Mark Comer – Synergy Millionaire

What is Synergy and who is Mark Comer?

Is Synergy a scamMark Comer of Synergy Worldwide Inc. is a network marketing icon!

He is popularly described as a self-made millionaire and a true philanthropist by the many mlm leaders in the world.

This is a fact that I cannot refute!

Mark Comer is also a very successful businessman, not only in Synergy Group multi-level marketing business, but also in the traditional business world. He has done it all, and he is still doing it, like never before!

In fact, there are very few people who are as focused and dedicated as Mark Comer, in the mlm business

Talk of millionaires in network marketing and Mark Comer will most definitely top that list!

Yes, Mr. Comer has got tons of money; his bank accounts are fully loaded; as humble as he looks!

If money could talk, then Mr. Comer’s would be shouting WE ARE FULL…!

Just Joking! (sort of)

Mr. Mark is among the few lucky people who are believed to have gifted hands.  Mark is a true legend in the business world and is known to have a golden hand in relation to making money with Synergy Company.

Mark Comer has been able to make millions of dollars in 5 different businesses he had invested in the past, before even joining Synergy international.

All in all, his success in Synergy is a true definition of being successful in multi-level marketing businesses.

So, how Successful is Mark Comer in Synergy MLM Business?

Mark Comer is one of the few most successful home based businessmen in the world of multi-level marketing. He is also among the few lucky individuals who get paid for just relaxing and having fun!

With that being said, Mark Comer earns over $200,000 per month and a whole $ 2,400,000 per year.

Mark Comer earns all this just from Synergy Worldwide network marketing business.

God knows how many millions he makes from his other traditional businesses!

Biography of Mark Comer

Mark is not only an mlm top earner in Synergy Global, but also a family man. He is from Paradise, California but lives in Utah in the United States of America; just like many other mlm millionaires.

Mark Comer is married to the beautiful and soft spoken, Niki Christensen, and had been blessed with four gorgeous children: two daughters and two sons. The family currently lives in their dream home in Utah, USA.

Mark is a man of great music talent.mark comer makes money in synergy

He founded one of the biggest rock bands in Utah and Synergy worldwide Inc. The band consists of Synergy product distributors from various parts of the world.

What surprises many, is his organizational prowess!

It is, for instance, not understood how Mark Comer manages to integrate all the band members for practice, given that these people are in different locations in the world. Mark is the leader and producer of the Synergy rock and Roll band, which has travelled all over the world, playing their popular tunes.

Mark Comer involves himself in other incredible activities other than playing rock and roll music in various parts of the world.

Mark Comer is passionate about motorcycle and surfing.

Mark Comer’s Journey in Synergy Worldwide Inc.

Mark Comer was introduced to Synergy multi-level marketing business back in 2002 by Dan Higginson.

Mark achieved the first ever Double Presidential Executive in Synergy in 2008. He then founded the 5 Star Legacy Foundation, which is a non-governmental organization aimed at eradicating the cycle of poverty in the world.

Mark Comer was a true traditional business champion, before joining the Synergy Group. He had invested in different types of industries and surprisingly managed to be very successful in almost all of them. It is a known fact that Mark managed to be a millionaire in 5 of his businesses, before even thinking of joining Synergy Global.

Makes you wonder, if he was that successful in 5 other business ventures, why would he even join a mlm company?

Mark Comer has also been involved in numerous venture-capitalized start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives located in various part of the world.

Mark feels that Synergy business idea is still the best in the whole world.

So, How Did Mark Comer Finally Got Himself Into The Synergy Worldwide MLM Business?

Mark Comer initially heard of various stories about the Synergy group from his neighbor. Mark however made his decision to join the company after getting pitched by Dan Higginson; Founder and CEO of Synergy Worldwide, when they met for lunch.

Mark never even intended to join Synergy Company in the first place! He was just meeting Dan Higginson to brief him about his technological invention that he wanted Dan to use in his Synergy distributorship.

Fortunately, the pitching game turned on Mark’s favor and the whole Synergy Global organization.

Mark Comer has now built his business in over 20 countries that Synergy Global operates in. He currently has more than 200,000 distributors and thousands which are partially active in the Synergy mlm business. Mark’s biggest market is Asia, although he is still doing massive recruitments in Europe, which, in his opinion, is the next big success in multi-level marketing.

Mark Comer believes that his dad is his greatest mentor. He also feels that his dad is an uncelebrated hero as far as his success in business and multi-level marketing ventures is concerned. Mark Comer agrees that his parents are the people behind his unwavering positive attitude in business, no matter the circumstances and model of business he uses.

On top of that, Mark Comer of Synergy love listening to zero to hero stories that are sometimes referred to as rags to riches testimonies!

Mark has experienced tremendous growth in business, although he does not believe on emphasis in direct recruitments, unlike other multi-level marketing professionals. Mr. Comer stresses on recruiting one passionate individuals rather than a large number of people into his Synergy international business.

He will rather recruit one serious distributor than several merely interested distributors. That is Mark Comer’s philosophy, which in my opinion can apply to any mlm business worldwide.

Yes, this is the technique he is using to recruit distributors in his Synergy Worldwide business!

So, Why Did Mark Comer choose MLM?

Mark Comer has had over fifty businesses in his personal life and business career. He has found that network marketing is the best business venture anybody can involve themselves in.

He says that it is in mlm, or better still Synergy Company, that one can be able to grow from zero to hero within the shortest time possible. And he admits that he had never felt as successful as he feels now in Synergy multi-level marketing business.

