Maria Schleipfer

Maria Schleipfer – Amway Founder Crown Ambassador


Maria Schleipfer didn’t start out with the intention of selling Amway. She had used the products for a half of a year, and when she found herself a widow with four children, she knew she had to do something to bring in the income necessary to take care of her family. This is when she decided to become an Amway IBO (independent business owner).


When she first started with Amway, her intention was to make enough money to finance a small car. She soon realized, however, she could make so much more if she consistently worked on her making her business grow. She no longer just wanted the car, she wanted a career as an entrepreneur with Amway Global. Most importantly, she wanted to improve the quality of life for herself, her children, and the people around her.


After years of dedication, Schleipfer is financially free, and she lives the lives that others dream about. When she worked a regular job, she would not go to bed until the early morning hours. She took her willingness to work hard and used it on her Amway business. The result is she is the Crown Ambassador of Amway.


She has recently moved into a bigger home, and because of her Amway career, she is able to travel, something she enjoys very much, but never had the money to do so. What she is most proud of is the business plan she has been able to show many people to save them from unemployment and economic hardships. Schleipfer says, “I’m happy to see the growth in IBOs, and I wish them the same independence and success that I have come to experience.”




Isn’t this an amazing story? Even if you aren’t a network marketer (at least not yet), you can’t help but feel inspired by Maria Schleipfer’s story. If you don’t notice anything else, you will notice that with all of the success stories of MLM leaders, they all tell how they desired for a change from the “ordinary.” Like with Maria Schleipfer, just working a job and getting a paycheck wasn’t enough. She wanted more than just to pay the bills.


This isn’t to say she wasn’t grateful to be employed. Of course, she was. Who isn’t grateful to have a job when so many people don’t’ have one? She wanted to work hard and enjoy all the benefits of earning money. And there is a big difference between the two, my friends. Simply put, she didn’t want to settle.


If you have ever had the pleasure of spending an evening with an adult beverage of choice, going over your bills and budgeting your money, you know it isn’t any fun. And let me tell you, nine times out of ten, you are trying to figure out which bill will be a partial payment or which bill will be a late payment.


Now, imagine you have a nice adult beverage (it always helps to have one on hand when paying bills), and going over your bills, you just go online to your bank account and pay each and every one. Man, doesn’t that sound marvelous? With multi-level marketing, many people are doing just that. Now, you might believe that it is just one of those MLM scams. Well, that is a decision you will have to make. But with the kind of money Maria Schleipfer and other top MLM marketing entrepreneurs are making, you might want to take a closer look.




It was a no-brainer for Maria Schleipfer to hook up with Amway, since she was already quite familiar with the products. If this isn’t a prime example of initiative, I don’t know what is. What an amazing life experience. Before we get into Maria’s incredible journey, let me give you some background on Amway.


Founded in 1959, Amway (short for “American Marketing”) has been around for many years. A multi-level marketing, Amway sells personal care and home cleaning products. I remember as a child, my parents using Amway floor cleaners by Amway. This company has so much financial growth year after year, it was ranked by Forbes as one of the largest private U.S. companies.


Now, to be honest, Amway has been under investigation a couple of times for how they conduct their business. It has been accused of being run like a pyramid scheme. The good news is that nothing has ever been found to back those accusations up. So far, so good for Amway.


As with most companies after a while, and to keep up with the changing times, Amway acquired other companies in the internet (smart move) and created an umbrella corporation named Alticor. You know that is how business works. When you start making money, you start putting your hands in different pots.




One of the biggest differences with Amway IBO and other MLM marketing companies is that if you are an IBO, you can get your products directly from Amway and not your direct distributor. The business model, which obviously is a success, combines direct selling with MLM marketing strategies.


If you decide on becoming and independent business owners (IBO), you have a couple of ways to earn income. You can either make money on selling your products or a performance bonus on the sales of any IBOs you bring to the fold. It seems really simple.


It is no surprise then that Maria Schleipfer was drawn to Amway. We know that nobody wants to deal with a business where there is a lot of rules and regulations in order to get your money. As a matter of fact, Maria is so good that she has set up her own firm called Schleipfer Marketing. She teaches others her recipe for success.


I am noticing that a lot, if not all, of the top MLM leaders are so willing and ready to teach other people who want to make six figures a month. That is really surprising to me, a good surprise none the less.


Maria’s biggest point in joining Amway was she wanted a family and a business. Along on that same note, she needed a “job” that gave her flexible hours, especially since she had children. She must be on the right path, because she has been doing her thing for more than 30 years. And doing it well, I might add.




I think that the biggest draw to MLM is that people are looking for an alternative to just the same old, same old. People who want more, always have in the back of their mind, “I should be doing something else.” They might be working a 9-5, but they are on the internet during their lunch or after work, seeking other types of employment opportunities.


See, this is how it starts. That desire I keep talking about. It is real, folks, and it is this hunger that will get you up off your butt. You have nothing to lose. When you look at the videos and pictures of Maria Schleipfer and other MLMs drinking champagne, touring their big homes, or standing next to their private jet, don’t you want some of that too?


Maria’s marketing philosophy is built on teamwork, whether you are working for yourself or not. You have to be able to make connections and network with everyone. I mentioned before about a multi-level top earner who stated that she strikes up conversation, with anybody and everybody, everywhere she goes. She went on to say that the reason being you never know who might be interested in her products or coming on board the MLM train.


Because the bottom line is this: you have to have good customer service skills in order for your business to work. I don’t care how great your business model is, if you don’t know how to talk with people, and you don’t know how to listen, you can kiss your business and desire for a career as an entrepreneur goodbye.