Margie Aliprandi

Margie Aliprandi – Neways Top Earner


Neways International is another MLM company that I have never heard of before. There are so many out there that it is hard to keep up. Especially, when it comes to health, beauty, and wellness products.  As I said before, the world is on a quest to look and feel young, have smooth skin, and body that is in peak condition.


Neways is a privately-owned, multilevel marketing business that offers personal care, nutritional supplements, and household cleaning products. Although Neways was established in the US, it has now extended to over 27 countries around the globe. The Neways business has been in existence since 1987, and back then, creators Thomas and Leslie D. Mower named their MLM business “Images and Attitudes. The name was changed to Neways in 1992 with the original manufacturing facilities in Salem, UT.


In 2003, the corporate headquarters relocated to Springville, UT, but the manufacturing facility stayed in Salem. Golden Gate Capital, the company that owned Herbalife, acquired Neways in 2006. Between 2011-2012, Neways went through a restructuring phase. Today, this network marketing company’s primary owners are Z Capital Partners, LLC and funds affiliated with SAC Capital Advisors. In 2012, Robert Conlee was chosen as CEO and Chairman of the Board.




For more than 20 years, Neways has worked hard at increasing prosperity for families around the globe. It doesn’t hurt that they have developed products with natural, true ingredients, making their items safe and effective. And let’s not forget about the exciting opportunity to operate your own home-based business!


One thing about Neways is this direct sales business is serious about not making products that have potential harmful ingredients in them. Neways wants every home in the world to be a healthy home. What a progressive idea. Nowadays, a lot of companies are creating food, makeup, even cologne/perfume that possesses no adverse chemicals. Goods, like the ones that Neways developed, combines the best of nature and science. Neways has a saying, “Nature creates it, science refines it, and Neways delivers it.”


Neways has been working hard for the last 25 years to help independent distributors make a name for themselves as top MLM earners. As with most network marketing businesses, most of the folks who become consultants for a company start off as loyal customers. So, whether you want to make your home as chemically-free as possible, or you want to fulfill a dream of entrepreneurship, you have come to the right place. Neways wants to improve the health, wealth, and well-being of everyone on the planet.




Neways began because the founders were unhappy with all of the health and household products in the market that contained harmful ingredients. So, this company decided to create its own line of Neways products that didn’t contain questionable ingredients. The company grew so much that it added health and wellness products in 1987.


This sector of the company grew as well, so Neways added a nutritional line of products. Its mineral supplement called Maximol Solutions became a number-one best seller. Think globally, Neways Japan opened in 2001, and in five years, it became the third largest MLM company in the country.


The compensation plan for Neways works just like basically every other MLM. You sell the products, you receive commission. If one of your loyal customers decides to become an independent distributor, you earn bonuses on all of those sales.


Neways product reviews are mixed. Some customers like the products, while others say that they could find the same thing at any natural food store. One thing that nearly all customers state is that for a multilevel marketing business, the prices are affordable, compared to other health and wellness direct selling companies. This is especially true if you an individual who desires products without any chemicals in them.


On the other hand, there are some Neways complaints that the products are expensive, and they don’t do what they claim to do. A few individuals said that they system didn’t agree with the vitamins/nutritional supplements. When they told their team leader, one person was told that that was their body detoxing. Hummmm…..


I don’t know how truthful this is, but there are claims that Neways uses scare tactics to get consumers purchase their products. Some distributors make people feel guilty if they are not using Neways products for their family; they make them feel like, as one woman put it, they suck at parenting. That is not a very pleasant thing to do to someone, even if you are trying to recruit new members or sell your products.


Margie Aliprandi


I hope Margie Aliprandi isn’t like this. I hope she didn’t get to becoming a top MLM earner and making $100,000.00 per month in residual income by antagonizing anyone. I will say this: after reading about her, she sure is one positive person. Her aim is to live with purpose. Not only is she a Neways consultant, Margie is also a wealth coach and trainer, and keynote speaker. If you are seeking personal growth and to accomplish your goals, she wants to help you get it.




Margie teaches that when you live every day with a purpose, you can receive unlimited joy and wealth. She says that to begin your journey, you need to have confidence and more trust in yourself. The answers you seek are already within you, buried like hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered.


The next thing you need to have is unshakable certainty that you can change your current circumstances and actually have it all. Margie states that when you know who you really are, and you can cut loose from the negative beliefs that have been holding you back, you can live on purpose. She says that the road to prosperity is open once you conquer your limiting beliefs.


