Mark & Tammy Smith

Mark & Tammy Smith – Nerium’s Top Couple

Mark-Tammy-SmithNerium international is one of the biggest skincare multi-level marketing companies in the world. The success of the Nerium Company is as a result of a solid ground that has been built by its strong network marketers and mlm marketing couples such as Mark and Tammy Smith.

Mark and Tammy Smith are a family with a military background, who have also managed to make a fortune out of their Nerium International business.

Mark Smith is now a renowned mlm businessman and a multi-millionaire making over $232,000 per month and about $2,700,000 per year out of recurring commissions from network marketing.

Tammy Smith and her husband Mark Smith is a couple who had no experience in marketing. They have however managed to make millions out of their hard work, persistence, dedication, and personal development.

They are now filthy rich multi-millionaires whose story has inspired many to start their own home based businesses.

Today, it is your chance to be inspired with Mark Smith and his wife’s journey to financial freedom!

Biography of Mark and Tammy Smith

Mark and Tammy Smith is an extra-ordinary family who lived an ordinary life. Mark and his wife live an ordinary life in the sense that they have experienced all the problems ordinary human beings experience in the world, but eventually overcame each and every hurdle that came their way. Mark and Tammy Smith’s story is a true inspiration in our lives, because they previously experienced the same problems that hinder us from having time to pursue our dreams in life.

Back to their Background…

Mark Smith was a medic in the US’s 3rd Marine Corp while Tammy Smith was a full time college student.

The now Nerium international multi-level marketing couple met in Hawaii while Mark was attending an advanced shooting training there for three months. Tammy Smith was a full time college student who was also in Hawaii for a spring holiday, all the way from Montana State College.

Mark and Tammy Smith kept in touch after meeting in Hawaii. The now multi-millionaire couple used to regularly call and write letters to one another, until one time Tammy visited Mark and never went back. Mark later married Tammy in Hawaii, before shortly moving to Maryland.

Mark and Tammy Smith are now happily married and are blessed with two awesome children; Kaitlyn and Marcus.

Mark Smith wanted to stay in the military for the rest of his life while Tammy wanted the freedom to stay at home and take care of their children. Mark and Tammy Smith are currently stay-at-home couple, who are homeschooling their children, while they have all the fun in the world.

Mark and Tammy Smith lives in Southern California, although they have bought a dream house in Hawaii and a very beautiful property in Turks and Caicos Islands for future constructions.

Mark and Tammy Smith’s Journey in Nerium Multi-level Marketing

Tammy and Mark Smith are now international marketing directors with Nerium international.can you make money with nerium

Tammy and Mark got into Nerium international 12 years ago. The most interesting fact about this couple is that they both grew in military backgrounds, where everything is based on hard work.

Tammy Smith was, for example, taught to go to school; work hard and achieve excellence. Mark Smith does admit that his wife has gotten better grades than him.

Mark and Tammy Smith found themselves in a situation when they were newly married, with their first child, Kaitlyn. They were both struggling to get money and time for their family, before joining Nerium.

Mark and Tammy Smith were wrapped up in some credit card debts, and the money monkey was on their backs.

Mark Smith also agrees that time, freedom, and fun was long gone in their lives.

How well do I feel that pain and have experienced the exact same thing in life!

You are working your butt off, living paycheck to paycheck, barely keeping your head above water – the last thing you want or feel like doing is having fun or taking the time or money to do so!

This is what inspired them to start looking for a better business opportunity that could bring back their vibrancy and fun into their lives. Neither Mark Smith nor Tammy Smith had time to go out and meet friends and family, even if it was on weekends. They really missed those opportunities but they are now proud of themselves as they have all the time in the world to work on their own interests, courtesy of Nerium International.

Mark and Tammy Smith are now full time stay at home parents. The couple spends most of their time traveling to all parts of the world.

Mark Smith says that they have had great times together as a family, and that is what matters most in their life.

According to Mark Smith, money is secondary to the time and freedom one gets at Nerium International.

They are now happy because no one has a thumb on them or directs them on when to go to work, when to go home, when to go for holiday, or when to take a vacation, and for what period of time.

Mark Smith does however agree, that they are having the time of their lives in the Nerium multi-level marketing business.

So, what is Mark Smith and Tammy Smith’s Nerium Experience?

According to Tammy Smith, a Nerium experience is looking better, feeling better, having fun, and making money, all at the same time.

