Who needs a college degree when you have this?

Matt Rasmussen – ACN Top Earner 

mlm top earners MattMatt Rasmussen was just like any other person in the world. He believed that a college degree would be his ticket to earning a living. He got a degree in accounting and economics. He wanted to be able to make more money when he looked for jobs, so he went back to school for his masters.

Matt operated his own accounting firm, but he realized that for all those degrees, he wasn’t making the money he thought he would.

He felt betrayed.

Here is Brad – who was also a college guy. He did all that he was supposed to, checked the boxes, dotted the i’s, crossed all the t’s, and yet, he was unhappy. Working for someone else will never cut it in the world that we all want to live in.

So what did he do? Check it out for yourself!


But now – back to Matt and his story!

When he was first introduced to ACN, his wife Lisa was hesitant about it. She thought it was a fun thing, but not a way to earn a living.

Matt started off as a part-time ACN consultant, because he was still running his own accounting business.

Within a year, Matt and Lisa had reached the highest point in the ACN network marketing business. Two years after working with ACN, he was able to close his accounting firm.

The benefits that Matt enjoys are that he gets to live the life he wants, while earning a nice residual income ($107,000.00 a month). He and his wife travel the world, meeting people, and speaking on the benefits of MLM.

Matt really loved Australia, and when he took his family on vacation there, he saw it as an opportunity to recruit for ACN. Their hard work earned Matt and Lisa each the title of Senior Vice President.

Matt said when he saw that residual income after his work in Australia, he called Lisa, who was out shopping, and told her to come home. When he showed her the check, she cried.

He believes that the fortune was always there, he just had to do what was necessary to get it.

Doesn’t that sound like everything else in life?

Work hard.

Don’t give up – even if and when it gets hard.

According to Matt, when he first started with relationship marketing, he couldn’t see himself making the type of money he had heard about. It was only after he got involved, is when he saw it as a reality.

Matt Rasmussen has been with ACN for over 10 years, and they don’t see themselves slowing down any time soon.

When he first began, he didn’t think he possessed the necessary skills to be successful in MLM. He was an accountant by trade, and accountants are not known for their out-going personalities. (I know a few myself)

But Matt surprised himself.

Within 100 days, he was  a team coordinator. That’s when he decided to learn as much as he could about network marketing. He got books and watched videos to learn what direct sales was all about. One book he read said that if he spent 10 years with a company, he could have an income beyond his belief. Matt felt that he could do 10 years with the ACN multi-level marketing business.

According to Matt, your income in network marketing is a direct representation to who you are as a person.

Matt & Lisa Rasmussen have some team members who will be on the stage soon, earning their pins for the Senior Vice President position.

Lisa Rasmussen says to never give up on your dream. She was the one of the pair who was real skeptical about MLM and the ACN business. But after attending an event with Matt, she got what he was so excited about. She saw his vision.

Matt Rasmussen says that ACN has given them not only money, but a better life.

No kidding, really? (read: sarcasm)

Because of the MLM business, they are better parents, better friends, and better leaders.

When asked if he would retire, he said you wouldn’t ask rock stars or movie actors if they would retire after making millions. No, he sees this as his chance to go and help others make their million.

I am so not mad at this!

Other consultants say they are so proud of Matt & Lisa Rasmussen and their success. They said that watching them excel is like watching a brother and sister prosper.


The reason is ACN members are all family.


Titan Global

 Matt Rasmussen formed the organization Titan Global. Currently, it has independent business owners and customers in more than 12 countries worldwide. He says that the reason his home-based business is growing is simply because he likes people.

In order to be successful in MLM, you have to have personal growth. If have to change your behavior and way of thinking; the compensation will come afterwards.

If you notice, it isn’t the other way around.mlm top earner

You will not be earning any residual anything if you have a jacked-up attitude!

Matt admits that at first, he wasn’t really that trainable. He says that if he had been more open to being trained by the people WHO were top ACN earners, he believes he would have gotten further much quicker than he did.

In order to be successful, Matt says you have to be willing to learn and listen; know-it-alls have no place in ACN or any network marketing for that matter.

I think that is true for anything in life.

If you are not willing to learn, regardless of who you are, how many degrees you have, or how old you are, you are going to miss out on a lot in this life…IMHO.

Especially, when you have people in place to help you, and they want to.


What is ACN?

 Established in 1993, ACN provides telecommunication and energy services for residents and small businesses through direct sales marketing. Independent business owners (IBO) offer customers through their own personal ACN Direct Online Store:

  • Telephone Service
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Home Security
  • Gas and Electricity
  • Satellite Television

Customers are purchasing services they already spend money on every month; this is the pull for ACN.  This is the reason ACN is the number one telecommunications network marketing business.

Even more remarkable is the company’s dedication to its community. Through ACN Project Feeding the Kids, every time a customer pays for his or her service, a child receives a meal. To date, ACN has provided over 1 million meals.

Love hearing stuff like that, don’t you?

ACN compensation plan is very strict about making sure that IBOs are not confused about how they make money. As an IBO, you never make a cent when you recruit an individual for ACN. You only make money on the services that customers pay for.

ACN is like, “Don’t get it twisted.

I am glad that Matt Rasmussen didn’t let an opportunity for growth pass him by.

I did once, and I have never forgotten the lesson I learned from it.

Yes, I am getting ready to tell you one of my stories…LOL.

Years ago, I was working as a temp for this well-known organization as an administrative assistant. I actually loved this position, and even more surprisingly, I liked the woman I worked for. She was nice (I know, it was shocking to me as well), and she didn’t mind any questions I had when I didn’t know or didn’t understand a certain part of a task.

One day, this woman told me that the position I was working was going to be offered as full-time, and if I was interested in full-time work, I should let her know. At the time, I was unemployed with no job except this temp assignment.

So,  I told her I would. (let her know, that is)

A week went by, and I didn’t say anything to her. Another week went by, and I still didn’t say anything to her. Now, I knew I had to give her an answer, because not only was it right not to let her know one way or the other, it was unprofessional just to look her in the face every day and not say a word.

And here’s the thing: she never said another word about the position. She didn’t walk up to me and remind me that the job was available, and I was first in line to apply for it.

To this day, I don’t know what was in my head or wrong with me that I would do something this ignorant. Looking back, I believe my arrogance got the best of me, and I thought she would hold the position until I was ready to give her an answer (I know, I was a silly little something back  then).

Well, pride before the fall.

Weeks later, she told me that my last day would be at the end of the week. She had interviewed someone who wanted the position, she offered it to this person, and he or she accepted it. I was floored. She knew what I was thinking, because she said to me, “I offered you the position, but you never said a word to me, so I got someone else.”

If I could have cried, I would have.

But did I think? That this woman and this company were going to wait on me until I decided to give them an answer?

HA! (did I mention I was unemployed?)

But I learned my lesson.

Never, ever, ever, again, do I pass up any opportunities that come my way. I don’t know if the job would have panned out or not, but I never got the chance to find out.

Plus, the bigger picture was that I was presented with an opportunity, and I didn’t act on it.

You best believe I am on point with any opportunity that comes my way, and it has made the biggest difference in my life.

Seriously – you want a change in your life, then what the heck are you waiting for. You came here, you found this blog, you read this, and now you are thinking, “can I really make money online?”

The answer?

Heck to the yeah!

After years of personal searching, I did it.

So what the heck are YOU waiting for?