According to Margie, limiting beliefs stop you from becoming who you were born to be. When you are serious about changing your life for the better, you must replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.




Margie Aliprandi is a self-made multimillionaire, and she want to lift others to millionaire status. She has spent her lifetime mentoring and teaching, delivering evidence-based solutions to her work. Her desire for helping others started when she was 9 years old, reading Russell Conwell’s “Acre of Diamonds.” It was the first time she was exposed to the idea of self-help and personal growth.


Margie is a former Miss Teenage Utah and Mrs. Utah, serving as her foundation of being a motivational speaker and role model. Her favorite topics to speak on include: self-esteem, setting high standards, pursuing big goals, and how to be truly happy. Margie decided that network marketing would be the perfect outlet for her message, since its foundation is rooted in high-level personal growth and people-helping-people business model.


Margie was determined to create one of the largest relationship marketing organizations, which she accomplished. She started with nothing, except commitment, open heart & mind, and the determination of a single mom to make a better life for herself and her children.


To secure a job, she begrudgingly signed a contract for a position as a junior high school music teacher to take care of her children. Before that, she did modeling and acting parts. Although Margie enjoyed the work, it wasn’t a steady paycheck, and she had mouths to feed.


But as Margie tells it, life had a different path for her. Three weeks before she was to start teaching, she was introduced to Neways, and she fell in love with the products. Moreover, she saw a way to take care of her family. Within one year, Margie was making more money in a month than she would have made in an entire year as teacher.


Margie’s family was supportive, however, they were also concerned that she chose to start a home-based business instead of taking a 9-5 position. Not surprisingly, when she started making money, her family jumped into the MLM business, building their own businesses.





Through her writings and personal appearances, Margie tells of her time-tested principles and strategies behind her success. Regardless if you are in MLM or not, her beliefs work for anyone who wants to achieve personal growth and the rewards it brings. Do you know how many people Margie has helped in becoming millionaires? If you guessed one million, you are correct! She has garnered many accolades over her career, such as:


  • Crown Diamond (First Ever in Neways International’s History and Its Highest Rank)
  • Achieved Five-Figure Monthly Income in Her First Year
  • Achieved Millionaire Status in Her Third Year
  • Built Team of 250,000 Members in 29 Countries
  • Ranks in the Top 1% of Network Marketing Producers Worldwide
  • Serves on the Board of Directors for the Cancer Prevention Coalition


Margie currently makes her home in Salt Lake City, UT and San Diego, CA. In her spare time, she takes pleasure in yoga, hiking, biking, waterskiing, diving, and traveling. She is the mother of four grown children, Shaun, Todd, Nicole, and Ashley. Margie made a promise early on that when her business started growing, she would take her children with her wherever she went.


She kept her promise. On her business trips, Margie took one child with her on her trips to places such as Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Thailand. She believed that her children could benefit from traveling to another place in the world, learning about people and their cultures. She also included some vacation trips, in which everyone traveled together.


Margie is still active in the day-to-day business building, and yes, she continues to recruit. She believes that much in the Neways products and the direct sales industry.






Margie is a well-known author. She has written a novel, “Belief Builder: 4 Simple Steps to Changing Your Beliefs.” She is also the author of numerous audio programs, like “Millionaire Mindset,” “Energy of Success,” and “The Ten Proven Principles for Reaching the Top of Your Pay Plan.” Margie ebooks and paperbacks have sold millions, include:


  • “How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want”
  • “Take Charge, Heal Yourself”
  • “The Complete Guide to Network Marketing Success”


Margie is a movie star as well. She has appeared in the films, “Pass It On Today” and “Go For Now.”




Wow, Margie Aliprandi went from a struggle music teacher to a Neways top earner. She believes she is so successful, because she has passion for Neways’s mission. Simply put, she loves and cares about people. She had a big vision for her own life, and she has the same passion for others’ lives as well. Margie is always looking at the big picture, and she doesn’t get sidetracked by the little things.


If Margie is anything, she is persistent. She readily admits that it hasn’t always been easy. There were many times during her MLM years, she was ready to give up and quit. But then she realized that if you don’t quit, at the end of the day, you are successful.




Her advice to anyone seeking to get into MLM, is to make a long-term commitment. You need to fit the right direct sales company who will be around to pay you long-term. Also, look for a company that has a compensation plan that pays high bonuses without you having huge volumes to get your money.


Also, you need to be consistent and do something for your business on a daily basis. Furthermore, you need to keep growing yourself. Network marketing is a business in which you have to grow yourself in order to grow your business. Therefore, you need to make personal development a part of your regimen every day.