Marcell Halim

Marcell Halim, popularly known as a college drop-out, philanthropist and network marketing entrepreneur is the ultimate Talk Fusion Global superstar. Marcell is not only one of the most inspiring TalkFusion (TF) success stories, but also a self-made millionaire and a top income earner in Talk Fusion MLM.

The story and journey of Marcell Halim has positively changed the lives of thousands of individuals in various parts of the world.

Marcell Halim, now in his late 20s was very skeptical to join network marketing business in the first place. In fact, it took his elder brother several months of pleading with Marcell, before he finally agreed to join him in the Talk Fusion business.

Marcell used to see the whole relationship marketing business opportunities as a waste of time and money. Mr. Marcell Halim however had more trust in traditional business than the direct selling industry that has afforded him all the luxuries in the world.

Mr. Halim cannot believe that he is now one of the success stories in a company that initially made no sense to him. Marcell Halim from Indonesia is now a proud owner of a prestigious 2013 458 Ferrari from Italia and many other luxury cars, courtesy of the TalkFusion Mercedes Benz car madness bonus. This makes me believe the cliché that we will never know our destiny until we take chances in life!

As if that is not enough, the Company he despised so much has enabled him feature in the top 100 list of network marketing hall of fame celebrities. Marcell Halim is one of the few multilevel marketing superstars from Talk Fusion Indonesia who have managed to generate a passive income of $150,000 USD per month.

Journey of Marcell Halim in Talk Fusion Inc

The journey of Marcell Halim in Talk Fusion began in mid 2013. Marcell was a college dropout who fortunately had a dream of being successful in life. To kick start his dream and remain focused, Mr. Halim highlighted some goals he must achieve in what turned out to be an inspirational book called The Record Breaker. And to say the least, Marcell Halim has surely broken several records in his life, thanks to Talk Fusion International.

As a matter of fact, it only took Marcell Halim one and half years to become a top income earner in Talk Fusion, an achievement that has enabled him change the lives of his family and thousands of people in his downline.

As I write this article, the whole family of Marcell Halim is in Talk Fusion business. Mario Halim was the first family member to join TF business, following by everybody else in the family, beginning from his father, mother, sisters and Marcell Halim himself. Talk Fusion is no longer a part time business, but a profitable full time business opportunity.

Marcell Halim has however turned out to be the most successful Talk Fusion associate, not only in the family but in the whole of the Company. Marcell Nevertheless attributes his TF success to combined efforts in his family.

His advice to his fellow network marketing colleagues is to recruit members of their family first, before even thinking of recruiting friends and other people.

Talk Fusion Lifestyle…

Marcell Halim says that Talk Fusion is a unique and profitable business opportunity that has completely changed his life. The Talk Fusion international business opportunity has also enabled him change lives of his friends, relatives and thousands of other people in Indonesia.

Mr. Marcell however believes that anybody in Indonesia can be a multi-millionaire through the Talk Fusion relationship marketing business. He also says that Talk Fusion has the ability to completely change the economy of Indonesia, if many people decide to its associates.

Marcell Halim has his eyes set on achieving the highest price in Talk Fusion, having achieved all the goals he set in his dream book. He however spends most of his time traveling and sharing with his downline, in his bid to help them achieve their dreams in life.

Marcell Halim and his family have helped hundreds of individual associates in their downline achieve Diamond qualifications and above. Most of his downline has also been awarded the cars of their dreams, through the Talk Fusion Bonus, popularly known as the Mercedes Benz car madness.

Marcell is so successful that he has managed to buy a 2013 Spider Italia Ferrari that cost millions of dollars, in country whose average monthly income is just $150. He unveiled this Ferrari during a Talk Fusion Indonesia Diamond meeting.

Our Talk Fusion Global top earner and multi-millionaire wishes that everybody could have a chance to ride in a Ferrari just like him. He says success in multilevel marketing is so sweet, and he will forever be grateful to his brother; Mario, who in fact forced him to join him in Talk Fusion Network marketing business. Marcell Halim cannot however imagine how his life would have been without the Talk Fusion Business opportunity.

Marcell Halim’s Philanthropic Work

Marcell Halim seems to have inherited the generous heart of Talk Fusion Founder, president and CEO; Bob Reina. Having origins from a third world country, Marcell has used part of his wealth to support the underprivileged various parts of the world.

Mr. Marcell has as a result turned out to be a popular philanthropist that has also enabled Talk Fusion llc receive international recognitions as one of the most active network marketing companies in charity work.

Awards and Accolades

Marcell Halim is a network marketing champion and a respected published author. His book; The Record Breaker is a top seller in various online digital marketing companies and has inspired thousands of people to take a positive step in their lives.

Mr. Marcell is also the mlm top earner in Talk Fusion and is the holder of the Blue Diamond award from Talk Fusion Indonesia.  He has also won various luxury cars, courtesy of the Talk fusion’s car madness bonuses. Marcell Halim currently owns a classy Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Ferrari, among other world class car models.

Marcell’s normal day is a mix of Talk Fusion business, traveling and lots of fun! How Sweet!



Talk Fusion international is a privately held multi level marketing Company that distributes digital products. The Company was founded by Bob Reina at Kingsway Road-Brandon, Florida in the United States of America.

