their home; they accomplished that in a month and a half. The next goal was to increase their money income to $10,000.00. They didn’t just want to pay bills; they wanted to have money to live off of and grow their direct sales business. Mac and Pat accomplished their second goal in eight months.


It got to the point in which they would make a goal, hit it, and then make another, bigger goal. Mac says there are so many doors to open with network marketing, that they just keep improving their finances, as well as growing personally. To Pat, freedom is getting up every day, make the choices you want, not having to look over your finances to see if you can do something you desire, and the means to impact others. Pat says that, “Freedom is having the best quality of life.”




I have written about Nikken on a number of occasions, such as my profile on another top Nikken earner, Ahuva Simone. But I will give another recap on this health and wellness MLM business.


Nikken started in 1975 by Isamu Masuda. He wanted to create a holistic way to cure common ailments, such as sore feet and the fatigue it causes  to the entire body. The first product that was put on the market was the Magsteps. It is said to be a wellness solution from the natural world.


What sets Nikken products apart from the other health and wellness direct selling businesses is its use of magnets. However, there are those that say there is no scientific research backing to the claim that magnets helps with physical ailment or improves them. But, there are many folks out here who want to cure what is bothering them the natural way and keep away from traditional western drugs/medicine.


Nikken products are based on such themes as rest/relaxation, environment, nutrition, and skin care. There is everything from earrings to water pitchers to travel-sized air purifying systems. Nikken product reviews are mixed. Some folks, like Mac and Pat, love the way that the skin care and supplements has improved their inner and outer body. On the other hand, there are people who state that the products didn’t particularly make that big of a difference.


The compensation plan for Nikken is no different than the ones for other network marketing companies. You earn money from retail sales and from the retail sales of any of your preferred customers. If you any of your loyal customers decide to join, you earn income from their team as well.


When I researched to see if there were any issues with Nikken, such as any legal issues for allegedly being an illegal pyramid scam, I couldn’t find any. I did find those that are against all MLM businesses, claiming that these types of companies have only the people at the top making the money, while the average distributor makes little to nothing. Besides that, there was nothing.