Marco and Milagro Dubon

Marco and Milagro Dubon are not only FLP mlm Top earners, but also a miracle family! Surviving a disastrous earthquake that took the lives of 20,000 people in Guatemala, then relocating to United States while sick and weak, and finally becoming Forever Living products top earners in a foreign country, with a lot of cultural diversity and language barriers looks like a miracle to me!

As we continue to ponder how the semi-illiterate Marco Dubon; a tailor and Milagro Dubon; a shoe sales lady managed to be mlm top earners. I feel privileged to bring their tough and rough journey in ForeverLiving into your living rooms. This is one of the most inspirational stories of top earners in mlm that you cannot afford to miss! My friend, get ready to be inspired!

Let me begin by letting you know that Marco and Milagro Dubon are a really wealth couple, before I become taken away by the couple’s narration. Their story and journey in direct sales business is one of the Zero to hero tales, with of course an exceptional twist at the end of it!

The family is currently one of the big time leaders and celebrities in Forever Living and is in the networking marketing top earners list. Marco and Milagro Dubon pockets an FLP monthly check of $175,000 USD that translates to $2,100,000 USD per year. How they achieved all this is a mystery that I am most definitely going t shade some light on!

Biography of Marco and Milagro Dubon

Marco and Milagro Dubon are a multilevel marketing couple and FLP top income earners. Marco Dubon and his wife Milagro Dubon were born and raised in Guatemala, before relocating to the United States of America in late 1976.

The couple is among the few individuals that survived the terrible Earthquake in Guatemala, which claimed the lives of 20,000 people in early 1976. They therefore relocated to the US so as to start their lives afresh, and take time to forget the terrible earthquake incident that was still fresh in their minds!

The couple however had a very tough time figuring things out in the United States, considering that they had very little education to help them secure a relevant job.

Marco Dubon was a trained tailor while Milagro Dubon did odd jobs here and there, just to make ends meet. Marco was trained on cloth making by his father, but he never enjoyed doing it. He therefore tried his luck in the furniture industry, before the devastating earthquake.

Milagro Dubon on the other hand was and still is a talented salesperson. She initially worked in the shoes company, where her marketing prowess was evident. Milagro in fact become the most prolific seller in that shoe company before she moved to the FLP business. Milagro Dubon however admits that marketing is her passion!

Marco and Milagro Dubon both suffered from various diseases as they entered the Forever Living Products business.

Marco and Milagro Dubon’s Journey in FLP

Very few successful mlm top earners left a mark on their first relationship marketing company, according to the many mlm top income earners stories I have read. Marco and Milagro Dubon are a true reflection of my discovery!

So, the Guatemalan FLP top earners and multi-millionaires never just started with Forever Living Products! The couple began their mlm journey with one health and wellness company (name withheld) that acted as a stepping stone to their financial freedom in FLP.

So, was Marco and Milagro hopping From One direct sales Company to another, before joining Forever Living Products? The answer is a straight no! The couple just never felt right at home with their first multilevel marketing company. It is however undeniably true that Marco and Milagro Dubon made some considerable progress in their first relationship marketing company before marching on to their financial freedom, the Forever way! The now FLP millionaires just felt their first direct sales company was not want they wanted.

Marco and Milagro Dubon in Forever Living Products Business

Marco and Milagro Dubon were introduced into FLP in November 1980 by the then Diamond Managers Jaime and Lydia Herrera.

Every top income earner mlm have their own unique reason and story as to why they joined the company of their dreams, and the Dubons are no exception. Marco Dubon and Milagro Dubon surprisingly got attracted to the FLP business just because of its Aloe Vera Juice! Yes, the couple was initially suffering from various maladies, but that quickly got taken care of by the forever Aloe Vera juice.

That was however not enough to make them join the forever Living network marketing company. They had to sit down and analyze everything before they decided to give it a try. The couple says that the FLP compensation plan created some unusual excitement in their lives, and gave them the ultimate conviction that forever living products opportunity is worth a try.

Milagro and Marco Dubon were born, raised and trained to proceed with caution, and that is what they exactly did with the Forever Living products mlm business! Yes, they joined the company and had initially tried the forever Aloe Vera Juice, but they instead sought to try some of the other forever products first before getting fully involved in the business.

So, unlike many successful and failed mlm business owners, the couple took their first month to test the Forever living products by personally using them! Their slow and cautious approach to the mlm business has nevertheless brought a lot of admirations and respect to them.

It is through trial and error that Milagro Dubon and Marco Dubon discovered the health and the beauty hidden in the FLP products. The products worked perfectly in them that they started getting admires, before even starting to officially distribute them! They therefore discovered a product market gap that they could possibly fill with the Forever Living Products.

Marco and Milagro Dubon therefore officially started their FLP business in their second month of joining Forever Living Products Company. They build a very strong team in the beginning and surprisingly became managers just in the second month in Business!

The family earned enough cash to sustain them for the whole year, and therefore decided to quit their respective jobs and start the ‘Forever Living lifestyle’. The rest my friend is a history full of time and financial freedom!

Marco and Milagro Dubon summarizes their secrets ingredients to success in seven self-explanatory points! The first one is to always have and maintain the right business attitude, use and love the products; which I fully second, share the products with other people; which is what direct selling is all about and always lead by example, because that is what good leaders do in life!

Marco Dubon and his wife have also included effective communication between customers and distributors as part of their secret to success in FLP mlm Company; other than generally loving the people around you, and having a burning desire to help everybody, who need help!

Marco & Milagro Dubon Awards and Accolades

Marco and Milagro Dubon are highly respected and successful FLP top earners. The family built their Forever Living cautiously fast, earning their first car shortly after joining forever Living products. They have since then earned more than ten automobiles in the FLP automobiles program and are still going strong in business.

The couple is the reference point in Forever Living Products, when it comes to awards and accolades! They are the company’s top earners and have enjoyed almost all privileges associated with being mlm top earners in the FLP. Milagro and Marco Dubon holds the highly coveted FLP triple diamond award in the company numerous awards they have achieved. Some of the awards they have banged include a Double Diamond managers award, diamond award, Diamond Sapphire, Sapphire, soaring and senior awards among others.

The Dubons multi-millionaire family was able to qualify as one of the profit sharing managers and as presidents club members each year, and have as a result been awarded several luxury tours in various parts of the world. Marco & Milagro Dubon have also been the top sponsoring distributors in the FLP US and as a result given a Lincoln Continental Cozy car as a ‘shopping bonanza grand prize’. The couple has also been the top FLP product distributors in the whole of FLP Canada and in the United States of America.

Marco and Milagro Dubon has also featured in various media stations including the Business For Home website and many other celebrity magazines all over the world. They have is short achieved their dream, and we salute them for that!

Bottom Line

Even if Marco and Milagro Dubon are top mlm earners in FLP, they cannot forget the unequalled love, help and support they received from their FLP sponsors; Jaime and Lydia Herrera, the Forever Living Executive Committee, the FLP president Rex Maughan and the company’s regional sales directors Kim and Rick Nitta.

All of the Dubons success in FLP is however attributed to their insanely hardworking team. They in fact lack words to describe their team so as to give you the ideal picture.

The family put themselves together and quickly recovered from the horrific natural disaster that claimed the lives of 20,000 people in their home country; Guatemala, to becoming one of the strongest direct sales couples in the world! Congratulations Marco Dubon and Milagro Dubon for your success in FLP business. Let the Sky be your limit!