Mark Comer also says that one needs to treat any mlm business as serious as they treat other businesses for them to be successful.

Mr. Comer love traveling from one country to another, learn cultures of people living in those areas before starting his Synergy international business there. He says that is very important because there are some circumstances and language use that seem pretty normal to other people, but are at the same time seen as rocket science to others.

Mark Comer’s Synergy Recruiting Process

Mr. Mark normally uses online lead generation to recruit majority of people into his Synergy Global businesses. He is keen to recruit as many personal friends and acquaintances as he could into his business.

Mark Comer surprisingly gets rejected in some occasions!

His dedication and positive drive in his business enables him to stand strong, and tries not to take any rejections so personal.

Mark Comer’s Advice to Newbie in Network Marketing Business

Mark advises ‘newbies’ to set realistic goals and not to be excited and motivated for only a short time. He tells any new entrant into the mlm business to expecting tough challenges and rough days at the beginning. He finishes by saying that dedication, hard work, and persistence is everything you will need in Synergy Global business, and all other mlm businesses.

Mark Comer’s Philanthropic Work5 star legacy foundation

Mark Comer is the founder of 5 Star Legacy Foundation; a charity organization with the aim of eradicating poverty in the world.  The 5 Star Legacy Foundation has since its inception adopted many poverty eradication strategies that include educating children in Philippines and supporting the starting up of orphanages in Indonesia.

His organization has partnered with the Leave a Legacy initiative of Synergy Worldwide Inc. in helping hundreds of thousands of people who are in need.

Mark Comer of Synergy international is yet to meet a business that is as powerful as the multi-level marketing businesses.

Mark Comer’s Awards and Accolades

Anybody who has met and shared with Mark Comer will easily agree with me that Mark is a symbol of greatness in the business world.

To start with, Mark Comer, has for a long time taken an active role in the creation of numerous entrepreneurial ventures and initiatives in many parts of the world. Mark is also a highly acclaimed motivational speaker, who has appeared in a lot of regional and international business conventions in various parts of the world as a mentor and motivational speaker.

He has also partnered with a number of his fellow millionaires in business and has been hired as a board member of various well performing companies in the world.

Mark Comer is also the Founder and producer at the Synergy Global rock band.

He has also won the Synergy international top recruiter award numerous times, since joining the network marketing business in 2002.

All in all, Mark Comer is the ultimate Synergy top earner of all times and is in the top 50 list of all mlm top earners in the world.

What is Synergy?synergy mlm

Synergy Worldwide Inc. is a health and wellness network marketing company that was founded in 1999 in Japan by one Dan Higginson, assisted by Kevin Casey, Glen Jensen and David.

Synergy Global currently has its head offices in Pleasant Grove, Utah in the United States of America.

Synergy Worldwide Inc. opened a branch in Taiwan in June 2000, after being in operation in Japan for a considerable period of time. It is in the Taiwan market that Synergy Worldwide experienced some tremendous growth.

Synergy Worldwide was bought by Nature’s Sunshine products Company in November 2000. Nature’s Sunshine Products was a competing health and wellness product company that was operating in the Asian Market. After the Executives were impressed by the exponential growth rate of Synergy Global Inc. they decided to buy it rather than compete with it.

It is however, until September 2001 that Synergy Worldwide entered into the American market. The Company then went back to Asia in July 2003, opening another branch in Thailand.

The Synergy Company has since then continued to expand to various parts of the world. The Company now is in operation in more 26 countries worldwide.

Synergy Worldwide’s Top Management

Synergy Global was founded by Dan Higginson in 1999. Synergy’s chief executive officer is called Wynne Roberts; Dan Norman is the company is president while his vice president is called Stewart Rutter. Synergy Worldwide also named Mr. Ben Magalei as the Company’s vice president and the General Manager in their branch in Japan.

Synergy Worldwide’s Countries of Operation

Synergy Global Inc. depends on individual product distributors who are affiliated to the company for the Company’s sales and marketing. Synergy Worldwide currently operates in more than 26 countries.

Some of the countries Synergy Global Inc. has taken roots in include:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Czech Republic
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Hong Kong
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • The Philippines
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • United Kingdom
  • and the company’s now motherland USA.

Synergy Worldwide Inc. has been operating under the Nature’s Sunshine Products Incorporation, since the year 2000.

Synergy Global Products

Synergy Worldwide specializes in health and wellness products that are mostly in the form of health care supplements.

The company’s products include:do synergy products work

  • fitness and Energy products
  • Personal care products
  • Nutrition products
  • ProArgi 9+ product.

Synergy Network Marketing Compensation Plan

Synergy worldwide claims to lead the multi-levelindustry with its product distributor payout of 55%. The company calls their compensation plan a Mega Match and it rewards its distributors 100% for any personal sponsorship made to the Company.

The Synergy Company calls that plan a dollar-for-dollar compensation plan.

The good news is the fact that there is no limit to the total number of people you can sponsor in Synergy International. Synergy worldwide also has an infinity payment plan, which means you can earn as much as you wish.

In short, Synergy Global has an mlm compensation plan that enables you make recurring commissions from the individual distributors you recruit under your name. Their Compensation Plan also allows you to make some profit out of the retail sale of their products.can you make money with synergy

It is, however, important to note that you will also receive some commissions from the sales and recruitments made by the individual distributors you sponsored into Synergy Worldwide Inc.

So why do you think that Mark Comer decided to join Synergy MLM after he was an already millionaire in various other businesses?

I would be curious to hear your response on the matter!