Bob has been a high profile network marketing professional for more than 20 years. He had also become a top income earner in most of the MLM companies he had worked with, before founding Talk Fusion Global in 2007.

Before we continue with our Talk Fusion reviews, let us also not forget that Bob Reina is a very generous network marketing celebrity, whose charity work has been featured in several television network and top publishing magazines in the world.

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion Inc. as a video marketing platform that provided a unique and powerful way of connecting to customers or generating online leads. But that was before it rebranded itself into

In 2014, the company was redesigned from the old website to, which came with the inclusion of other important features such as auto responder and E-subscription services, Fusion on the go mobile app, Video Newsletter, Fusion wall, Connect, Video blog and Video share among others.

The most important feature is however the diversification of languages in the Company from the original English language to more than 11 languages. Consider yourself lucky if you can understand Spanish, Bahasa, Japanese, Russian and French languages among others.

As you read on, it will be important to note that Talk Fusion international is a young direct selling Company that is growing pretty fast.  The company is a member of the prestigious US Direct Selling Association (DSA), but not yet accredited by Better Business Bureau, which has so far received 33 Talk Fusion Complaints, by the time of writing this article.

Various direct selling associates refer Talk Fusion Company as a direct selling Company that always adheres to the highest set business ethics in the world. But this has highly been criticized by the company’s haters.

Being in the marketing and advertisement industry, TalkFusion has more than 700 videos that are readily available for use by its subscribers. This has been one of the strongest marketing languages for Talk Fusion Company and its subscribers.

The company also gives its independent associates the rare freedom to private label the videos, so as to produce a unique global appeal in the world of digital marketing.

The founder and president of TalkFusion strongly believe that great success comes with the responsibility to help others. This is the main reason why Talk Fusion Company is very committed to giving back to families, friends, communities and donating to various animal charities, to bring about the much needed positive change in the world today.

The Talk Fusion Products

As I stated early, Talk Fusion International has different digital product packages. These products are in form of services that include Pro Pak, Elite package, Executive package, and Starter Package in descending order.

These digital products and service packages comes with different subscription services. These services include Video Emailing, Auto Responder and E-subscription, Fusion to go, Video blog, Fusion wall and Connect among others.

To subscribe into the Pro Pak, you will have to part ways with a one-time fee of $ 1,499 and $35 thereafter in monthly subscription. In elite package, the company demands a onetime fee of $750 and a monthly subscription of $35, while the Executive package require a onetime payment of $250 and a monthly subscription of $35.

The Starter package; which is the lowest Subscription service in Talk Fusion International will require you to pay a onetime fee of just $125 and then pay $20 every month, if you want to continue enjoying the services in this pact.

Let us now look at what brings the differences prices in all these packages…

Pro Pak

The Pro Pak is the highest and the best value package, according to Talk Fusion Company. The package has the most functionality, advanced features and customizations. Pro Pak was designed to cater for large meetings with more than 500 attendees and about 15 presenters.

Talk Fusion pro Pak is video email enabled and can support 15 video email users at a go, has 1000 plus templates, 3 customizable templates, other than supporting private labeling.

Pro pak video Newsletters contain 600 plus templates, one customizable template and provide some private labeling as well.

Other than that it also offers Fusion on the Go mobile app, E-subscription forms, video Auto-responders, fusion wall, connect feature, video blog and Video share among others.

Elite Package

The talk Fusion Elite Package is almost similar to the Pro Pak, but has limited customizations. Although it is the most popular package in talkFusion global, it can only allow 10 video email users at a go, does not have a customizable template in its video newsletters, and does not allow private labeling in the Video Newsletters.

This package is however great for meetings that have approximately 10 presenters and 250 attendees. This is what Talk Fusion llc calls medium meetings.

Executive Package

This package is almost similar to the elite package, but it also has some limitations. The first notable limitation is the fact that Talk Fusion Executive package only allows 5 presenters and 25 attendees.

The executive package is also limited to 5 video email users and 1 customizable template. All other features however remain similar to those of the elite package.

Starter Package

This is the cheapest but the most limited Talk Fusion package. Unlike all other packages, this package only allows one video email user and lacks all other features. It is popularly referred to as an introductory offer in the company.

Talk Fusion Compensation Plan

Talk Fusion Global markets its products through a relationship business approach. This means that you must subscribe to one of the packages above, for you to be allowed to either distribute its products or enroll others for a commission.

Talk Fusion’s instant payment compensation plan is unique and highly convenient to many associates, and it is one of the main reasons why the company is so popular in the direct selling industry.

Some online Talk Fusion reviews however suggest that you have to recruits tons of individuals before you can be able to earn a decent income, but this is most definitely debatable!


Lastly but not least, is Talk Fusion pyramid Scheme allegations or Talk Fusion Scam advices valid…?

According to what I have read online, Talk Fusion Scam advices or Talk Fusion pyramid scheme allegations are far from the truth.

It is however important to note that everybody has a business preference or taste. If a certain business model does not work for you, then it does not qualify to be an illegal scheme.

The only way out is to try out a good number of business ideas, until you find one that suits your needs. Thank you for your time and see you soon!