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Johnny Chia – MonaVie Top Earner

can you make money in monaviIt’s been a minute since I talked about the MonaVie MLM business. I believe the last time was when I wrote about Charlie & Debbie Kalb. Now I have a new top MLM earner from MonaVie by the name of Johnny Chia.

Not only does he earn $95,000.00 a month in residual income, but Johnny has moved up the ranks at MonaVie to Royal Black Diamond.


Getting started with MonaVie

When Johnny was young, he dreamed of being an entrepreneur. He was introduced to the direct sales industry while he was in school, and he fell in love with it immediately.

Since then, he has been in the MLM business for over 17 years.

That is a long time!

Johnny crossed paths with MonaVie network marketing business around eight years ago, and he was impressed with the vision of the company’s founder, Dallin Larsen, to not only become the best multilevel marketing company in the world, but to become the best multilevel marketing company for the world.

Johnny’s wife Samantha joined the MonaVie family as well. Before then, she was an airline stewardess, and she ran her own interior design firm. However, she was working all the time and didn’t have time to spend with her family and children.

Samantha loves the convenience of Monavie.monavie lawsuit

She likes the fact that she doesn’t need a blender or time to clean up later. Moreover, she has seen an improvement in her children’s immune system.

Johnny & Samantha Chia believe that eating fruit every day is an important part in keeping our body’s healthy.

Before Johnny can share the wonderful MonaVie opportunity with anyone, he had to first be happy in his own life. He wants his friends and family to be able to enjoy the freedoms of their lives and be healthy.

Johnny and Samantha enjoy traveling around the world, spreading the news about MonaVie without having to worry about money or time constraints.


What is the Key to Success?

monavie scamJohnny says that the key to being successful in relationship marketing is to be enthusiastic about the company and the products.

This millionaire duo has regular meetings and training sessions at their home. They have also spread their business globally, so that everyone around the world can have access to a great future.

To Johnny, MonaVie is a caring and innovative company with great incentives. For example, when Johnny was promoted to Black Diamond, he got a Mercedes Benz. Hello! I am so not mad at him…LOL!

For Samantha, MonaVie has given her the freedom she wanted, so she can spend time with her children. She now can schedule her time the way she wants to. She also enjoys working with her husband to grow their home-based business.


Formula to Success

Johnny says that as long as you have a solid work ethic and dedication, you can go far with MonaVie multilevel marketing company; your dream life will be yours.

MonaVie provides freedom, i.e. freedom in managing your health, wealth, time, and physical/spiritual needs.

Network marketing has made Johnny and Samantha’s lives much more exciting. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, and more importantly, it transforms their lives. Operating their own business has built their confidence and given them financial independence.

Johnny and Samantha live a meaningful life. When their team members prosper, this brings them much joy because it proves they are the type of leaders they work so hard to be.


Giving Back

According to Johnny, power brings change to the world. This must be why Mona Vie is involved in so many community activities.

Its main charity is the MORE Project. The company supplies food, accommodations, and education to those in needs.

Johnny finds MonaVie the perfect platform to contribute to charity.monavie charity

Johnny feels that MonaVie and direct selling has given him a life education. It has taught him about extending his hand to those in need and contributing to the welfare of the world. Johnny’s mission? It is to have time and financial freedom and share his lifestyle that focuses on God, family, and career.

Johnny feels connected to his team, so much so that he has made it his objective to make sure each and every member achieves success all along the way and to work with passion and integrity. It has always been his goal to live life to the fullest with a higher purpose.

Johnny has much appreciation for his uplines, downlines, family, and friends for their unconditional love and trust.

He wants to mold the world through positive thinking and work performed to create a more meaningful life.

That is where I have found myself.

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How do I do this?

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Back to our story….


What is MonaViecan you make money in monavie

 However you spell it, MonaVie is an up-and-coming health and wellness business.

Boy, if you are interested in directing selling in this business sector, you sure don’t have to hunt around to find a company.

Mona vie was established in Utah (no surprise here) in 2005. It manufactures and distributes health products made from blended fruits and vegetable juice concentrates. The products include bottled fruit juices, energy drinks, and diet supplements.

MonaVie product reviews aren’t that great. Nutritionists and doctors have claimed that the health benefits claims of MonaVie ‘s juices are unfounded. Moreover, they feel the products are overpriced for what consumers could pay for polyphenol-rich foods in any store. There are also reports that the vitamin C level in MonaVie juice was much lower than that of a famous name brand fruit juice that costs a fraction of what consumers would pay to MonaVie.

And when I say that Mona Vie is pricey, try $100+ per bottle! Yeah, the stuff is great, but wowsers!


MonaVie Compensation Plan

MonaVie compensation plan works just like any other MLM business.

You earn commission from your retail sales.

If one of your preferred customers wants to become an independent distributor, you earn bonus from retail sales as well. This is how your residual income grows. When your team grows, so does your bonuses and commissions.


Mona Vie Controversy

 Man, MonaVie has had some bad times; I don’t know where to begin. In regards to what I wrote about the products, there are also clinical reports that MonaVie juices causes problems with the mother and baby when taken during pregnancy.


Furthermore, MonaVie has gotten into serious trouble over the years for making health claims that have no scientific backing or approval from the FDA or any other regulatory authorities. Interestingly enough, the chairman, Dallin Larsen, was an senior executive with another company, Dynamic Essentials, that got into hot water for making false health claims.

In 2007, the FDA issued a warning to MonaVie about making unsubstantiated claims that its juice was an effective treatment for arthritis, inflammation, and high cholesterol.

In 2008, Forbes alleged that MonaVie was an illegal pyramid scam in reference to a distributor who claimed that MonaVie could cure cancer; it was all caught on video.

MonaVie-LawsuitOn the other hand, MonaVie executives acknowledged that it was having issues with associates who were going around claiming that MonaVie was a miracle drug.  The company also said that maybe, perhaps, the distributors “unknowingly” made those claims.

There’s more.

From 2008 to 2013, MonVie has been sued or sued someone or some other company. There are even lawsuits against MonaVie filed by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz. Again with the false health claims, in 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed in NJ court alleging that MonaVie was, yet again, making false and misleading claims of its products having curative benefits. I guess some folks just never learn…

Monavie has also been in disputes with other MLM companies, such as Amway, Zril, and Imagenetix. MonaVie has sued former distributors for breach of contract; the company lost and had to pay more than $1 million dollars for unfairly revoking distributorship.

In 2014, Monavie defaulted on a loan of $182 million; the company went into foreclosure. The loan was issued by a San Francisco financial company.

In 2015, the network marketing company Jeunesse Global bought the note on the loan.

However, a federal court judge put a temporary restraining order in place that prevents Jeunesse from taking over MonaVie. This is because MonaVie trustees claim that the employees stock ownership program would be worthless if Jeunesse takes over.


I was in MonaVie for a short period of time. It was all hype and good stuff. But the juice was VERY expensive. There were MANY claims that I personally heard myself coming from one meeting or a stage or wherever. Of course, back then, I didn’t give it much thought.

I will tell you that I am so thankful to have found a real money making opportunity and business that isn’t all about hype, or pyramid scams, or anything else.

No, it is about hard work, putting the hours in to make your dreams come true all while helping someone else.

Now that, is what I call a win-win!

If you want a win win for yourself or just have questions about some of the stuff I have talked about, then click the button right below and schedule a call with me.


It’s free and you have nothing to lose, well except for your poor quality of life that you are searching for a way to rid yourself of as well as that awful bank account.

Just tell them that Anna Fragiorgi sent ya, they all know exactly who I am. (wink wink)