Marcell & Lisa Niederhauser

Marcell & Lisa Niederhauser – Lifevantage Top Earners


Marcell Niederhauser said that when he first started with the Lifevantage business, it took him eight months to get his first sponsor. He sure has the network marketing experience, as he has been at the top of three MLM companies. Marcell believes duplicating business plans that work is the key to becoming successful in multilevel marketing.


The reason that Marcell & Lisa Niederhauser work so hard in their Lifevantage home-based business is for their five children. They also love to watch people who are negative about the whole direct sales industry come to see the business for what it really is; a way to earning a living without the restraints of a typical 9-5 job. Marcell and Lisa say that if you want your dream life as bad as they wanted theirs, you will have it.


Marcell & Lisa have done very well for themselves. They earn in residual income $100,000.00 per month, and they are Lifevantage Top Achievers with the rank of Master Pro 10. With their team, these two take the mentoring approach, because when they started out in MLM, they felt they lacked the support they needed. Lisa and Marcel Niederhauser believe that with hard work and supporting your recruits, you can have a successful multilevel marketing business.


However, they both agree that a business is only as good as its product. For the first time in their network marketing careers, they believe that they have a product with the science to back it up. Moreover, they enjoy sharing the information about Lifevantage products with others.




Here I go again with another multilevel marketing company that I know nothing about until now. I will say this, the number of health and wellness direct sales companies are increasing year after year. I guess folks realize that everyone, from the young to baby boomers, want to be healthy and look great. With gluten-free foods and the increase in the development of exercise equipment and fitness routines, health and wellness is the way to go to build a business.


Lifevantage is a health and personal care MLM company that believes that their products are only as good as the science that can back them up. This network marketing company was founded in 2003 in Utah, which seemingly is the place where a number of other health and wellness relationship marketing companies reside. All of Lifevantage products are research-backed and science-based.


In the beginning, the products were sold in retails store. But in 2009, the company decided to go the direct sales route in an effort to better educate consumers about their products and to boost sales. This not only helped the company prosper, but it helped those who desired in becoming entrepreneurs through network marketing. Lifevantage is the executive producer and marketer for Nrf2 Synergizer. Made of natural plant ingredients, Protandim is a patented, science-based formula used in supplements that reduces oxidative stress by 40% over a month.


Another Livevantage product that is a top-seller is the anti-aging cream, which delivers topical protection against damaging effects that make wrinkles and lines appear on your face. After using this product, your skin will be youthful and smooth. Who doesn’t want that?


Lifevantage products have been the subject of a number of peer-reviewed studies tested at the University of Colorado-Denver, Ohio State University, and LSU. The head scientist behind Lifevantage products is Dr. Joe McCord. An expert on free radical biology, Dr. McCord is dedicated to studying free radicals, their role in aging, and the problems associated with aging.


Lifevantage is devoted to continuing scientific research, and the development of other products found in science, to give consumers optimal health. Its dedication to scientific studies and research differentiates Lifevantage from other MLM health and wellness companies. Lifevantage believes that this is what makes them stand above the rest.

Other Lifevantage products include:


  • AXIO (a powder that creates an energy drink that rejuvenates)
  • True Science (anti-aging line)
  • Canine Health (daily supplement for dogs)


There aren’t as many products as with other health and wellness direct sales companies, but what Lifevantage does offer, it has the research to back it up. So, if you are wondering if the products deliver on what it says it is supposed to do, just look at the research.


Lifevantage Compensation Plan


There is really no big difference here. Just like with every other MLM out there, Lifevantage works the same. You earn money for all of your retail sales. If one of your customers decides to start their own home-based business, you earn commission/bonus on all of the sales of his or her recruits. The aim of Lifevantage is for you start your own business, get a quick return on your investment, and have a lifetime of residual income.


There are six bonuses paid weekly and monthly. Also, distributors can earn fast track bonus, platinum pool, fast start commission, royalty bonus, generational matching, and the elite pool. There is something called the My Lifeventure, in which distributors can earn whatever they dreamed of. It can be a Harley-Davidson, a Polaris Slingshot, a Jeep Wrangler, Rolex watch, a destination trip, a Caribbean cruise, or an all-expense paid shopping spree. The choice is yours. Nice!




I did some research to see if there were any claims about Lifevantage being an illegal pyramid scam or a pyramid scheme. But unless I looked at the same websites that claim that all MLMs are scams, I couldn’t find one lawsuit or investigation into Lifevantage by a government organization.


Now, what I did find out was that one website posted something negative about Lifevantage and got sued big time. I have written about some of the other network marketing companies suing folks for printing accusations about being a pyramid scheme. On the other hand, I did find some people who question Lifevantage and its use of Protandim.


There are also distributors who say that because of the high prices of the products, it is difficult to sell them. Moreover, some distributors even question the clinical evidence behind the products. However, the bottom line is that it is up to you.