Mark and Tammy Smith have surely achieved all that they ever dreamed about.

The family currently has luxury cars, have been able to buy a dream house in Hawaii and buy a coveted property in Turks and Caicos Islands in Hawaii.

As if that is not enough, their account is swelling with millions of dollars, all courtesy of Nerium mlm marketing.

Above all, they stay at home all the time with their two beautiful children, homeschooling them while having the time of their lives relaxing and exploring the world. They lead a multi-million dollar way of life but have also been in the forefront in helping others achieve their financial freedom.

The most interesting thing is Mark and Tammy Smith has decided to start all over again in their Nerium International business. Mark Smith has decided to start a totally new Nerium International business, with a goal of incorporating and changing the lives of many more people.

They are confident that this will be achieved because of the reliable nature of Nerium International business.

What are the Success Secrets of Mark and Tammy Smith in Nerium International?

Leadership and Management at Nerium International

Mark and Tammy Smith had had the privilege of being mentored by the able CEO and founder of Nerium International, Jeff Olson, for 12 years.

Mr. Jeff Olson has a very long experience in MLM business and he understands Nerium International inside out. Jeff Olson travels the world to teach and inspire people on how they can invest and achieve financial freedom using Nerium international mlm marketing.

Jeff Olson believes in facts and honesty. He teaches people based on the truth about Nerium business opportunity without any hype.

Nerium Products

nerium productsMark and Tammy Smith were able to experience quick success in Nerium international because of the Nerium Products and their unique multi-level marketing approach.

Mark Smith says that Skin care industry is the most profitable niche and has very little products. Majority of skincare products are also not backed by scientific research and this is where Nerium International products have been able to beat its competitors. The science behind the use of Nerium products speaks for itself and their results are evident in its users.

Mark Smith and Jeff Olson say that the Nerium product is a breakthrough in the market and they are so excited to be part of that product.

Mark and Tammy Smith also agree that they enjoy every time they see a positive result on the face of their customers.

The Nerium International Compensation Plan

Mark and Tammy Smith say that Nerium Compensation Plan is one of the best in world of mlm marketing. The compensation plan was designed by pioneers of multi-level marketing, who have an extensive knowledge in mlm marketing business.

The Nerium international’s seven different ways to earn from Nerium products have also been instrumental for Mark and Tammy in making a killing out of Nerium international multi-level marketing. The Nerium Company even has a channel by which brand partners get free products every month.Mark-Tammy-Smith money

Nerium International has a beautiful compensation plan that allows each brand partner to earn good money upfront while at the same time building a recurring commission on their business.

The Lexus and iPad bonus is also a big plus in the Nerium mlm marketing.

Nerium international Success Systems and Trainings

Nerium International is keen on mentoring brand partners that have incredible knowledge experience of their company. They have a friendly and easy to use system that suits all part time and full time brand partners.

Mark and Tammy Smith agrees that the Nerium Launch start kit they were given at the beginning of their entry into Nerium mlm marketing was very helpful in ensuring that they built their business.

The helping tools include a free website, videos tutorials, automated emails, and training systems. This helped them to kick start their Nerium international business. Nerium international also offers apps that let brand partners run their business from their Smart phones plus automated Facebook and Twitter postings.

The Nerium Culture

Mark and Tammy Smith say that Nerium not only have a great product and Compensation plan, but also have well set out plan to ensure you succeed.  Nerium international believes in building a family of people with same interests in life with their leader Jeff Olson being at the forefront.

The one-on-one trainings they had had with Nerium international mentors have also been very helpful in their success in Nerium mlm marketing. Mark Smith says that your personal success and financial freedom are their top priority.

Awards and Accolades

Mark and Tammy Smith have moved from financial struggles to being Nerium top earners. They have been receiving paycheck after paycheck from Nerium until they are now mlm marketing millionaires.

Mark and Tammy Smith is currently Chief field officers in Nerium, other than being one of the Gold international marketing directors. They are highly respected couple in Nerium international and have been given the authority to take part manage Nerium international activities and projects all over the world.

Mark and Tammy Smith were one of the first couples to receive a $ 1,000,000 check of live better bonus from Nerium international. The couple has also received the Lexus bonus among other awards and accolades. They also won a trip to the beautiful Island of Oahu for being among the top marketers in Nerium international.